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  1. That's amazing, they must have been using up parts. Is yours an actual 71 model year or a 72?
  2. Carl Beck would know, he gave the paint fleck colors for each spring to the company we had make the springs. The front left and right spring are different height as I remember do to different weight distribution, and the rear springs are identical. I don't remember if the colors on the Euro springs were different than the stock US springs that we ordered.
  3. cool
  4. This thread is now under review. Classic Z Cars is proud of its supporting vendors and others that want to help our Z owners maintain their vehicles. In that spirit, we want to assure a fair environment for business. The CZC admins will review the information, please standby.
  5. Possibly a couple of the struts.
  6. He races Porsches Sent from my SM-G920V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  7. Arne, you remember Don Vickrey? Sent from my SM-G920V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  8. What makes a low serial number a 1971? Sent from my SM-G920V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. I bought mine from Les Cannaday. Very high quality. Sent from my SM-G920V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  10. What's it for?
  11. Recommend using the report feature if there is a problem with any member.
  12. If the cast blades are no longer available, the argument is moot. We don't know about the parts we buy, and hopefully there's a reasonable warranty to compensate for the concern. We appreciate our supporting vendors.
  13. I get your point, but probably wouldn't advise doing that exactly has you have said. It sounds a bit dangerous, and possible chance of unnecessary damage.
  14. I seem to still be getting reports from this thread. I would like to point out that this site isn't a true debate site. It is a Z enthusiasts site. Therefore debate should be minimum, and purely factual if it happens. Let's keep it friendly and respectable so we don't chase off potential new members, and current ones. What do you say?