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  1. I dont know the year of my 240z

    Also, 73's have a delay wiper setting. The earlier cars don't...
  2. 72 240z Parts Car Complete - SC $400)

    You all are wicked!!! Considering it though...
  3. fuel mixture or jet adjustment nut settings

    Typically what sets off the excess fuel in the exhaust is a hot point. If you have a thin piece of metal in the new exhaust that gets really hot, it might even glow, it will ignite the extra fuel like a spark plug would.
  4. Yup, this is the correct method. Heat from welding will break down the panel adhesive
  5. Read through the comments on BaT... The buyer "Latebrake" produces several car events in the California area. Sounds like he has money and is going back to his 40+ year ago memories. It's not an original car is but is nicely done and appears very clean.
  6. Boiled Jumbos

  7. You really need access to the panel from the interior too. Your repair will last better if your filler is thinner. Hammer and dolly from the inside and outside to get it close. If the metal is stretched, heat it and cool it with a wet rag to shrink it...Close is 1/16th of an inch or less 1/8" absolute max...
  8. Please help.

  9. Speed Odometer Reset

    Now if grannyknot will edit his quote all the will be washed away...
  10. A stud welder works even better than a screw in puller. Harbor freight has them I believe...
  11. 1978 280 WIW

    Low mileage and low rust are wild card variables though
  12. 1973 Rebuild

    Party tent!!
  13. Speed Odometer Reset

    They would probably say the same where I live but I am not sure I would tell them. Sooooo......
  14. 280z parts for sale

    The only NOS part in a box I remember is the fuel regulator...
  15. Jai's Status

    Gotta love fresh paint and a great booth!