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    Lubricating/Refreshing Cables

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    I found the best way to deal with cables is to remove:

    1. the inner cable from the sheath/casing


    2. wash it

    3. wipe it with a scotch brite pad

    4. lubricate it

    5. use penetrating oil in can and flush sheath using a straw attachment

    The results are very nice.

    Heater Control and Side Vent cables:

    Depending on the type, you can often remove the plastic sheath/casing. In my experience, some of the metal cable gets crusty and/ or very sticky over the years. A wipe with a solvent and a scotchbrite pad will bring them back to a smooth new finish. Flushing the sheath with a solvent then following up with lithium grease and reassembling does a nice job. Lube the heater and control mechanisms to complete the job. I never looked closely but if you need to replace a cable, I think that lawn mower cables or push cables in RC planes may be a source.

    Speedo Cable

    This is slinky. Again pull out the snakey inner cable and wash and lubricate then dry. It does not need a lot of lube. Flush out the casing with a spray solvent/penetrating oil and you are good to go.

    Choke Cable, Hood Release Cable, E-Brake Cable

    Again, it is best to disassemble, clean and lube like the heater cables, however, if you can not disassemble (like the Ebrake and Hood Release), simply hold the cable vertically and flush spray solvent through it from top to bottom. (sprat into the narrow opening between the sheath and the metal cable). Let it hang and keep hitting the top entry with more fluid every few minutes over an hour or so. Eventually you will see drips at the bottom where fluid carrying debris is washing through. Operating the cable sometimes helps.



    My new fav solvent:


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