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  1. 1973 Rebuild

    Update: Got a credit for the bolts and a line on some OEM ones. This is what else is going on... Those LCA bushings aren’t going anywhere.
  2. 1973 Rebuild

    Okay. So. I got my suspension bolt kit from Z Car Source on Tuesday and opened it up immediately. My first issue is that nothing is organized. They just put all the hardware of a given size into baggies. I appreciate that they didn’t throw it ALL into ONE bag, but by comparison, Z Car Depot takes the time to sort hardware kits by where they go on the car and label everything. Now I have to go match my new hardware with my old hardware and my spreadsheet. Which highlights my second issue, which is that it’s a damned good thing I started doing that because this hardware does not match in at least one critical area: the bolt that connects the lower control arm to the crossmenber is longer but has less grip length. This means you end up with threads on the crossmember wall rather than a smooth bolt shank. BAD NEWS. Now I have to go through every single piece and make sure it’s the right size head, the right diameter, and the right length. I mean, I guess I would be anyway, but I’m nervous there are other mistakes. Here’s the LCA pivot bolt. My pops has a friend who sources small quantities of specialty hardware for Raytheon, so we’re going to see if that’s a path to a solution. Might be able to get a bunch if people are interested. I’ll let you know if it pans out.
  3. Underbody paint color

    I know this is an old dead thread but I thought I should add that my July ‘73 240z has the cream primer underneath, not body color, so they must have made this change before the 260z came along.
  4. 1973 Rebuild

    Been thinking about paint again. Right now these are the cans of spray touch up I have in my amazon cart: Nissan A16 Atomic Orange (close enough to 918) EBB Monarch Orange Pearl NAM Magma Red BMW B44 Valencia Orange Metallic B50 Sakhir Orange Metallic Lamborghini Arancio Borealis Suzuki Candy Max Orange Want to narrow it down to three before I go to the painter with option. Opinions?
  5. 1973 Rebuild

    Hmm. Okay. One more thing. He recommended that I not stake them until after 100 miles, at which point I should back them off and then retighten them just to the point of rotational resistance, whereas the lock nuts are supposed to be torqued. Opinions?
  6. 1973 Rebuild

    Question before I start a whole thread on something potentially insignificant: Did I buy the wrong nut for the rear hubs? I bought the OEM rear bearing lock nut that comes up in the Nissan parts search on most dealer sites, but the guy who pressed on my bearings told me that nut needs to be peened like the factory did. I was under the impression that the newer lock nuts didn't need to be peened. Z Car Depot has a Rear Outer Stub Axle Lock Nut that looks the same. I have read that the 280zx nut doesn't need to be peened. Did I get the wrong thing? I'd like to correct this before I put them rear struts back on the car.
  7. New Fujitsubo Exhaust System to be Released

    New resonator design, too. Wonder if it sounds much different. The sound data claims it’s 4 dB quieter, if I’m reading that right.
  8. 1973 Rebuild

    First pass came out alright. Another pass should do it. Still some rust in the splines. In other news...
  9. Mikuni FI Prototype?

    Also, can someone point me to a GOOD thread about what is involved in converting a 240Z to EFI in addition to this one? I have a hazy sense of what is required (280Z gas tank, different wiring harness, megasquirt or similar), but the search function is basically just yielding a bunch of threads of people asking if they should convert to the 280Z fuel injection and being told to use the search function. :/
  10. Mikuni FI Prototype?

    I just saw a guy on Instagram named Francisco Gutierrez (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCTvrwMREOb53ARiCs23q5tg) got his Jenvey system in the mail today. I’ll let you know what he says if he isn’t already on here and doesn’t chime in. Edit: Here's his first post on it. So how can we get in touch with Mikuni to convince them there’s enough interest to make them? I feel like they could undercut the competition and become the default solution.
  11. 1973 Rebuild

    More stuff, this time from Woodmen Nissan:
  12. 1973 Rebuild

    It’s great, but use a rag. My phone doesn’t recognize my fingerprints now. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  13. 1973 Rebuild

    Before on the left, after on the right:
  14. 1973 Rebuild

    Five months after starting this suspension refresh by pulling the wheels off I am over the hump! After blasting I put the parts through a rinse. The middle bottle worked the best: not to harsh but still effective. Acetone to neutralize the acid in the rinse. POR-15 Spray booth and POR-15 Top Coat Not sure if I should paint these or not. Opinions? Still waiting for my rear inner bearings and some random hardware. Once that comes I’ll start reassembly. After that I’ll flush and repaint the differential. Then it gets new bearings and seals, even though it’s only three years old. I’m just paranoid about the possibility it had dirt in the bearings from sitting in the junk yard.
  15. Lost Rear Bearing Shim Washers

    Okay, duh. Never bothered to check that. We know the copper washers aren’t the washers in the illustration. I think the measurement of the space between the bearing seats and the measurement of the distance bearing indicate that there is no room for a different washer to fit, let along two of them. We I’m all good now. Ready to reassemble. Thanks guys. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile