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  1. 240 ZeffR

    ZBash Motorsport Auto Anaheim

  2. I'm impressed with your glass job in the well! Where did you end up putting the amp(s)? In regards to the carpet vibration, do you also have carpet padding? Mine was the original carpet so maybe it was so deteriorated that it was vibrating.... If you are curious about my z here is my blog: 240 zrod Widebody
  3. Zs-ondabrain. I like your combination. Although, I remember calculating the enclosure size for my 12" MTX and 600 watts to require the whole wheel well. Regardless, I'm sure yours sounds great too. One question, doesn't your speaker vibrate the carpet when you lay it on top? If so, how have to resolved this issue?
  4. Well that settles that. Time to buy a replacement. Thanks for your input.
  5. Thank you. I'll have to decide on hammering it flat based on any "cancer" I find underneath or buying a new(er) one. 240z cowl | eBay
  6. Is my 240z cowl top supposed to be perfectly flat or slightly concave?
  7. 240 ZeffR

    Wrapping a Dash

    Every time I google for this I either get this site or hybridz. I'll keep looking. Assuming the black and red interior is the same, I read that it may have cost $3000. I hope mine doesn't cost that much....
  8. 240 ZeffR

    Wrapping a Dash

    I'm most likely getting my stock seats redone with stitched edges. This stitched dash looks perfect for my 240z. Although..... I am creating a completely custom dash. :-) 240z widebody custom Do you have a link or info on the company that did this stitched dash? Or is this something most upholstery shops can do?
  9. I agree that I should get an oil change. I have read to wait 100 miles. The question is how long does it take for the seafoam to complete its cleaning? 0,1, 10, 100, 1000 miles?
  10. I did the same search. However, I don't know enough about engines to understand where the vacuum line is located. I thought I would post again and hope to get more info. Problems have been resolved: 1. Removed air filters off SU carbs. 2. Very slowly funneled 5 oz of sea foam into each carb alternating every few seconds. The engine would rev up and white smoke would billow out the exhaust pipe. If I put the Sea Foam into the carb, closer to the firewall, too fast, it would stall. 3. As I closed the choke the engine stalled. 4. I put 5 oz in with the oil. I started the car but there was no audible difference, just more smoke. 5. I put the rest of the sea foam in the gas tank. 6. I pulled it out of the driveway and it was still running rough. 7. I pumped the gas and got the rpms up until the exhaust let out a big pop. The car then idled great. 8. I pulled out onto the highway and it smoked for a mile and then it was pretty much back to normal. Problems solved.
  11. What is the best way to add Seam Foam to my stock dual SU carbs?
  12. I can't really understand what you have written here, but Jim Cook Racing suggests using their epoxy as well as rivets. The important step is to let the epoxy cure for approximately 2 weeks before painting. Good Luck. I am going to attempt this on my z in the next few weeks.
  13. I am interested in the flared fenders, front and rear, for a 240z. Do you still have them for sale? How much? Do you have photos that I can view? Thanks, Jeff
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