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Buy a REAL C110 GT-R

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Thought this might be of some interest, an authentic KPGC110 Skyline GT-R for sale on Yahoo Auctions. Looks to be in great nick, with the original 14x5 steel wheels for that 100% stock look. It's even got an S20 sitting in the front.


Oh yeah, $1 USD is approx. equal to 111 Yen. $1 AUD is about 81 Yen. You do the maths. ;)

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Very nice, it better be like new for that price. I didn't know that they would ever fetch that high. I thought they went for a little over half that. This one must have never been driven. Personally I like the white GT-R with the PHAT Watanabes:D . This is a very nice car. I am sure you will have one someday, but for now, transplant an s20 into your car.hehehehe. That would be a lot too. How is your GT-R project coming along Alfa?

Take care,


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Man that's awesome! :D

v12horse, I think the C110's fetch a higher price than the C10's due to the numbers produced.

It has 86000kms on it, so it's not THAT new, but it certainly looks well looked after.

And other than having a couple of random non-genuine parts, it's simply awesome.

Gotta love those PMC stickers on the bumper :D

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That S20 would look good in my 240z engine bayROFL

"In addition there is ƒ?ƒ^ƒiƒx R type 8.5J-15/205-50:9.5J-15/225-50 ƒuƒ‰ƒEƒ“ƒjƒbƒV�?c 200000 Yen addition. If thinking, increase the trade-in it is the white or the safari of Z432 - without the genuine defect item of Brown's the body rot it is not non restore of engine normal operation - sport corner service polar riding in a car, it is OK to trade-in maximum of 4000000 Yen."

Sounds like he will trade it for a Z432.

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Sounds like something like that........ I know which one I'd rather!!!

Simply because of hte price of these cars I doubt I'll ever own a real one. It seems a bit silly to be honest... ! ROFL

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