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  1. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Cleaned up the 3 remaining "D" hub caps tonight. Very pleased with their condition!
  3. Yes, all 4 and all are in this condition. I just randomly picked this one to clean up tonight. I will clean the rest as I get time.
  4. Went through the ignition system this evening. I did get spark at the points, but not plugs. I will replace the coil, condenser, points and plug wires, that should get the ignition system working well. I did drain the fuel from the tank and ran a couple of gallons of gas through the tank did not get any rust, but I am not taking that to the bank. I took a few minutes to clean up one of the original early "D" caps. They all should turn out the same. I believe they were probably on the car for one set of tires and came off when the "Mario Andretti" punch outs were installed. The caps are absent of any curb rash, dings or dents.
  5. Had a little time this evening to do a few checks on the engine. Completed a quick valve adjustment "cold" the exhaust were fine the intakes were tight. Once the adjustment was complete I did a compression test. 150#, 160#, 160#, 80#, 160#, 120#. Not bad for an engine that has not turned over for 34 years. I believe that I might have stuck rings on #4 cylinder. I will continue to soak the cylinders and do a leak down test at a later date. Overall pleased with the results. I tried to check the timing and dwell and found that I have no power to the distributor. I will do some checking of the ignition system when I have a little more time. JLP
  6. A few more patches from that era.
  7. A few vintage racing event patches from Indianapolis Raceway Park from the 70's. WOR was the SCCA club out of Ohio, West Ohio Region SCCA or WOR.
  8. The owner indicates that the 59,000 miles on the odometer is accurate. I will have to take his word for it, there is no supporting documentation, but he has no reason to mislead anyone on that claim. Yes, it ran when parked. As to is "penetrating" lubricant really lubricant, how deep do you want to go into that subject?
  9. No, One of the first things I did when I got the car home was to remove the plugs and put some penetrating lubricant in the cylinders. I did not lube the valve train prior, but now I will do a quick valve adj, and check the compression. I had mentioned this in the original post about this car.
  10. Since first going to take a look at 4575 I assume a few of things one of which was that the engine would be stuck after 34 years of sitting. Last night I had to cut the rear brake drums off with a grinder and sawzall. Tonight, out of curiosity, dropped a battery in it to check out the electrics. The radio works, clock no, lights yes, but the one original headlamp burned out immediately. I decided to try and turn over the engine, first just a hard click of the starter. I was surprised that the starter tried to engage at all, but then the engine began to turn over and build oil pressure. I changed the oil and filter and it is turning over freely. I will try and get a compression check later this week. Not that that matters the engine and carbs will need to be gone through, but I am pleasantly surprised that the engine is free after all of these years.
  11. This Z seems to have the throttle control still intact. The lever is still present on the console and the cable is still attached to the gas pedal assembly. The original owner reports that it came that way, he did not add the system back. Interesting.
  12. I just stuck my phone under the dash and took this photo. The cable and system looks to be intact.
  13. Now my curiosity is getting the best of me.
  14. I have used this process on parts such as the windshield bottle and the lens on the trouble light with good results. The process for re-dying these panels is fairly simple and would give you a consistent color and finish. You just have to clean them really well, spray on a adhesion promoter and then the custom mixed vinyl paint.
  15. Starting a new thread on this car. I am undecided on the thought of restoration. I do believe that it is restore-able and worth restoring, I just am not sure this is the project for me at this time.