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  1. Harada Antenna Repair Thread?

  2. A Friends new ride!

    No offense taken Chris, I do not know about the GT40's or the clones etc... I have not talked to Dave yet, but I assumed, and you know the thing about assuming, that when he said that he found a chassis in South Africa that he was talking about an original chassis. He continued to say that he had it directly shipped to N. Carolina for a full Olthoff Racing build, we have a 600 HP beast at just 2,000 lbs. Chris, no intention to mislead just knowing this guy I made an assumption. Thanks for clearing that up for me. JLP
  3. A Friends new ride!

    Dave's Viper......... I will have to take a look at photos of his military tanks and post them when I get time.
  4. A Friends new ride!

    Chris, I will have to give him a call and check. But according to his post he found the chassis in South Africa and had the car rebuilt to original specs. Maybe he is pulling my leg? He has a bottomless pit for resources. He has a number of collector cars and a larger number of restored military tanks, (his true passion), from all different countries and time periods. All are restored and in working order. I will have to give him a call, good opportunity to visit his man caves.
  5. A Friends new ride!

    I have a friend that collects "Tanks" and cars. His latest project was to find an original right hand drive Ford GT40 and have it cloned to original race specifications. Here is the result.... I would be lying if I were to say that I am not a bit jealous. Dave has great taste in cars!
  6. Sumitomo MK63 pads?

    Looking for calipers or brake pads for the MK63's? I have an extra set that I believe that I will hold on to, but they are out there. There are two different configurations, I believe that there is a difference in the pads for the MK63 calipers for the vented rotors as apposed to the pads for the non-vented MK63 calipers. Kats would be my go to guy for information on these calipers and pads. I know there are companies out there that will replace the brake material on your backing plates as an alternative. http://www.remaninc.com/aboutbrakepads https://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/skyline-1969-72/products/reproduction-mk63-front-brake-pad-set-for-skyline-hakosuka https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/parts/item/aa71-f8f010-2/ https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/j448607503 https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/j448607499
  7. harvest time

    I have been thinking about setting up a couple of hives. I really like fresh honey and from what I have heard local honey can help with pollen based allergies. Looks good!
  8. Blue interior plastic panels (pearl?)

    Bump this thread.
  9. I removed the blue interior panels in the 70 and plan to dye them with SEM or custom mix vinyl/plastic part paint. I noticed that the interior vinyl is an "Ice" metallic or pearl looking blue, but the back of the plastic panels look to be a solid blue. Were the plastic panels solid blue or were the fronts painted to match the pearl look?
  10. HLS30 04575

    Thanks for the advice!
  11. HLS30 04575

    Cleaned up the 3 remaining "D" hub caps tonight. Very pleased with their condition!
  12. HLS30 04575

    Yes, all 4 and all are in this condition. I just randomly picked this one to clean up tonight. I will clean the rest as I get time.
  13. HLS30 04575

    Went through the ignition system this evening. I did get spark at the points, but not plugs. I will replace the coil, condenser, points and plug wires, that should get the ignition system working well. I did drain the fuel from the tank and ran a couple of gallons of gas through the tank did not get any rust, but I am not taking that to the bank. I took a few minutes to clean up one of the original early "D" caps. They all should turn out the same. I believe they were probably on the car for one set of tires and came off when the "Mario Andretti" punch outs were installed. The caps are absent of any curb rash, dings or dents.
  14. HLS30 04575

    Had a little time this evening to do a few checks on the engine. Completed a quick valve adjustment "cold" the exhaust were fine the intakes were tight. Once the adjustment was complete I did a compression test. 150#, 160#, 160#, 80#, 160#, 120#. Not bad for an engine that has not turned over for 34 years. I believe that I might have stuck rings on #4 cylinder. I will continue to soak the cylinders and do a leak down test at a later date. Overall pleased with the results. I tried to check the timing and dwell and found that I have no power to the distributor. I will do some checking of the ignition system when I have a little more time. JLP
  15. A few vintage Racing Patches

    A few more patches from that era.