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  1. 1977 280Z

    Wow, even nicer! GLWS At our local club meeting last Saturday, I put one of our members on to your car. He may be contacting you soon ....
  2. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    Yes, the round harness one that is behind the headlight bucket and connects the headlight. This would allow Dave Irwin's harness to be plug n play for the 280.
  3. Obsolete HTF Parts for Prototyping

    Scan the late 280 headlight harness connector. I know someone with access to the printer.
  4. 1977 280Z

    Very nice! I'll bet the rear window defroster still works! Put back in the original radio, and add the original wheels with covers ... it would be a great stock example.
  5. Grant Signature Leather Steering Wheel

    Steering wheel kit has been SOLD to Dohrem.
  6. 280zx 5 speed going into 75 280z

    Best of luck on your transmission project, but especially best on the approaching storm! Keep us posted if you can.
  7. Stock 280z in Oklahoma

    It is my favorite color! Cliff's tough to out do, (especially in beverages per hour) but I'm tied with him with the silver 240, this would put me over the top. My beloved 280 got lots of love at the local car show last weekend, Zup's beautiful car also took home a trophy. A great day for Datsun's in NW Arkansas!
  8. Grant Signature Leather Steering Wheel

    PM sent.
  9. Grant Signature Leather Steering Wheel

    The Grant Signature wheel is .... 13" in diameter or 330mm. From Grant's website, the same wheel in the 13" diameter ...
  10. Stock 280z in Oklahoma

    Looks like a decent unmolested 75 280z in my favorite color. https://fayar.craigslist.org/cto/d/nissan/6290995514.html
  11. 280zx 5 speed going into 75 280z

    Hey Dave, when you put the 5 speed back in, be sure to replace the clutch pivot ball. Had one break once with no warning. Cheap insurance, MSA has it.
  12. Grant Signature Leather Steering Wheel

    Did have it installed on my 77 280z for a while. (fits all z cars 70 thru 83) All is included, including working working horn button. You need to reuse your nut & washer from the steering shaft. Will look for some pictures of it on the car.
  13. Grant Signature Leather Steering Wheel

    Yes, it is available.
  14. Website Improvements July 2017

    Thanks Mike, I created the the club, and sent an invite to join for 2 of the members.
  15. Website Improvements July 2017

    Will do Mike, I just want to run it past the other members before i proceed.