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  1. Where this is going is Obvious Captain!Maybe a little time in the garage to bore and stroke my engine?
  2. Once the NOS MK63 calipers were dry fitted I removed them and rebuilt them. When I disassembled them I found that the old assembly oil had gummed up in them. Cleaned and rebuilt them. I have now completed the suspension project, new progressive Eibach springs, rear sway bar, NOS emergency brake cable, and MK63 upgrade. I am waiting for the front brake lines and rear sway bar link so I can put it back down on the ground and re-fit the front sheet metal. Progress! I did find time tonight to wipe the bottom down and wax the drive shaft.
  3. I like Chris am not complaining what so ever. The parts going up is directly related to the value of the cars due to the parts becoming scarce for proper restoration. The value of the parts has also made it possible, I talked about the necessity of this a few years ago, for reproducing some of these rare parts. In my original post I was referring to the fact that I have offered one of my 2400 valve covers to members looking for them for around what your ebay listing is at now with 5 days left and interest was lost. So I too will be putting mine on ebay to help pay for other upgrades I am looking to do on my car. I have been paying up for hard to find parts for a few years now. I bought the NOS tail light for my car at the height of the value which has come down since the introduction of the reproduction tail lights. Good luck with your auction I will be following it closely.
  4. Chris, I agree. I too am amazed. You don't have to go back but a couple of years when you could buy parts such as the inspection light from the dealer for a few dollars.... now NOS inspection lights being priced at $300+. Amazing...
  5. You are correct. I have two of these and have offered them on the site to avoid ebay, but when a price is mentioned crickets......thus ebay. Yours is currently about what I have priced mine at with 5 days left to go. I sale part of my stash of parts to finance new projects on the car so every cent counts. My most recent project, MK63 front calipers with vented disc has become very expensive thus my offer to sell my 2400 valve covers. Good Luck with you sale.
  6. While returning to Indiana from my lake cabin in Tennessee yesterday, I passed a lavender 280Z broken down beside the road outside of Livingston, Tennessee. Member?
  7. Kats, thanks! I am at the lake this weekend doing some maintenance on the cabin. Can't wait to get back on the project when I get home. This will be helpful. I will post more pictures once I get more complete. I am also excited to see the car's stance with the Eibach progressive springs installed. Thanks again for all of your support on this project.
  8. Jason, I took a solid set of backing places made a pattern and had a metal shop modify them. I could have simply cut them down, blasted and painted them, but I wanted them to look factory. They cut and welded a lip on them for strength and to maintain the factory look. I then blasted them to prepare them for the black finish.
  9. Suspension back with Eibach Progressive springs and I am dry fitting my MK63 parts. I want to thank a member for his help with locating the needed parts for the caliper and rotor upgrade. I dry fitted the modified backing plates, calipers, and rotors tonight. It all goes together flawlessly. I like the way the modified backing plates fit to the MK63 calipers.
  10. Jason, PM sent earlier.
  11. Can anyone recommend a company that reforms the covering over an existing dash? I have two dashes with minor issues that I believe might be worth a restoration. Thanks Jerry Purcell
  12. PM Sent
  13. PM sent jlp
  14. Having been the original owner of my car I had a reference. The easiest way would be to take the length of the two longest stickers and add approximately 3/16" and center that total length then put the larger sticker as close as possible to the lip of the outer edge of the inner seal surface and the smallest sticker 3/16" over toward the front of the air box equal distance from the inner seal surface then place the longer white sticker equal distance from the main sticker and from the smallest sticker. Is that as clear as mud?
  15. I need a horn mechanism for a 1972 Datsun 240Z stock steering wheel.