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  2. worth saving? VIN:HLS3003595

    You can tell it's the cylinder head because the rear manifold stud is broken off.
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  4. saturday night music thread

  5. saturday night music thread

  6. saturday night music thread

  7. saturday night music thread

  8. saturday night music thread

    Wow! Fish Heads? I haven't heard that in a long time. Chuck
  9. saturday night music thread

    KWS is a big Mopar guy. He joined our caravan from CA to Vegas for the Mopars at the Strip show. I talked to him during one of our stops and helped him at the show when he had a problem with one of his cars. Chuck
  10. saturday night music thread

    From before my time but something special it is....
  11. I once knew a guy who would wash his car every Sunday, rain or shine, whether the car actually crawled out of the garage or not. Another refused to bring “outside” shoes into his car and would swap shoes ala … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  12. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Mark, You have basically the Fed model with a dual pickup. You can use one pickup (green or red) with the brown, and it will work fine. The white one is for the temperature switch, but the HEI module won't use that. The FED/Canadian models hed a retarded timing when cold. This diagram should help. TIU280Z1976_REV1.pdf
  13. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    The two extra wires are for the extra pickup coil in the distributor. You'll lose one if you convert to the GM HEI module. It will only cause a low idle during warm-up, in between the time that the engine gets fully warm and the AAR closes. The extra pickup coil advances the timing when the engine is cold, increasing idle RPM. The FSM has great diagrams of the TEI's, and Saridout's wiring diagram has the colors, if they're not in the FSM.
  14. I just posted about the Parking lights kit. If you decide to buy this kit, make sure someone performs a continuity test on the power wire before shipping. Phil Smith
  15. saturday night music thread

    My road trip playlist is Stones, Hendrix, Parliament, James Brown, and some named above. Mazzy Star for quiet time. But as a guitar picker myself, I can't deny my great love for the Soukous. It's rock n roll to me. Franco & OK Jazz is my favorite Kinshasa band, but check out a little Tabu Ley with Mbilia Bel and shake it down. This from about thirty years ago I think. Original version is in Swahili. This English version by non-English speakers went big all over Africa. No one understands the lyrics but you sort of know what they mean.
  16. Is it just my luck, or am I not the only one. I purchased the MSA kit. Plug and play they said. I hooked everything up per instructions. Turned on the parking light switch and I can hear the relay click but that’s all that happens. No lights to dash no lights front rear or side markers. Checked all of the connections. Changed back to original connections and it works. Plug in the kit again and it doesn’t work. Start writing to this forum.........wait a minute am I getting battery power to the relay? NO!!!! Go to the battery, connection is good. Go to the inline fuse. Fuse is good. What could it be? Put meter on the battery side of the inline fuse. $&@!?&$ no power. There was a break somewhere in the molded inline fuse holder. My 45 minute job turns into 2 hours. I’m guessing it’s a quality control issue that MSA needs to address with their supplier. So, I cut the fuse holder out and added a temporary fuse connector. All good for now. The main reason for posting this is to let anyone that may be buying this kit, to continuity check the power wire before installing. the culprit Phil Smith
  17. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    I added some more soundproofing to the floor pan. Looks a bit nicer this way. Still need to clean off some of the overspray on the vinyl on the right. I cleaned up the antenna. The antenna would not work when I hooked it up to my 12V power supply. I took it apart and cleaned up the motor area that contacts the brushes. Also opened up the cable area and cleaned that up. Quite a bit of rust in there. I used electrical spray cleaner to clean the motor and cable area. I also applied a bit of lube to the cable before closing things back up. Then ran it up and down a couple times to spread the lube. Antenna operates nicely now . I cleaned up the old parts a bit but they are pretty oxidized. I need to go through my stash and see it I have some nicer parts, so just put the antenna in loosely for now.
  18. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Hmmm. Seems I missed a basic point here... this mod is for a 5 wire E12-21A TIU Mine is an E12-13 model with seven wires. I need to find more info about the extra wiring I guess! Instructions
  19. worth saving? VIN:HLS3003595

    Well I just got me a new ball-peen hammer and English wheel at Harbor Freight. This might be a good winter project car.
  20. worth saving? VIN:HLS3003595

    Looking on the bright side, some of the work in redoing the spindle rubber bushings has already been done, they have been burned away.
  21. Can't really go wrong any or all three of these - https://www.amazon.com/Rebuild-Your-Nissan-Datsun-Engine/dp/1931128030 https://www.amazon.com/Modify-Your-Nissan-Datsun-Engine/dp/1931128049 https://www.amazon.com/How-Restore-Your-Datsun-Z-Car/dp/1931128022
  22. More Bosch

    I acquired an '88 740 today. Low miles, good condition and good price. Looks like all I've learned with the ZX EFI will pay off. Luckily it doesn't need any work at the moment.
  23. Awesome! Thank you 240dkw.
  24. Such great advice - thanks so much! Soaking it all in. I have started a wish list. The relay kits are on it, along with the DeoxIT, and I already know I need to buy a choke knob (broken on ours). Funny - Motorsport Auto has every year EXCEPT '72. I'll find it, and my mechanic says any of them will fit. Might choose the one that says "Choke" on it, since he's never used one and might forget where it is Bought the car up in Paso Robles and had to drive it down that night(4.5 hours). Long story short - electric problems caused me to have to turn off the lights. Had to drive from Bakersfield over the Grapevine, etc. and down to Orange County late at night with no lights at all. Very sketchy drive. Turned out to simply be that the belt was old and not working. Working fine now, but I realize that upgrading the wires and adding those relays is a good idea. My mechanic (up in Rancho Cucamonga) already mentioned that he wired his up that way. Right now the car is parked at a buddy's house a few blocks away. I'll post some more photos after the big reveal on Christmas morning. Seats are in pretty good shape, but the seating surfaces are original dealer-installed velour/vinyl version. Slightly tacky, but not too bad. This car is white w/ red interior. Thanks again for all the great feedback. Please don't hold back - I'm taking note of all of it. This looks like a fantastic forum!
  25. a factory service manual or maybe a haynes manual at the minimum
  26. 240zrubberparts.com has 2 black ones left and sold out of red ones.
  27. The red plastic collar around my check valve has seen better days. On my series-1 Z it had a black rubber collar around the check valve and looked new. Does anyone know where to find these? I hate to buy a whole new valve when I just want to replace the collar. I looked around at Home Depot for awhile and did not really find anything. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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