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  1. Dave, I did this job about 4 years ago on the same studs and had great success with a good set of left hand drill bits. You of course need a reversible drill. I started with a very small bit and worked my way up 3 or 4 sizes and the stud just backed out with the bit. Going slow is the key here. I replaced the studs with higher grade Nissan turbo studs I got from the dealer.
  2. Very nice. Which calipers & pads have you gone with? I have a similar setup with the Dynalite forged calipers. The standard street pads I find too soft, they dust too much for my taste. Other than that, I love those brakes.
  3. I think madkaw may have referring to the history of those cheap inline filters with fuel leaks. Especially the Mr Gasket version. Something to do with the glass edges not being finished properly & cutting the seals.. Dorman makes a version that does not have the same flaws.
  4. Watched it last night, nicely produced. Some great scenic shots with the car at speed. I like their format with two test drive reviewers. (of course, it's a 73 ...)
  5. Wow, very sorry to hear about but glad you are ok and on the mend. Rest up & get better soon!
  6. I'll take it as long as we can have a judged car show on the south lawn once a year... It would be more fun than the annual easter egg roll.
  7. Chickenman, I also have the Eibach Pro's on my 280z. The trick to getting the stance level for me was ... to use the 240z isolators which are shorter, on the rear struts. I have 205 55 16's on Rota's during the summer.
  8. $25,100 I love original paint!
  9. Sweaty, ZcarDepot has quality japanese ignition parts you might consider. I run them with no issues. https://zcardepot.com/engine/ignition/distributor-rotor-ignition-74-78.html
  10. I believe the color you're describing is Safari Gold, color code 920, A favored color of many members here .... Good luck with your search!
  11. I know from 1st hand experience, plus I remember Zup replaced his Redline filled tranny with Delco and reported a very noticeable improvement in shifting - especially when cold. Redline is a good product, but in the case of the transmission, the AC Delco product is better.
  12. Use the Delco Friction Modified in the transmission - superior to the Redline for this purpose. Redline 75w90 for the rear diff.
  13. RCB, I can almost guarantee you the covers are from Interior Innovations - just sold thru an Ebay seller. They are very good quality, I have the leather ones, have been very pleased with them, and they are one of the best sellers I have ever dealt with.