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  1. They way that @w3wilkes has described the hook up is the exact way my pump is wired. It makes no sense to wire it to accessories as the pump would run when the engine was off and you would not want this situation. In addition you would not want it wired to just the start position as the pump would turn off after the car was started. You need the pump wired to the "on" position on the switch. This way you can go to "on" before starting the car so that the pump will run and prime the carbs (a necessary requirement with triple Webers as the bowls tend to evaporate when the car is not driven frequently). Once the car is started and the key is in the run position, the pump will continue to run while the engine runs. However, you should also install an inertia switch in the circuit as well so that in the event of an accident the inertia switch will trip and shut off power to the pump. You would not want the pump to continue to run after an accident especially if the engine shuts down as a result of the collision. Mike.
  2. I used red loctite as well as lock washers so they should be pretty secure in there. Mike.
  3. So there is very little room in the back of the valve cover as it relates to the last cam tower. As a result I have to dremel off the part of the bung that was protruding into the cover itself in order to make some additional room. You will see that in one of the pictures below. Also you will see the "bosses" that are cast into the top of tyhe cover and these I drilled and tapped so I could secure the new baffle to the cover. The only thing not shown in the pictures are the small holes that we drilled around the bung opening in the new baffle. Pretty straight forward and seems to work fine. Let me know if you have any other questions about this. Mike.
  4. I agree with you on the baffle plate and so we designed something that I believe will be more than sufficient in terms of preventing a significant amount of oil from being slung around and ultimately ending up in the catch can. I removed the old baffle as it was no longer needed. There are 2 bosses cast into the cover at the very end of the cover. I drilled and tapped these so I had something to mount the new baffle to. I fabricated a very simple L bracket out of some 3/32 aluminum stock and this new bracket actually "covers" the hole made by the newly welded in bung. I then drilled about a dozen small holes in the bracket right around the area of the hole so it makes sort of a mesh filter. I mounted the new baffle and secured it in the cover with red loctite. So far so good. No significant flow of oil from the cover into the catch can and everything else seems to be running fine. Mike.
  5. I've actually been through this as I wanted to install a catch can directly from the breather port and wanted to also us AN fittings. I can tell you for sure that the original threads are not 1/2 NPT. I purchased a 1/2 NPT right angle AN fitting and it was too big. I ended up purchasing a 1/2 NPT tap and retapped the hole. Was not a super hard effort and made for a nice solution in the end. Since then I have actually had the breather hole welded over and smoothed out to the contours of the valve cover and welded in a 1/2 NPT bung in the very back of the valve cover and have attached my catch can there. Makes for a cleaner and fairly unique installation.
  6. Wax

    So for polishing applications I pretty much use Menzerna products exclusively. I have also used their polymer sealant as well with good results. They tend to be on the expensive side but produce very good results. However, recently a good buddy of mine tried a product he received as a trial. It's called Trinova and for a fraction of the cost of the Menzerna it actually appeared to do a better job. Goes on easily and wipes off easily after the recommended drying time. I used it on my car right before ZCON and so I do not know about the longevity of the product, but the initial results were extremely good. You can pick this up on Amazon for about $14. I had not heard of the brand before but they have a full line of other car care products as well, although the carnuba based wax is the only one I have tried so far. Mike.
  7. Zup uses it to soak up all of the gas that leak out of his flat tops. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  8. Site- wish you could have been here. You have been missed Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. [attachment Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  10. If you want some recommendations on a couple of GREAT mexican (not TexMex) restaurants in San Antonio, just let me know or send me a PM. My wife was born and raised in San Antonio (actually China Grove - remember the Doobie's Brothers song??) and so knows the area really well. Really looking forward to seeing everyone this coming week! Mike.
  11. At the moment I think that we have about 5-6 cars for the proposed drive on Thursday. I suspect that we get a few more takers before then and so will plan to circle back with everyone at or around the judged car show time to lock down the final details. Looking like a "GO" right now. Mike.
  12. Yes it is going to be hot in Austin next week. 90+ every day but humidity should be low. Fortunately the local CZOT club will be providing iced down bottled water at each major event and I believe sunscreen as well. See you all next week!! Mike.
  13. Yes that is correct. Matsuo-san will be there along with the designed of the Z32 as well. Both will be giving presentations on their design concepts for the S30 as well as the Z32.
  14. Zup, Fortunately I know the roads around Austin a little better than I do the ones around Branson, so very little risk that we will be on another African Safari!! How's the Flat Top project coming along?? Mike.
  15. To all of you that are planning to attend ZCON in Austin this year, I am strongly considering putting together a local drive and would like to get some idea as to how many people / cars might be interested in joining in on this. The drive I am considering is one that I've led numerous times as part of our local club events and it seems like the best day to do this would be on Thursday. The drive is not super long, only about 80 miles or so to the destination and then about the same distance back to the hotel. The destination is a local steak restaurant call Murphys in a really small town called Winchester. There are some great driving roads getting out there and some really good Texas beef once you arrive. I would plan this so that we would arrive at the restaurant in time for lunch and be back at the hotel by mid afternoon so there would still be plenty of time to get ready for the InvaZion event later that evening. Please ping me back, either as a response to this post or a PM to let me know if you are interested in joining. Once I have a better idea of the number of interested parties, I will report back with more specific plans. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days!!! Mike.