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  1. I had one of these which I wore the cover off of back in the 70's. A couple of years ago a young lady (Sarah Bee) who lives out west, owns an early Z, autocrosses it, and had been following my Oddessey post on this site was in the area and stopped by. I gave her my How to Modify Datsun book to help her with tuning her autocross car. I know she has put it to good use.
  2. I measured the total length of the tubes on my 72 and the set from the rear of the race car and they are the same. I don't believe that any conclusion can be drawn. I am assuming that the race car had the complete Datsun Competition Suspension Package. What I do know is that the springs in the picture are the ones which were on the race car in the 70's, that the car had short steering knuckles, bump steer spacer, and the aluminum concentrics on the control arms with composite bushings. I guess that the only way to know any more is to find someone with an original Datsun Competition set up and compare notes. Gnose, I hope you can help. JLP
  3. I assume not something you would part with. Thanks for the offer. I am sure I will be needing some tech info before this project takes shape. Thanks
  4. Just measured the rear platform height on the old rear race suspension as compared to the stock rear on my 72 and the platform is at the same height relative to the top of the tube. I have attached a picture of the old rear suspension and the Datsun Competition Springs.
  5. Original Datsun Competition Parts List and Price List. Datsun Competition parts list page 14.pdf Price List page 22.pdf
  6. I have a set for the 240z they we modified them for light weight race doors and ended up not using them. I am sure they could still be used as skins. JLP
  7. Alan, thanks you for the valuable information. As I stated there is a wealth of collective information on this site. I have the original set of race strut tubes for the rear. I will measure the height of the platforms and compare to stock rears on car. Now the issue is that the rears I have are hydraulic type. I am at a crossroad in this project, I will not cut on my original tubes so I would have to have a set of tubes for all 4 corners get the correct dimensions for the placement of the platforms and have them modified. I want it period correct and thus do not want to install adjustable platforms. This is obviously not a project that will be done for Z Attack, maybe s project for next winter. Does anyone have the specifications for the original Datsun Competition Strut tubes platform location?
  8. Front 54302-E7213 (R) 54303-E7213 (L) Rear 55302-E7213 (R) 55303-E7213 (L) I guess the real question is; Will I be able to put the springs on my stock struts with KYB inserts? The racing springs are much shorter than stock.
  9. The top picture on the control arm. Does it hit if you put the control arm up within the travel zone? It looks like you have the control arm hanging down at about an 80' angle.
  10. I pulled my original Datsun Competition Suspension out of my garage attic this week and plan to install it on my 72Z. It consist of springs, concentric s for the control arms and spacers for the front to correct the steering geometry. I took this off of the 70 race car years ago when we updated the suspension etc... I was looking at the Datsun Competition Parts Catalog for that period and it says that you must use struts #55302-E7213 and 55303-E7213. Dos anyone remember or know why. I currently have a new set of KYB's on the 72. Thanks in advance for the vast knowledge of this group.
  11. What year air cleaner box are you looking for? Makes a difference. I have the late 71 / 72 / 73 available.
  12. I don't believe that I can get hurt on these simply due to the rarity. If these are for vented my only issue will be can I find a set of vented rotors and will they fit behind my 14's. I may have found a second pair (in serious need of restoration) don't know yet. They were on an early Fairlady Race car from Japan.
  13. I believe that this is a mid 20's car on BAT. The history could bring that up a bit, but I still don't believe that is would break the 30K mark. I just went back and took a look at the history of these on that site. This is a #2 car and the 1973 is not bringing what the 1972 and earlier cars are bringing yet. I would consider this car a great refresh not restoration, a restoration was probably not warranted but it does make a difference. Just my 2 cents and I am at times surprised. JLP
  14. I will have to defer to Kats on this. I was told, by the seller, that these were for the solid disc. If not I will have to find a set of proper rotors. I wanted these for multiple reasons but on of the most significant reasons is the ability to run my original 14" American Racing Libre wheels with them. I hope this goal is not sabotaged if these are for the vented rotor. Kats?
  15. Kats, mine are solid disc. Jerry