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Euro/Aussie front spoiler photo's?


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Most of the early UK-market cars had big door mirrors like the ones seen on the yellow car that Mr Camouflage posted pics of ( Nissan UK's current press car ).

These were I believe actually fitted by the concessonaire in the UK at the time ( Datsun UK ) rather than being fitted at the factory in Japan.

What you are describing sounds different. Got any pics?

Alan T.

I remember reading an article, maybe in Sport Z magazine, about a guy restoring a 240Z in the UK. Sorry I can't remember his name, but it was a green Z. The guy had done a quite extensive restoration, the car was beautiful. That is the first time I saw them. I looked around and could only find one, not so great picture of the ones I am talking about.

Do you have a picture of the ones Datsun UK fitted on them.




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I don't think it is a matter of just flipping the bumper bar over as the brackets for the licence plate are welded to the bumper bar.

The picture below is my 73 Aussie 240Z with the lights under the bar, which I thought was the standard configuration.



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you can buy Qld(Aust) plates in the black on white theme(classic), mine are PET-240, hence my tag, but you have limited choice on combinations. Look up www.ppq.gov.qld.au I think or run google and look up personalised plates queensland. There are several choices you can get your hands on, and once you buy them you own them, I also have PET-510 for the future. You can get slimline front plates and if required I can look at getting them for you if the gov seems a little apprehensive. Have a look, see what you can come up with, look also at the prestige section. Cheers.

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