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  1. He is not running fuel injection Jai, has SU carbs installed so there is no ecu to worry about. Does the car have strong spark when it dies, does not start, and you can crank it?
  2. My foams were from Banzai Motorworks, it's a dramatic difference in firness, 200% +. Since you live up north Steve, put in seat heaters as part of the rebuild for those cool fall days ...
  3. According to the OP, the reserve was not met and the did not sell.
  4. Need the high pressure switch that mounts on the air dryer or ... the air drier complete with the switch. For 77 280z
  5. PM sent on FPR ...
  6. jerz is correct. I liked the raw stainless look & converted mine a few years ago to the 240 style. Purchased new nuts & blades and put the 240 arms on. If I remember correctly, the blade mount was also changed from bayonet to pin style.
  7. Wax

    Nope, does not turn the rubber white. Wipes right off. Comes with a nice micofiber cloth & sponge applicator, about $20 at the big Walmart's ...
  8. Wax

    Charles I use Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax with excellent results. won't fizz on the rubber & my 40 year old paint loves it.
  9. Thanks Mark, wish you could have been there. Shoot for Atlanta.
  10. Here is a Drone flyover of the Oasis judged show area .....
  11. This is a special time for me. This month is the 40th birthday for my 280z. What a perfect time to celebrate that event, spend time with the greatest of friends, and take home a 2nd place award. Here are some of the pictures from a great week .... The Tuesday wash 100 degrees The Oasis show & judging Mr M liked my interior Thursday's road trip to Murphys Steak House (Wow) & relaxing back at the Hilton bar Flat Tops at Circuit of the America's Track (A record Zup will hold forever) Track staging ... (103 degrees) Group Photo Shoot Peoples Choice show Awards Dinner & big surprise for me Jim loading Mike W's spare & heading home from Mike's driveway Back home for 2nd Awards dinner
  12. Mine cancelled this morning as well, status is back to unavailable. Darn it!
  13. Very nice! Even the car is nice.
  14. Hardway, is the new glass a PPG windshield? I plan to replace mine soon with the precision gasket. Did the hatch glass last year with OEM Nissan seal, the Nissan windshield gasket price is however, up there, and could not justify it at this time. Looking forward to your results ...
  15. The annual Branson Z Fest was held last week, ClassicZcars was well represented with three wins! In the hotly contested stock class, Zup coasted to a victory in 1st place! Mike W's beautiful 260 took 3rd place in street modified and, Best Paint award in the show. Congrats to Jim D & Mike W ! It was a fun time, especially the high speed dramamine run on Friday with 4 S30 cars thru the twisties of Missouri. Mike W will have a good story for his Zcon buddies with this last picture