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  1. i will be organising a group buy, at viczcar.com as easier there with victorian members...
  2. summit racing got a 23.95 handing fee for international orders... from suspension.com part price 157US - 205AU using USPS shipping for one item global express delivery, 3-5days delivery is 68.2US total =AU293 for 2 shiped it is 117.2US total, for each buyer AU281 for 3 shiped 162.75US for each buyer AU276 and im sure it can get cheaper in the end, add another 7US if you got a 260
  3. hey been searching the net for a few days looking for a international reseller for the hyperflex kit for the 240z, to send to australia, no one who sells ES parts in australia get them in for the 240z, and the guy on ebay doesn't ship internationally, and a few suspension online shops don't ship internationally, either anyone else know of a international resller that sends to australia i can get most of the bits and peices from noltec in aus, but the hyperflex kit has all the bits i want, and are cheaper than noltec...
  4. hey how can i identify the better 260z manual gearbox, that has the shorter ratios, tryng to work out what box i have thats all.... and if someone has more detailed information about the differances of these boxes and 280zx boxes thanks
  5. nice color, with the black wheels, i like it
  6. hey problem with car starting, turns over but doesn't start, or even show signs of starting... I have spark, the problem is i dont have fuel.... ive used 2 differant pumps and both arn't pumping anything, and both work fine by hand, as they are mechanical type off the 73 240z.... could it be a possibilty that the lines are cloged, and blocked, as no fuel is getting to the engine, not even to the fuel filter.... it turns over fine, so im sure the pump is trying to suck fuel, and yes i have fuel, put $20 worth in yesterday from the can.... what do you recomend.... the car is auto, if that makes any differance...
  7. yep all mine.... in my old age, ive come to respect the classic lines and way of the car, very happy about the purcharse, just some simple wheels and basic suspension modifications will occur, then L29 with injection is the long goal, but will get the L24 up and running properly first
  8. Zpeed


    the regulator is the one on the black there.... they are external on the 74 260z..... just call warren see if he has a spare one lyin around i bought one from him for $15 bucks.,... you can't repair them.... not sure how much a newer one from a shop, or nissan would be...
  9. This isn't a stock color is it.... looks great
  10. oh damn thats nice... could i be a pain and asked how much you will be getting it here landed... PM me if you like... just want to get a Z31 2 seater, 200zr but prices way to high from what ive looked at what size are the watts...
  11. http://photos.yahoo.co.jp/bc/hakosuka_r/lst?.dir=/%a3%c3%a1%dd%a3%c7%a3%c3%a3%b1%a3%b1%a3%b1%a1%a1%c0%d6&.src=ph&.order=&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.co.jp/ sorry for the high res photo but was only way i could direct link the jpg
  12. im nathan, had my Z car for 12 months, just started working on it within the last 2 months, body is nearly finished, just not happy with a few more things... engine is going to be stock, untill i come back from asia over christmas interoir will be finished this year, with seats, possible cage, the way i want it
  13. if everything is there, and and is all neat and tidy, 3-6k, matters on year and condition.. etc etc theres a Z that was sold near my house for get this right $600 completyl original 260z, not sure of year, but no rust, just a few small dings, new owner is respraying it and is selling for 9k,, the best part of this is, that the current owner didn't know how much these things were worth, and originally didn't want to pick it up as it was a 2 seater... haha once he bought it found out how much they are worth and now is a happy man
  14. would suit my current project, but money doesn;t premit to buy what do these combo's go for in jap wreckers in australia usually
  15. http://firesport.ipspace.com/?section=item&action=show&id=22452 just a heads up, box motor and all other bits etc... looks like 5k isn't to bad a price,
  16. didn't have a look at it. but from the add, 8k for a rusted 1978 2+2 not sure if thats what the go for, or i under estimate late model 2+2s
  17. gav whats the kit that is on ebay... link would be nice
  18. it sounds like the one that has been in the paper for the last couple of weeks
  19. agreed with first gen Z, about you can get a mr2 all the time... also, the mr2 is a n/a mr2, not that highly acclaimed for power output, so id go the Z in that regard, and again as first gen Z said, get a mr2 later in life, and maybe a turbo that time so you can keep the Z a classic n/a while you have turbo/power fun in the mr2... i have driven a friends n/a mr2, and i can see myself getting bored with it, but im still a Z fanatic after 7 years of discovering,,,,
  20. Zpeed


    Nick, There was a busted up 350z, at fowles auctions the other week, i was told it went for 16.5k, had a massive pole attack on both sides, with front and rear untouched, perfect for this type of stuff but i don't really like how all the panels at the front are as one, one little bump at the front and its ruined
  21. my cousins, best friend bought a new convertible one around 1 year ago,, really bad car... you'll be able to get spare parts, as a company is supplying spare parts, i forget what company is thou.. expect to see cheap MGs, haha,
  22. http://www.powerplay.net.au/ looks like they would, considering the datsuns on the front page
  23. YES PLEASE POST< PLEASE>>> my car is sitting in the backyard without interoir, or windows, or paint, so please post give me inspiration
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