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  1. Purchased my First S30 Today!

    From the bigger bumpers, it is what is considered in north america to be a late 260. 5 of 74 is nearing the end of the 74 model year and they were gearing up for the introduction of the 280z for 75.
  2. Purchased my First S30 Today!

    The great news is ... it has no sunroof. Looks like you got a good deal.
  3. Impressive results for sure! The mikuni's look great. Include a pic of the valve cover after.
  4. Purchased my First S30 Today!

    Congrats! Best of luck with the project. A lucky son! From the build date, it should be what is considered a late 260. Bigger bumpers, both mechanical & electric fuel pumps, and the carburetors were originally the flat top design although many have been retrofitted with the earlier round top version for various reasons. Search for some pictures of member Mike W's beautiful, gold cup winning 260 for some inspiration ....
  5. Should I be concerned?

    You could source a new alternator pulley with a similar diameter to the original one to match the damper & then find a matching belt. I would not be comfortable with the current belt issue.
  6. Sound dampening and plush/pile carpet...why?

    You could order it from Chester & Herrod (ask for Jim). They have the patterns and will make the 280 kit you need in the loop style carpet. The difference is with the tunnel & rear deck area, and under the seats. It would not be correct as the later cars had cut pile carpet.
  7. Sound dampening and plush/pile carpet...why?

    It is all personal preference, your car, & your choices. The aftermarket sound deadening material really makes a difference in road noise, especially with the windows up. As far as the carpet, I have never considered the stock or aftermarket carpet exactly plush, especially the early cars loop style.
  8. zspecialties parts hoard for sale?

    In that area, they sell frequently in the $600 - $800 range. He last was on this site over ... 8 years ago.
  9. zspecialties parts hoard for sale?

    He has run that same ad for quite a while, (years) since he moved. I doubt he would be interested in a road trip with parts unless you guaranteed him big $ in sales.
  10. 78-280z Rear Strut Insulators

    280 oem rear strut insulators are NLA as far as I know. Have never seen an aftermarket version. However, if you have lowered the car, you can use the 240 insulator which is still available (around $80) or if it is stock height, a billet spacer is available from zcardepot to make up the difference in height for an additional $26.
  11. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    Remember that the stock rims are 14" which has a big impact on tire selection. Also, you seem to be in weight reduction mode, alloys would be lighter.
  12. Identify this Datsun Truck

    Looks like a 220 series, possibly 320 as CaTechZ has noted. 1960 or so vintage.
  13. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Thanks Rich for taking the time to do the project breakdown. One question about the paint & body work, how was Miguel paid for his service? Was it in increments over the 5 months? What paint did he use? I too congratulate you and the customer on this great project resulting in a very beautiful car!
  14. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    Congrats on your car purchase! Very Nice. Take good care of that only original once paint. When I lived in the Seattle area, I purchased some of the still available oem parts from Yonker Nissan. Always drew a crowd when I took my 280 there. FYI, later this year, there is a big Datsun event in Canby Oregon. Take that nice car there.
  15. New to me 1982 280ZX

    Nice looking car! The MSA body kit looks good with that color. A big plus for the car, is that it is not the GL option version. You have the much nicer analog gauge package (as opposed to the digital dash) and the manual hvac system vs the problematic automatic climate control. FYI, should you ever want to change it, the 79 zx speedo reads much higher speed than your 85 mph unit and is fairly easily changed. Good luck with it & welcome.