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The $3500 GT


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Here's a link to an article I just got. It's from July 1971 Road & Track magazine and is a comparison of five $3500 GTs including the 240Z.


NOTE: for some reason this came out to be a 19MB file...it's only a 7 page pdf so I am unsure why it's so large.

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I get the same message......"File has been damaged". No workie!!! Damn, I wanted to read it.

Tom, right click the link on the page, then "Save target as" and save it to your computer. Then open the saved file. Works for me, but it is a big file. I got to 7 megs then cancelled it as I have it already.


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I get an error when I try to view it.....

Are you on dial-up?

If so you'll probably have to save it to your computer before opening it, but it will take a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to download.

So heres the same article, resized and as separate pages

(i zipped it, but it was to big to upload in one go. 2 meg limit zipped was 2.85 mb).

The 3500 Dollar GT - July 1971 Road and Track1.pdf

The 3500 Dollar GT - July 1971 Road and Track2.pdf

The 3500 Dollar GT - July 1971 Road and Track3.pdf

The 3500 Dollar GT - July 1971 Road and Track4.pdf

The 3500 Dollar GT - July 1971 Road and Track5.pdf

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Here's a highly compressed grayscale version for you dialup users that just want a quick peek. Acrobat does some goofy things in the conversion, but you get the idea.

Mr. Camo, I got an error when trying to view yours, that's why I made this version.

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An interesting article. The Datsun certainly seemed to come out on top. I remember test driving the Fiat 124 when I was 18. I was impressed with the dual overhead cam, disk brakes all around and 5-speed. I tried to talk my mother into buying one, but she made a more practicle choice of a Toyota Corolla 1600. That was a fun car too. I learned to drift in that car (though I think we called it something different then - trailing throttle oversteer). Still you don't see that many '71 Corollas on the road anymore, and I think no Fiats of that age. You can still pick up a running Z for $3,500, though. I guess time sorts out the true winners from the loosers.

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I will work on it this weekend and get the size down and also see what the deal is with the 'damaged file' error.

Sorry guys, I was in a hurry the other night and was not paying much attention to the details of the file size... :stupid:

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Yeah those Brooklands book series were great, I thought the 70-83 was out of print. There are some other ones, like R and T on datsun sports cars 66 to 83.

The others are reprints from R and T and lots of other car mags.

Titles include 280Z and ZX, 240-Z and 260-Z (for sure the best one!).

I had a 71 corolla too, Good car, but definitely not a real sports car like that Fiat.

Apologies to the owner of the Opel, but those cars were the butt of many jokes. Certainly not up to the level of a Z or the Fiat, in terms of sportiness.

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