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  1. Brake booster fitting on cannon intake

    I don't know about Cannon, but most sets will receive the original fitting if they do not come with one.
  2. VINTAGE Z auction in JAPAN

    I believe it is a little bit auction fever and a little bit of speculation on the rising interest in series 1 and 2 Z cars. One of Les Canaday's restorations recently went for over 70K. He contacted me and said that a auction house in NY was looking for one with provenance to auction off. I appreciated the lead from Les, but I am not ready to let mine go. The values seem to be rising quickly on these cars. I did recently watch an investment program that suggested that if you are holding a classic car as an investment you might consider selling it soon. His reasoning was that the next generation unlike the boomers do not care about or long for the cars of their youth. I don't agree or disagree, just found it interesting.
  3. VINTAGE Z auction in JAPAN

    I am sure that it is 100K each. Yes, the 1996 refers to the restored cars commissioned by Nissan for the 1996 re-introduction. I think that they were 70 and 71 models for the most part. I believe that the original plan was for 100 cars, but somewhere in the neighborhood of just over 40 were completed. I am sure that it this information is not correct someone here will give the correct numbers.
  4. Noticed this head in Parts Car Photo

    This is the block that is with the car if that helps.
  5. Does anyone recognize this L - Series Head. I was looking at this parts car and notice this head in the photo.
  6. Missing weatherstrip on window?

    Yes, you are.
  7. Rebuilt modified L24 motor for sale

    Gav, I may have a lower number block. I will check. You would be welcome to it, but shipping may be prohibitive. JLP
  8. VINTAGE Z auction in JAPAN

    Key chain to go along with the Vintage Z.
  9. VINTAGE Z auction in JAPAN

    Should have read "were" I corrected the typo. JLP
  10. VINTAGE Z auction in JAPAN

    This is a Nissan commissioned restoration car from 1996. The sticker in the quarter window and the vintage plaque on the console were installed along with a matching key chain. Be interested in seeing what this brings. Let us know KATS.
  11. Rebuilt modified L24 motor for sale

    Richmond, Indiana to Richmond Virginia 9 hours.
  12. Mid-west Datsun Parts Swap Meet?

    Indy is a great thought, but that would be relative to who wants to put it together and work it. It would need to be decided by no later than end of January 2018 if it were planned to take place in the fall. I know this area, it is central to many larger cities and I have a not for profit facility less than 2 miles off of I-70, that would love to make this an annual event as a fund raiser. All of that being said, I have not had a lot of feedback from members wanting to participate in such an event. I see this as a possible judged car event and parts swap meet over a weekend. With the proper interest I am willing to give organizing it a shot. We would need a limited number of sponsors and to get the information out at all of the 2018 Z events. Thoughts?
  13. Mid-west Datsun Parts Swap Meet?

    OK, I might have to start a new post and officially take a poll. How many members would be interested in: · A Nissan / Datsun Parts Swap meet here in Richmond, IN. Next Year? If not Richmond, where in the mid-west? · Time of year? · Car Show / Swap meet? Richmond is on the Indiana / Ohio Border, 70 miles east of Indianapolis, 40 miles west of Dayton, OH, 70 miles north of Cincinnati, OH.
  14. Mid-west Datsun Parts Swap Meet?

    Do you think we could put this together? Maybe help from the Indy club?
  15. In Sioux Falls, SD inspecting the "Twins".

    We have just launched a drone program. Not quite as you imagine, but they will evolve. We have 5 drones at this time, one has a 15K thermo-image camera.