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Rough idling after rain????


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I don't have a garage, so as usual my car sat outside under a car cover, but it was so windy yesterday that I had to remove the car cover (wind blew it off), so my Z (:( :( slept outside in the rain for the whole day.

I was able to borrow a free place in the garage of my step-father last night, so I start the car full choke, no prob and parked it inside. Off.

This pm, I start the car again to put it out of the garage, full choke, and it ran well for 30 sec, then, the car did start to shake, RPM bouncing on anf off like crazy, and the car almost stall even with gas...

Now the idle is pretty rough, and I did check under the hood, no sigh of water on any electrical components....

What went wrong??

Humidity in the coil?

Cap rotor (brand new!)?

Should I spray some WD40 on the distributor, coil, and cap?? Would it help?


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Keep in mind full choke is for STARTING the car.After it cranks,you want to feather it toward off.Think of how a lawn mower or chain saw acts when it cranks at full choke.It acts ugly fast as the rich fuel floods it.Its a "get the feel kinda thing"but,the goal is to use the choke as little as possible.You may have to hold the gas on a little or gentle revs as I say its a feel.30 seconds full choke is a long time.Your spark plugs will thank you as rich=foul.I think you saturated your plugs with raw fuel causing them to misfire.They needed air to burn it off.But thats just my guess.Check a plug,if its carbon black,its fouled.Carbon is a insulator of electricity.You can clean them up or replace.It probably occured over time.They just failed on a rainy day. Daniel

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