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Datsun 240Z Bob Sharp Racing parts


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Hi there,

I am an MG enthusiast, and I just helped my friend pack up a car he just bought. In with the lot of items he bought were a whole bunch of Bob Sharp 240Z parts. I have a 240Z and thought I'd join. I'll let you know of the parts I wish to help him sell:

They are:

Front fiberglass fenders with faired in headlamps.

Pair of doors that were purchased from the dealer.

Rear hatch with whale tail.Bob Sharp logo on glass

Rear louvers for rear hatch

Front spoiler

rear fenders (fiberglass) flared out.

These all came off a 240z that was kitted out to race.

Also available:

Bob sharp holley carburetor setup and intake manifold.

NOS front and rear bumpers for 240Z

Bumper end caps.

Three different set of Z alloy wheels, one original spare.

Some very nice stuff.

I want these parts to go to an enthusiast and not get snapped up by someone on ebay.

so here it is before they go up on ebay...

please contact either myself (Kevin)

or Gary at gbspares@msn.com

or gary@gbspares.com

you can reach me at flybirds@erols.com

or kevin@gbspares.com

Parts are located inCT and prices are negotiable, please ask gary for parts prices. THanks

ALSO, a 240Z parts car with AC.

and Still in the crate Z motor! brand new!! timewarp



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