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Rear, outer transverse link Polyurethane...


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Question: on the ends of the spindle pins, there is originally a rubber washer on each end that fits between the metal washer and the bushing itself. I now have polyurethane all around. Without thinking about it, I bought 4 new rubber washers (still available from Nissan). However, I just tried to torque one of the spindle pin bolts down, and the washer just squirted out from under the metal washer (it didn't slide over, it actually bowled-up and completely out from under the metal washer so I could just lift it off).

Upon reflection, the poly bushings essentially have their own pliant washer by the outside section of the poly bushing itself. So are these rubber washers now not needed?


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You are correct Mark.

EDIT:You should be using a steel flat washer on outer ends under nut to spread the load from nut to poly.

Excellent. Thanks. I guess I have four extra rubber washers :). Good thing they were fairly cheap!

And yes, I am using the original thick, flat steel washer under the nut between the nut and poly. From what I can see, when you torque it down, you are really forcing the washer down against the steel tube that goes through the middle of the bushing around the spindle pin. So you compress the bushing a little, but then hit the steel tube, and get your torque against it. I assume on the other end of that steel tube, it is caught against the strut body where the spindle pin comes through.

BTW, I replaced the spindle pins, lock pins + nuts and washers, and the lock nuts on the ends of the spindle pins (as well as the poly bushings, of course). I tried to buy new washers (thick metal) for the ends of the spindle pins, but they were the only part that was NLA from Nissan. Everything else was available and I had it less than a week after ordering it. And the spindle pins were cheaper than from VB!

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