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  1. Started reorganizing my parts this evening. Didn't make a dent, but you have to start somewhere. I managed to put all of the dash vent related parts together, all of the wiring harness parts together, all of the gauges together, and all of my interior / exterior lighting parts together. Tomorrow ????
  2. Yes, they were a bit pricey, but matching the webbing labels etc... they did an excellent job. First time instead of replanting my original male ends they used a standard end not realizing that not only was the end not correct it would not receive the shoulder strap. They plated my originals and redid the belts. In the end I have been very happy with their work.
  3. I restored my seat belt mechanics and had Snake Oil (Texas) replace the webbing and labels. This is the thread on the restoration of my seat belts:
  4. I just went back and took a look at all of the recent auctions and found that the same person has purchased all but 1 of them. I don't know what that means, but I do find it interesting. The current high bidder on my auctions is one in the same I do believe.
  5. I also contacted him for an out of stock piece and he was able to get it to me quickly. I don't know what the process was he just said the he would refresh the site and let me place my order. The order was filled quickly. jlp
  6. I don't want to speak for Randy, but looks relatively simple. It screws in with banjo bolt to the drain port on the float bowl and with the top of the tube open the fuel will level out in the tube at the float bowl level. This give you accurate comparison to balance out the two float bowls for even fuel flow to front and rear carbs thus front and rear cylinders. I wish I had access to this product years ago! Can't wait to get mine and see where I am at on my adjustments. This definitely beats blow into the inlet and raise the float until it stops the air flow method of setting the levels!
  7. Just ordered one from ebay. Looks like a great tool.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Nissan-240Z-L24-2-4-2400CC-Valve-Cover-1st-generation-valve-cover-/311811557191?hash=item48996ac747:g:C~IAAOSw3v5Ys1r6&vxp=mtr Gav, It actually was sold by best offer so the final price is not known. You can do an advanced search on ebay for completed auctions.
  9. Yes, they have thus I went ahead and listed mine and will more than likely offer my second one to the second high bidder. I really do not like listing on ebay, but I don't need all of the extra parts that do not match up with my car.
  10. I used Ebay guide lines for that. Any part that has been cleaned or reconditioned. This part was cleaned then blasted with walnut shells.
  11. Read, the ad. I will not ship to the Netherlands for $15.45. It will ship at actual shipping cost with insurance. The shipping calculator on ebay is not accurate or user friendly and I always spell out the shipping on items in the ad.
  12. Gav, you will need to update the last two entries once they end. I do believe that having more than one listed at a time hurts the auction, but I am happy with the opening bid on mine. It is what I have offered it to members for recently. The current bidder is from the Netherlands. JLP
  13. If it is a 72 or 73 I might have a good harness.
  14. These are so small it is hard but I get it at around .6 pitch.
  15. I probably have some extra of the screws and I can try to use my pitch gauge tomorrow to see what they are.