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  1. Mikuni 44's

    I am looking for a set of 44 or 40 Mikuni's preferably on a Datsun Comp intake, but not absolutely necessary.
  2. Calling All SU Experts

    I have a couple of Uni-sync tools. I always switch between the two to make sure I am getting good flow readings. One is new and the others I have had for over 40 years.
  3. Calling All SU Experts

    I pulled the banjo fitting tonight and the filter is clean. I will order a set for future use but that is not the problem.
  4. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I tuned my carbs the normal way, but the addition of the "color tune" plug gave me a way to confirm the tune by being able to see the combustion color. Blue with a slight yellow pattern is preferred for performance according to the color tune guide.
  5. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    I just completed the refresh of one of our members antenna. It was great to have the rubber parts available for this project. Thanks 240Z Rubber Parts.com for these great reproduction parts. The latest being the drain tube and grommet.
  6. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    The supplied fuel tube (pipette) in the above kits can cause problems with the nozzle return. If your SU have the 45' angle nozzle then you should buy the ones offered by Datsun Parts (http://www.datsunparts.com/U20-Carburator) part#1644 pipette. it is formed correctly to allow for the nozzle to freely return to upper position.
  7. Calling All SU Experts

    ;Once, I take a look at the banjo fitting filter, if that does not fix the problem I will order new needle valves and swap them out. Thanks JLP
  8. Calling All SU Experts

    Yes they are.
  9. Calling All SU Experts

    Mark, I did not think about the banjo fitting. I will check that tomorrow. The float levels is set in accordance to the guide that comes with the float sync. 14mm above the body of that tool. It may be 1mm low. The mixture screws are approximately 3.5 turns down. This is where the idle is stable with carbs synced and the color tune has a nice blue with just a slight yellow tone burn in the chamber. The real test will be under load. Thanks for your continued help with this. JLP
  10. Calling All SU Experts

    OK, I used my Float Sync tool and a color tune spark plug to set up my SU's today. All went relatively well, but having the advantage of seeing what is going on in the float bowl with the Float Sync caused me to have a question. When off of idle, (hand race engine), the front float bowl level is dropping, the rear is stable. Under load I believe the car will lack fuel in the font carburetor. My first thought is that the fuel pump is not pumping enough volume for both carbs. I am sure someone has a better grasp on this and understands why the back carb would get the fuel it needs as apposed to the front. See Video. IMG_0746.MOV
  11. Set my float levels and balanced the SU's. Used the Float Sync for setting the floats and a color tune for checking the mixture. It seems to have worked, won't know until I get it out under load. I did notice one thing using the Float Sync, the front carb fuel level is dropping once off of idle and the rear is not. I will have to pose the question in a new post and see what the carb gods say about that.
  12. 1971 240Z Parting Out

    Gav is looking for a early block in the 015XXX area.
  13. 1971 240Z Parting Out

    What is the VIN# and engine #. There is a member looking for a early block. JLP
  14. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    I can attest to this. Our fire department had a 1964 grass rig (Ford 1 ton 4x4 pick up) that was only used in the summers for grass fires. It had less than 20K miles. We sold it at auction and the buyer did nothing to protect it and as a all weather driver it "melted" away in two years. First brake lines then body parts.