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  1. What would shipping be to Indiana 47374. They make great fun office chairs.
  2. A friend of mine here in Richmond purchased this car. I believe he got a great deal and he is happy with the purchase. He had made an offer from the start, prior to it ever being listed on Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Datsun-Z-Series-/182486843636?nma=true&si=79ZTciTaRkYi%2FESZqv984O6hf2U%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. Gav, I don't believe that others installing this system are considering brake bias (balance), but I had a set on my race car years ago and did have an inline system to balance the system. I still have those and will see if I need them in this application. These calipers are rare, reproductions are now available. I did not want reproduction calipers and was lucky in finding a set of NOS along with NOS rebuild kits for the future. The nice thing about the fact that these are being reproduced is that reproduction rebuild parts are now available and like the microprocessors for rally clocks this has driven up the value of the original rare calipers.
  4. I have all of the suspension off the car for clean up and installation of Eibach progressive springs. I am also working on installation of the MK63 calipers. Kats has helped me find the parts needed to complete the project. (vented rotors, spring clips etc...) I have began the process of modifying a set of backing plates for the new calipers. I have marked a spare set of backing plates (silver area to be cut out and metal rolled over to resemble factory). I have a metal shop that will complete this for me, then I will clean the backing plates up (media blast) and have them powder coated. I believe that having backing plates will give a more complete look to the upgrade. I will continue to update as I progress.
  5. The final word on the Eibach Springs for the S30. I read up on them on this site and ordered a set. I have the suspension pulled and want to make sure I have it correct. Their seems to be much confusion on front and rear placement of the new progressive springs. I thought I had the placement figured out until I pulled the suspension and became confused. The stock springs are long in the rear and shorter up front. The Eibach progressive are the opposite according to most of what I have read on this site. So do I have it correct the Long Eibach springs ending in the number 01 go on the front and the short springs ending in the number 02 go on the rear. Correct?
  6. Actually had a few hours free to work on my Z. I waxed the rear suspension parts and began to put it back together including the new rear hangers with mounting points for installation of sway bar. I am still waiting for the new springs then rear upgrade will be complete, then will start on the front suspension.
  7. My extra seats are now office chairs. Makes your day go by quicker!
  8. Guilty as charged, but if someone needs them later and I don't change my mind they will be restored and available for trade. JLP
  9. Thanks Chris, these look like the third example. I think I might try to pick these up. One will have another $300 or so in them once re-plated. I don't plan to go this route as of now, but they will only be harder to find in the future if I do.
  10. A question for those who have had these in their hands. Do they appear to be OEM parts? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-280Z-Chrome-headlight-cover-trims/332146172068?_trksid=p2059216.c100149.m2821&_trkparms=ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140127103305%26meid%3D50409c5480114bf49ef82a09540e7b4d%26pid%3D100149%26
  11. I ended up with 4.5MM and 7.5MM hose. They are both a tight fit. I believe they will work well for this application and look good once the bling (restored yellow zinc original wire hose clamps) is added.
  12. This is the spare that I have. JLP
  13. I am looking for NOS studs (differential mount to mustache bar), nuts, and differential cover bolts. Anyone know where these can be purchased. I have a NOS set of R200 studs sold to me as R180 but R200 are larger studs.
  14. These look similar if not the same. https://www.securecableties.com/4-inch-black-miniature-push-mount-cable-tie-100-pack?gclid=CNfJ65TRytICFVC4wAod_PsDMA
  15. I will take a look, I should have one. I will look later this evening. JLP