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1970 or 1972 240Z--Help me decide!!!!!


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I am an avid Datsun fan, owning 7 of them over the last 15 years. I am currently collecting parts to build my dream Z. I have everything from a custom made Race Prep turbo tec III 400+ HP turbo engine to springs, sway bars, tranny & much more. I grew up as a teen with 240's in our garage. Headers, springs, flares and jetting triple carbs. I was not into 100% original hubcap 240's. I love them & would keep one stock if I had the extra garage space. I, like all true Datsun Z fans, love a stock Z, but I If I can only own one Z car, then I need speed & performance in this modern day & age. However, hear lies the problem.

I only have one garage. Which car do I choose to bless with new power & life? My 1970 240Z which is really clean, white exterior & blue interior, or my 1972 240Z which is metallic green with tan interior. There is something special about hearing "1970 240Z", with those rear hatch vents and side emblems which say "240 Z". But then I really love having those handy storage bins on the rear deck behind the seats in the '72! What year do I do my Z car? When you invest HUGE $$$ in building your dream Z car, you only want to do it once & have no regrets!!! Whichever car I do not modify, I have to sell!! I have been thinking for months! Let's hear your opinions!! Do a sweet 1970 or 1972 Z????? Help!

It sounds like everyone wants me to keep the 1970 stock. Keep your eyes open on ebay for my 1970 240Z HLS #3001 White 8-9 out of 10 car!!! 94K :stupid:

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Build the 72 to be your wild ride, sell the 70 to someone who will keep it stock, or restore it.

There are so few 70's left, it would border on criminal to modify it as heavily as you plan.


I second that!!

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Carl is right on-except with his avitar. If you want the 70 look, buy some 70 jewelry and fit it to the 72. Fitting the hatch vents and the quarter trim isn't a difficult thing to do, and will not affect the value of the heavily modified '72.


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