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'72 240Z Original In Arizona

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Originally posted by gramercyjam

I'm confused. It's got the dreaded battery tray rust big time. That rust most likely has seriously affected the firewall seam and interior of the frame rail below but he claims the car is rust free.

Is it that bad? Hard to tell from the picture. Mine had a lot of surface rust under the battery tray but it was all solid.

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Guess it's not quite "all original" as he claims....:stupid:

I was looking at the seats and thinking the same thing Ed.

I will say, it does look like the original weatherstripping though.. ready to fall off the car.:devious: Looks like a full weatherstrip replacement candidate to me, along with restoring the faded steering wheel.

Wonder what the dash looks like under the "dash rug" it's wearing.:ermm:

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LOL, the guy says the car is rust-free, but "mentions" the acid eaten paint below the battery! And insinuates that THAT should be more acceptable than corrosian caused by water (rust)! :stupid:

It will be interesting to see if the bids reach is "Buy It Now".

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