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  1. Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    Great progress! I'm sure you know but in the spirit of site member Captain Obvious, be sure to replace with fuel injection rated lines. Also inspect the fuel lines in from the filter & the return for age/cracking.
  2. headlight washer pump 280zx

    @borini63 is very likely to have one ....
  3. Found a 240z in junkyard, what to grab off?

    They are desirable, many people refurb them (especially in Texas ) with new plating and a lens. Hard to find in excellent condition. New are NLA. All years are very similar, except for the switch material.
  4. Found a 240z in junkyard, what to grab off?

    Engine bay inspection light, emblems, ashtray, original radio and power antenna if they are still there. If it's a 73, the front bumper is different from the earlier cars. (if your plan is to convert your 280 bumpers) Take pictures.
  5. Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    As Cliff mentioned, if you pull the injectors, replace the seals to insure the is no vacuum leak issue. You can likely get the at a local parts store. Be careful removing the 2 philllips screws for each injector, you can ruin the heads easily. Consider replacing them with ss allen head cap screws which is a nice upgrade. To pressurize the fuel system, temporarily disconnect the small spade connected wire on the starter solenoid, then turn the ignition key to the start position. You should hear the fuel pump run. Stay warm ....
  6. Cody's Goon

    He has replaced the original distributor with an electronic ZX version Mark.
  7. Cody's Goon

    I think you might be on to something here Charles. i am guessing the 510 uses the same ignition switch as the S30 cars. If you have a good spare, unplug the the 510's switch and plug in the spare temporarily as a test without mounting it. Cody can just unplug the spare switch and take it with him as theft protection. If you need one, let me know & I can send you one.
  8. 73-240Z For Sale, Original Owner

    Beautiful car! Mike W's kind of engine bay ... GLWS
  9. Quickest headlight upgrade?

    In the front corners of the engine compartment, there is a 3 prong harness connector on each side heading into the headlight bucket area to feed the headlights. Unplug those and check for corrosion which will cut the voltage down at the lamps. Unplug & plug them back in a few times to clean the contacts or use contact cleaner if you have it. If the headlights are dim, this may fix it.
  10. Without a 240Z after 5 years

    Here it is, goes off a bit after 9:57 in the video ....
  11. New owner from the Houston Area

    Congrats on your purchase and the drive home! Very nice 240 you got at a great price. If its the center caps you are looking for, those shelby alloy wheels were a very common dealer sold item, I have never owned a set but a number of members here have them and should be able to point you in the right direction.
  12. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    +11 Looks great.
  13. Cody's Goon

    Fuel pressure or ignition. Maybe have Cody give the ignition module a shot of canned cold air when the problem occurs, then see if the motor runs normally again. Maybe a fuel pressure test to rule that out. I would assume you have already verified the float level. Best of luck.
  14. Trevor will remember that Christmas for a while .... Very cool!
  15. Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    Thanks Cliff, will take a picture tomorrow when its light. Mine works but one of the two copper spade connectors that tells the compressor to shut off is broken. The switch screws into the side of the air dryer.