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  1. I may be interested in the NOS bumper parts et al....... Are there any pictures of these parts that you could post on the site or via web site or send via e-mail? Randy in AZ
  2. Hi all, I'd like to echo and reinforce Jerimiah's last comments. I am an Engineering Manager (Mechanical by degree) at a large Commercial Avionics Supplier and have been (very happily) married to the same women since I was 19. This would be 2 years after I puchased the one and only 1971 Z that I still own and just started restoring in Dec 2001. I am now 43 yo with 2 almost grown children and after stints in college, then the Air Force, then back to college I can vouch for the work-hard-and-get-rewarded philosophy. I still also have to balance a passion for Motorcycles (currently only have 1 but have owned 6 or 8 over the years) with a passion for Flying (also just 1 but have owned 3 over the years) but find great joy in coming home each night and taking something apart or cleaning something up or just standing in the garage and staring at the "Z" parts.......most of which are actually being stored in the living room at the moment (I have a really understanding wife!). Anyway, thanks Mike, for this great forum to discuss and learn from each other about our common interest. Long Live the "Z", Randy
  3. I just bought the Mity Lift from AutoZone (special order for $41 in Phoenix, AZ) and it fits, and works, very well with just a little shimming of the pivot mount required to clear the original lower bracket. The hatch just about leaps up now when you release the latch! Of course it is not exactly original....... Randy in AZ
  4. Don't worry.....I am restoring a '71 that I have owned since Jan 76. Since then I have lived in several places the most recent (and lengthy) of which is the "moderately temperate" Southwest in the Phoenix area. I twisted that bolt off about 130K miles ago and when I pulled the engine and looked in that area everyting was STILL sealed without any late model adhesives. I think that if you broke 2 adjacent bolts you might be in trouble but for that particular one........my experience is you are fine as long as you watch the temps and keep it under 7500 rpm! Randy in AZ
  5. Eric, If others have not spoken up I would be interested in the driver's door panel and the right rear tail light. There may be other parts I could use also; in fact, rather than give it away to a salvage yard I may be willing to drive over this weekend from Phoenix to haul it home on my trailer. Please let me know the condition of the door panel and also what does the heater control panel and map light area look like? Randy in Scottsdale, AZ
  6. Thank you Guy, They do have the latest version on the Website. I'll check my local store first and then order if they don't have it. I've been told it is a worthwhile book to have when restoring the Z. RandyC
  7. Last week I ordered Wick Humble's "How to Restore Your Datsun Z Car" from Amazon.com and got a message today that they are not able to get this book anymore. Does anyone out there know of a source for this book? Thanks, RandyC
  8. Ok.....for all those interested in what series car I really have I am going to make a long post identifying each of the changes that a Series 2 car should have compared to what my car has. The more I hear from you all and research this the more special my car becomes; at least to me :-). Useful information includes my DOM of 4/71 and my SN of 27878. The SN is duplicated on the plate under the right strut cap (which also matches my engine SN) and on the plate on the LS door frame and on the LS under the windshield. Please just leave now if you don't have the time or the stomach for this much useless Z drivel....... 2ManyZs (which I don't think you can have!), KMack and Escanlon primarily have contributed to my understanding of how my car became the unique Z that it is. I am going to cut and paste from EScanlon's msg on S1 to S2 changes...... Start cut and paste: Notable VIN Month Highlights HLS30 019889 01 Last of Series One Body Style (rear hatch vents). Re: My car does not have the vents in the lower portion of the rear hatch. 1. Ventilation Air Outlets- Change in fresh air ventilation system outlets to rear quarter panels from decklid Re: As you know my LS quarter panel has the vent and the RS quarter panel does not 2. Two Step Door Check .... holds doors open, was full open, now full and half open) Re: Mine has this intermediate detent 3. Seat Belt Release changed from latch to button, and hangers from seat to rear panel Re: Mine has both of these features 4. Reversible Key-for starter, steering lock and glove box. Re: Mine has this 5. Steering Wheel has punched out holes Re: Ditto 6. Center Vent Defuser- redesigned and add vertical deflectors Re: Ditto 7. Sun Visor - enlarged by about 1" in length Re: Don't know but mine are 5-1/4" in "depth" 8. Tool Storage- moved to rear deck pockets Re: My rear deck pockets are covered with sheet metal that has numerous ~2" dia holes cut over them (lightening?) 9. Reclining/Flip Forward Seat - Lever replaces round knob Re: I have the round knob and slight reclining of seat back CHASSIS: 1. Tire Specification - from 175SR14 to 175HR14 Re: The tires on the car when I got it were 175SR14 (skinny!) BODY ELECTRICAL: 1. Speedometer- starts at "0" mph instead of 20MPH Re: Mine starts at "0" but was usually way higher than that when the engine was running! 2. Oil Pressure Gauge recalibrated Re: Don't know the specific of this but gauge reads "0" to "90" on scale and runs at about 50 psi 3. Map Light- hood added to map lamp to reduce glare Re: I have the hood 4. Windshield Wipers - speed up from 68 strokes per minute to 75 spm on "High" speed. Re: Don't know but seems that change is insignificant 5. Defogger Switch -- changed to include warring light Re: I have the light 6. Tail Light Assy- now has four bulbs instead of three Re: Mine has 4 builds 7. Headlight harness changed to prevent electro-chemical attack on lamp terminals Re: Hard to tell but mine still work (in fact all lights still work) 8) HLS30 48863 10 Last 1971 Model Year Car Build (HLS30 51583 latest reported so far). 1972 Model Year - HLS30 48863 (earliest reported so far). Flip Forward Seats, New Hub Caps, Center Console Redesigned, gas tank door latch eliminated, 5 inch wide wheels made standard, new 4sp. trans. design, rear end moved rearward 35mm (about 1.5 inches). Re: Mine does not have flip forward seats, did have the new hub caps, has the redesigned center console (I have the coin pocket and light......), I have the gas tank door latch as a non-locking chromed (turns 90 degrees CW to open) knob, had/(have one as spare) the 5" wheels, not sure yet on tranny (will have out later this wknd), and don't know about the rear end movement. 9) 11 Pockets added to floor pan for Auto Seat Belt Retractors Re: Don' t have the pockets 10) Indent for the decal to the left of the hazard switch Re: Mine does not have this and the aux power outlet is on the right side of the cover over the fuse box 11) 3 piece hatch seal Re: Mine had this (it has disintegrated) but I am replacing with ??? That is the last of the comparison for now. I await the combined wisdom of the Internet Z Club for a response.............. Randy
  9. Thank You EScanlon for the latest post EScanlon made some excellent observations about the quarter panel replacement and fender being replaced at different times...makes very good sense that way. I will be taking off the interior panels soon and will inspect the inside welds for "quality" as well. I appreciate the observations about my console, seats and ash tray/coin tray/fuse cover. It sounds like the 9/71 model is configured identically to my 4/71 car! Most of the changes posted between the 2 series are otherwise in line with what I have although I still don't know exactly what the "Tool Storage- moved to rear deck pockets" should look like. With this latest information I really only have to consider that some body panels were replaced in its existence before my ownership and not that someone made a Series 1.5 car out of mine somewhere along the line! Appreciate all you guys help...I've learned more about my Z in the last week I've been on this site than I have in the last 26 years of ownership! Also just received my Z-Car CD ROMs in the mail yesterday (Thank You Mike) and look forward to seeing how all the bits & pieces are "supposed" to go together. Randy
  10. My Z doesn't have the rear deck boxes or the built-in boxes behind the seats. That hardware was missing when I bought the car 26 years ago. However, the jack and tire tools were attached to (original-looking) brackets and fasteners that are on both sides behind the seats. I always assumed that the storage boxes were retained by this hardware. Could someone (KMack) send pictures of what the "plastic box" mounting hardware and brackets should look like? I could send pictures as well if it would help. I am becoming glad that I did not plan to do an "as original" restoration but I still would like to know how the car was outfitted in the beginning. According to Carl Beck's info my 4/71 car is definitely a Series II model. Other strange things are that I have seat backs with the metal vents and with the Round plastic adjusters (series I), not levers. But then it has the push button seat belt clasps (series II). I don't see why the seats would have had to be replaced on a 4 yr old or less car? At least the engine/head/body SNs all seem correct. Regardless, the car is still special to me as I have had it so long and am still married to the woman I started going out with when I bought it. Randy
  11. Kmack and 2ManyZs et al, Thanks for the reply on my "hybrid" rear panels. After more inspection and dis-assembly last night the story is still a little strange. So far I have all the front end pieces removed including the fenders and the fender braces. I also have removed paint at points where there were cracks in the panel's paint and I thought factory seams would be. I found evidence that the right front fender was replaced due to the internal stamped brace being a little deformed. I cannot find any evidence that the right rear panel or door were replaced. The entire left side of the car looks like it has all original panels and welds. What is strange, though, is that the right rear has the Series I panel and the left (original?) is the Series II panel based on you guys input (it has the large vent hole while the right side is flush and has not been welded over). It seems plausible (but not probable) that an older version panel may have been used as replacement on the right side. I also have the defrost switch only behind the choke lever and only the power socket in the fuse panel cover. I think one of you said that indicates Series I? It is a little confusing! Whoever did the quarter panel repair (if at all) did a very good job. I don't understand why they didn't replace the right fender brace, though, as it seems it would have been cheap and easy (I have already straightened it based on the left side dimensions). Anyway, I know I've rambled a bit but I think I'll take your advice and research the previous owner history. I was also thinking it could have been damaged on the trip over here and repaired by Datsun? Either way I still have a very straight and relatively rust-free car (that I have put 150K of the 195K miles it has) to work with but I'd like to explain the "hybrid" nature of my quarter panels :mad: Randy
  12. All (but primarily Kmack), I have a 4/71 that I am the 2nd owner on and have had since Jan 1976. I just started the resto in December and I have the vent hole in one panel and not in the other. I also have the emblems with just the "Z" on it and they are both metal. I see no evidence that either panel has ever been replaced but have been wondering if I had a "production transition" car. How certain are you that the transition occurred in January 71....seems like they wouldn't have a mix of quarter panels in the factory too long given that they were building about 1200 cars per month? Just wondering (maybe my car is real special) :-), Randy
  13. Krys, I know your parts post is a little dated (I just found this site last week) but if you still have the windshield I am interested in its condition and vintage. I'm restoring my '71 and my original windshield has one rock ding and is generally just "sand blasted". Thanks, Randy
  14. Hi All, I'm a new member who just started restoration on a '71 240Z that I have had since January 1976 (my 2nd car). I've been reading all I can from people and groups like this and there appears to be a wealth of information and enthusiasm for these great cars. Anyway, I have the same problem with my strut (currently held up with a correctly machined 2x4!) and was wondering if anyone knows if this strut is rebuildable? Thanks and I look forward learning from you all. My MSA catalog is already on the way and I have the Victoria British catalog. Randy
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