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Take a look at the silver 383 stroker Z that is in my gallery. That has got to be one of the best engineered hybrids I've ever seen. Talk about a '350'/240. Well actually I guess that would be a '383'/240. And it still looks like a Z. 6 speed Cobra trans, sub framed, quaife differential, coil overs, vintage air, and of course, that 383 stroker that is set back in the chassis so that the car actually handles. It's only an underhood shot but this car is so well done. I'm more impressed with it than the one in this thread and I'm not a real fan of hybrids. I'd like to see more info on that car. (The V8).

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There was a busted up 350z, at fowles auctions the other week,

i was told it went for 16.5k, had a massive pole attack on both sides, with front and rear untouched, perfect for this type of stuff

but i don't really like how all the panels at the front are as one, one little bump at the front and its ruined


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Anyone know if there is more info/pics on the modified silver 240Z with the 350Z running gear etc, it's the one in Victor Laury's gallery.



Yah, I saw the car at the MSA (wet) 05 show. It certainly turned some heads! Sorry I can't provide you with a POC. IMO, this is one of those cars that the exicution of the work done goes unquestioned, but the flavor or outward looks of this car are a bit different....weak! If the guy had just left the original lines of the car alone, it would have turned out much much better. But, each to his own I suppose!!! Looks to me like a series one Z with a strange deformity (350Z influenced). Maybe in a few years it will actually turn completely into a TOAD!!?

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That's Fred Sangalangs car. You can hear it run on that MSA Sounds thread that a member loaded here.

So Tom (240ZX) it's now in the "TADPOLE" stage, blunt and roundish in the front and slender towards the rear ROFL

Fred is a great guy with some different ideas on modifications, leans to the extreme. He also owns that wicked 4 X 4 Z with the shiny V-8.


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Hey Vicky, I'm glad someone appreciates my humor! As I said previously, the quality and exicution of Mr. Sangalang's Z is outstanding...but as you put it, the styling is a bit extreme.......a tadpole! Isn't that what makes the world go around?

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