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  1. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    Do you think you could do a clutch for 10x's that? maybe 5x's???
  2. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    I can just see renters flogging the snot out of your car and then be like "Oh well" $500 deposit wouldn't even touch the wear they could put on a car in a day of clutch dumping and power braking!
  3. 4bbl 280z swap fuel pump issues.

    I would think as long as the pump can circulate the fuel and not be dead headed then it will work. Might be loud if the regulator is too restrictive...
  4. Clean convertible 240Z

    I have those videos and I have a triumph top in the shop waiting on the right candidate. I like convertibles and if it's done well, I think the aesthetics can work, at least for me...
  5. 4bbl 280z swap fuel pump issues.

    What kind of pressure regulator? Does it have a bypass line?
  6. Best way to rebuild

    I believe they were painted from the factory, but I plated mine
  7. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Thanks, Rich I thought that strip between the black and orange just in front of the door hinge was weatherstripping but I believe it is just a different color of paint.
  8. 1974 Datsun 260z won't start

    YES, we are! Sparky to the rescue...
  9. Best way to rebuild

    Depends on the paint. Solid or metallic? Light color or dark color? If you go metallic you need to paint the car all assembled or different panels will come out different. Dark colors are more forgiving for the amount of coats you apply but less forgiving on the body and metal work. If you paint a sold color on a disassembled car, you need to be careful and apply the same amount of coats to each part or the color shades can vary...
  10. 280z wiring problems

    The large black "rockford" cable looks like the ground. It loops under the starter but can't tell if it's connected to the lower starter bolt...
  11. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Dum Dum is the sticky tar-like rope stuff that is sometimes used on cars in situations like this.
  12. For Sale 1983 280ZX (Project)

    You might not realize but many people read these threads but don't comment. The additional info you provide to these guys may sell the car to someone else who sees it here, FWIW
  13. Starting problem

    These guys have done yeomans work helping you through this! I will chime in now, if it were mine I would let it dry as long as I could before reinstalling the tank. If you can run a fan to move air through the tank, do that too.
  14. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Ahhhhhh, Christmas...in August.
  15. Clean convertible 240Z

    and they had a trunk lid! Most delete the trunk entirely...