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  2. Jerry inspired me , obtaining vented calipers. Dimensions are almost same, only the width to the side is different. Shims and springs are missing, I will collect them gradually. Wires for the retaining pin caught my eyes, I think this is for quick replacing when at the track. Nismo features? Kats
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  4. $25,000.00 End Date: Friday May-5-2017 17:53:57 PDT Buy It Now for only: $25,000.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Check out this Zcar on eBay here
  5. Another vote for Hagerty! I was paying USAA over $281 dollars annually for a 29 year old motorcycle that I might put 500 miles a year on at most. Hagerty covered it for $55 bucks a year.
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  7. That's the BSR ZXTT to be exact and no it won't fit on your trailer. With the front nose off it barely fits in a car hauler with no room to walk along side due to the skirts. The door won't open enough so you need to pull yourself out without damaging the FG everything. It is the widest car I have ever seen. Real sorry to see Bob F's 510 looking like that. SVRA at VIR or Mid-Ohio? Notice the lack of black edging on the contemporary Datsun between the red/white/blue? Adding it makes all the difference.
  8. thanks man if you find any plz let me know Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. One on ebay complete intake and turbo. Not real cheap though Keep your eyes open on ebay or craigslist or post a WTB on classic z car or hybridZ you will come up with something. The after market manifolds I have seen are really expensive like $800 and above and can be prone to cracking. Factory manifold is the path of least resistance Maybe its not such a bad price, these two sold for almost as much as they want for the whole intake and exhaust setup...
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  11. One more interesting device is, the electric valve for preventing dieseling. This work has done by the Nissan dealer, there is a memo of the original owner. "the engine still running after switched off when it is hot, need to be fixed" Then the dealer installed the device, you see the valve and extra tubes from the SU carbs, sucking fuel which should not go into the air cleaner box after the engine shut down. Wiper grommet new too ! Kats
  12. 240ZG little work, houses changed, before and after. You see the green small plastic vacuum ball, that is a device which was required for emissions regulations in Japan started from 1973 . Even Z433 had to have it , most of them were installed at a periodically maintenance . The completed car had a sticker on the bonnet. Kats
  13. i can do stock or after market just in need of one Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  14. i just need one and no one around me has on and if they do they don't want to give them up Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  15. maybe I'll hang on to mine. I'd like to hear them someday.
  16. Finding a clip might be a challenge...
  17. Why do you want an aftermarket? The stock exhaust seems to flow well enough to make really good horsepower...
  18. here is the link
  19. What I'm responding to Alan is your claim that Porsche is best when it clearly isn't, my current example of Targa Tasmania is real world, not factory with the best pro drivers, real world. And one thing this shows is that as usual on wet roads Porsches lose, two Vipers now leading. As for the US the Nissan/Datsun racing record is self evident and against Porsches too, sorry if facts get in the way of your opinion, again. Ans sorry for the off topic, I still want books on the most interesting period of production type car racing in the word. In my opinion.
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  21. Is it this one? - Looks like it doesn't actually have its own ignition (coil current control) module. And it requires a VR or optical input. What kind of distributor did you start with? And what ignition module are you using to control coil current? Looks interesting, but not clear that it's their fault it didn't work.
  22. Well after countless calls they finally picked up. Now it's on it's way back to the company for testing. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  23. Much easier with my laptop. It's behind the couch, way behind the couch. It's been awhile since seeing Dan Tanna, '78-'81
  24. It's after hours party (40 later)! Sent from my SM-G930V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  25. I think if the accel jets don't resolve my issue; smaller chokes will be my next step.
  26. A smaller choke could help with a tip-in stumble but not an off-idle stumble. That's controlled by the idle/transition circuit. Tip-in is a function of the main circuit.
  27. Original IKI S30 long stalk fender mirrors! Managed to source a pair! I think I should do a post together with the beautiful Zstory stainless steel exhaust system with racing headers soon about new parts I got! Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  28. Which fender mirrors are you going with? I haven't found a set yet either...
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