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  1. Stroker 3.1

    I probably fall on the side ITB's. I love the sound of triples but there is something nice about being able to dial a setup in just right and account for temperature and a half dozen other variables. As well as easily tune the AFR's with a fuel map...Get in and go...
  2. Firepunk's Dyno Explosion!

    That's a lot of expensive metal, toast!!!! I would hate to be in the truck when that happened. It basically split the block into pieces. Funny to watch the crank wind down with the rods flapping everywhere.
  3. 280 Z 2+2 versus 280ZX

    I would think a job from scratch would cost more than either kit. Your best bet is to buy a good kit and get it professionally installed. They can massage it to make it fit good with heat and experience...
  4. worth saving? VIN:HLS3003595

    I have seen a lot of burned out cars and that aluminum melts pretty quick. It took me a minute to get oriented. I saw the gas tank and was like the rear end is upside down. I thought maybe it was two pieces, but the flat blob made it make sense...a shame really...
  5. worth saving? VIN:HLS3003595

    The whole car is upside down. That big white flat blob is what's left of the head after they scraped it off the concrete!!!
  6. Thanks for the response. That is a good idea...
  7. LMAO

    That sounds like quite the memory!!!
  8. A/F ratio for L28

    Wide Open Throttle
  9. You shouldn't be such a good customer...
  10. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    The heat lamp aught to help keep the shop warm.
  11. Emission parts from from air galley

    You already linked to the Innovate, which is what you need. I already told you that will work. That is all I'm gonna do for you. Take it or leave it. The advise is free...not gonna keep rehashing the same stuff. What you need to know you can't learn from a balancing tool and a colortune...
  12. Head held high!

    I suspect we don't really know any of these politicians on either side of the aisle. We get 15 second sound bites that are selected to shape a certain point of view. That is not representative of who these people are... I would think most of us could be made to appear as something we are not if some one came along and picked a few short statements from us and ignored the rest of our life and said that represented who we are. We could be made out to be a monster, a drunk, a flake or a saint. For that matter I am no where near the same man I was in college or even when I was a young adult. I trust people I know! I don't trust politicians! None of them...I know a few politicians personally and I wouldn't trust them either...
  13. Modified SU carb needles for L28

    Cool. I guess the real problem with selecting needles is knowing what needle station is producing what AFR reading. I don't know how you know at what height the piston is in the dome at any given RPM?
  14. 510 Su's

    They sound good