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  1. Facebook vs Forums

    Earlier this year, I felt a disturbance in the force when Zup signed up for facebook to access the local Z car club chatter. If you know him, you know this is huge ....
  2. 1st long trip in 75 280z 400+ one day

    Congrats on the trip Dave. You didn't mention the transmission, which one is now in your car? Don't forget to put Atlanta on your trip list for next October ...
  3. "Datsun" emblem for 260z hatch

    Hatch emblem quest over, on its way Gary ...
  4. "Datsun" emblem for 260z hatch

    I have a used one Gary, sent you a pm.
  5. Last night we had our regular nwazcc meeting at Gusano's Pizza. Some of the S30's in attendance - one is a scarab. Greg (gwri8), standing beside Zup, is up here visiting family, & we invited him to attend our get together, a great guy & a fun night. Zup picked him up in his 240 and brought him to the meeting.
  6. Datsun 280Z for sale

    Engine bay looks great! GLWS (funny that the CL ad has the size listed as .... Mid-Size, I think its smaller)
  7. The seller opted not to complete the a/c system because it was a dealer installed option, and wanted to leave it up to the buyer depending where the car was going. A very nice car, the documentation was good, and he offered to change the fender mirrors to the stock door mounted one, plus complete the body & paint work associated with the change. Pretty good in my book.
  8. Brake upgrade

    I used thin shimming washers to center the wilwood calipers on the vented rotors.
  9. 72 240z radio wiring

    The white 3 pin connector provides power & speaker output. The blue wire with half the infuse connection is +12v (10a fuse), the other 2 grey wires are for the speaker output. The red & blue, if I remember right, blue is for illumination with the dash lighting, red is antenna power. Download a copy of the workshop manual which has the radio schematic in the body electrical section. You can bench test the radio to see if it is working before going further.
  10. Thanks, yes, I am interested in getting 1 or 2 of the badges.
  11. Wow -- '74 260Z sells for $46,000.00

    The seller had the right 2 buyers interested in that auction. Apparently, the car was offered at Mecum last month and did not meet the 35k reserve. Maybe Zup's flat top powered 73 has gone up in value ....
  12. OCautocarpets.com

    With cut pile carpet, the fiber is sheared exposing the ends. Cut pile is softer to the touch than loop. The ZX came with cut pile, loop was used in the 240, not sure when the switch was made to cut pile, the 280's on have it. No experience with ocautocarpets.
  13. 1977 280Z

    Wow, even nicer! GLWS At our local club meeting last Saturday, I put one of our members on to your car. He may be contacting you soon ....
  14. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    Yes, the round harness one that is behind the headlight bucket and connects the headlight. This would allow Dave Irwin's harness to be plug n play for the 280.