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  1. Is your base coat catalyzed? I don't catalyze my base coat but have to top coat with in 24 hrs
  2. The fuel level would have been too high with the floats adjusted like the first picture. Which would mean you would need 2 1/2 turns or less. At 3 & 4 turns I would expect flooding issues
  3. That's what I've heard and really one of the biggest issues I have with a standard cup. Not to mention the easier clean up
  4. So you are using a disposable cup system? I would like to go to that at some point. Why did you use mineral spirits instead of lacquer thinner for the epoxy clean up? I assume that drier has desiccant in it? When it turns pink, empty the beads out onto a cookie sheet in the oven at 200d F until they're deep blue then it's ready to reuse
  5. Also remember when drying air, the discharge air temperature is really important. I have a large 3/4" coil of soft copper inside my cool shop to help lower the air temps before it gets to the first dryer. After that it runs 50' to a Sharpe three stage desiccant set up. Because of the venturi effect the air coming out of the gun can spit because the cool air can't hold the moisture. The further the gun is from the air compressor the better because it allows the air to cool. You have more pressure loss but at the pressures we need, flow is normally harder to achieve than pressure @wheee! When you talk about a filter cup. What do you mean? I have filter funnels I strain all my product through. They give them to me at Finishmasters. Also with the little tip you will need to be extra diligent about contaminants
  6. They will probably both work for what you need. Jegs sells the AEM too
  7. So it opens the crimp edge? Most of the ones I've seen cut the flange off, but since we don't have a good source for door skins that's really not desirable
  8. Which model Iwata do you have. that tip is smaller than just about anything I use, fascinating...
  9. Be sure to post up pics and tips. I use alot of paint but haven't used any water based stuff. I am not even sure my paint supplier handles them...
  10. Be sure and read the P-sheets. 600 seems really slick but water based products sometimes have less build. I haven't run any water based products. Will be interesting to see how it goes
  11. Are you referring to the twisted metal wire springs?
  12. or one of the the other Innovate kits
  13. Checking plugs after revving is useless! Check them after being driven like suggested Adding turns is just gonna put more fuel down the exhaust for more popping. Get a wideband sensor!!!!
  14. Glass beads work great. You may know this but for those who don't glass beads can be dangerous too. Use a cabinet or a respirator to prevent silicosis. Once heavy particles get into the lungs they generally don't come out. Drowning in your own juices doesn't sound like fun...