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  1. I was out of town for the weekend. I still cant figure out why i don't have pressure with the front brakes? I have tried everything listed except for changing out calipers and brake hoses? Anyone have advise?
  2. Too Cool. Nice to know there are a few of us left in Austin. Ed with the z-clinic and David and Dan Tucker from Jap tech dropped off the radar? I have pulled master and all front brake lines as well as both portioning vales. I will adjust the new booster and replace the lines and see what we get? Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. Thanks brother. Seeing that your in Austin we will have to connect and revive the z. Thanks
  3. Really? Thanks brother i will try that as well. Cheers
  4. Thanks to everyone for your help and or advise. I'm hitting it hard tonight and will update everyone on my findings. Cheers
  5. rears are great, just having problem with the fronts
  6. Yep, bled the master. Bled the lines back to front. Every thing a z needs. I have come to the last two problems, which is p-valves, master or brake booster adjustment. Please advise?
  7. I'm thinking new booster stem has too much play between the master and booster? there are no leeks and bubbles are coming up form each reservoirs while pumping brakes? whats your thought?
  8. soft pedal, but no air in lines during car on or car off. pump pedal the same. bleeder screws on top always.
  9. Hey Zed Head, Spring is there and pedal comes back up but pedal is still soft. This is even after a two man bleed? Master is after market and getting a bubble affect during bleeding but no excess air at the front or back calipers? I did replace the booster and believe that there might be too much free play between the master and booster but not sure at this time? Please help? I have two portioning valves on this car, do i really need two? I have been told by datsun z that upgrading to wilwood 1in and new p-valve that issue would be solved? but i really do not think so? you advise please? Thanks
  10. Hello All, Need major help with this last problem. I have restored entire bottom part of this z. Suspension, brakes, brake lines, bushings, rotors, calipers, rear conversion. I can not get brake peddle to rise. New brake lines including new booster and master. no leeks, but peddle will not rise? I'm getting bubbles in both reservoirs for front and rear? I have a peddle but it sucks? Please help me, this car is too perfect to let sit in garage.
  11. Would someone please tell me the conversion spec's for brake/rotor/caliper and 5 lug conversion for my 260z? I want to go big on this and do it right. Please advise!
  12. I need some help. Can anyone shed some light on wheel size thats best for my z? I have been told to upgrade to 16inch wheels, but having a problem finding them with 0 offset? I do not want to cut and add finders at this time, but want to escape the 14inch slots and upgrade to larger brakes(including disc in the rear) I'm running 14inch slots with falken 225/60/14 at this time. I just do not what is best? Please advice? Thanks
  13. Can anyone help? I want to upgrade to 15/16/17 inch rims and tires, but do not want to do fenders or any other mods to my Z. I'm doing so to upgrade brakes all the way around. Not sure what will fit as well as what will be best for my ride? Any suggestions?
  14. I replace the retaining springs and fork bushing that was cracked and worn in a bad way, which made the fork move all around a lot. Then i purchase another slave and all seems tight, but still think i sould replace clutch as much as i dont want to drop the trans again, but seems like the thing to do. Is dura last from auto zone an ok kit? Ebay for me is a bit ifffy. Thanks