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  1. Hi, finally found the time to check both problems. For the Shift Knob it was really the inlet buzzing (without knob/ with knob without inlet everything is fine). So I will try to glue it back in place with some better glue. The drum brake noise came from a bent edge on the backplate (thx for the hint zed head). Wheelbearing play was minimal. After pulling the drum it was pretty obvious which part was rubbing (ground some nice groove into half of the cooling fins). Thank you all for your help.
  2. Ok, thanks for all replies i will check for any play/ anything suspicious and try it without the shift knob.
  3. I guess you will like this one. Btw those are two German Fairladys including old german style plates and euro spec airdam. Oh and she likes horses too:
  4. Hi, i have some (hopefully) easy to fix problems with my 1978 280Z. The car has a pre '81 5 speed in it with a R200 diff. The first problem is a buzzing/mild grinding noise coming from the gearshifter especially in 5th gear, which gets louder the fast you drive. I checked different forums for this problem and the suggested solution was always checking the bushings and plastic cap on the stick. I did that, they are Nissan OEM parts in pristine condition ( is suspect a previous owner swapped them). I am pretty much clueless right now if this is just normal or a serious problem with the gearbox. The noise dissapears if you hold the stick tight in the right position. My second problem is a noise coming from the left rear drum brake during right hand cornering. It makes a 'grind grind grind grind grind' noise (faster with higher speeds). Not particular loud or alarming - it is more on the embarassing side. What do you think could be the reason for this? - worn springs/brake pads - uneven drum - broken wheel bearing - loose backing plate - Anything else? Thanks in Advance for your help. Best Regards Johnny
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