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  2. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    I replaced the back side of the ignition only. I also cleaned connections before re- installing. The 8 to 9k is referring to the rpm that Zed asked me about ( I had just called it great). I didn' t realize I was leaving anything out, just trying to answer your questions. Unfortunately, I know very little about cars, so I don't always pick up on what people are saying or asking right away. Sorry.
  3. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    What was the answer of 8-9k RPM in response to? Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  4. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    The whole switch, with new key? Or just the electrical part? You really need to write more words before you "Submit Reply".
  5. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    I put a new ignition switch in yesterday from Z car Depot.
  6. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    The ignition switch can cause problems and kind of fits what you're describing. Either the mechanical part or the electrical part. Sometimes the rod inside the switch does not turn the electrical portion far enough. Or, sometimes the terminals on the electrical part are loose. You have to take it off to examine it. If it's never been off before, you'll have to remove the theft-prevention screws by grinding, filing, or drilling.
  7. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    Only wait a few seconds between tries
  8. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    I'm meeting a buddy in the morning to work on it. I feel like the click noise is near starter, I will pin point in morning if it will do it for me. Will also check volt meter. Anything else? Thank you
  9. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    8 to 9k rpm. When I turn the key all the way on it sometimes just clicks, when I turn it back off then try again sometimes it starts and sometimes it will click again. I keep trying til it eventally starts. I don't know if warm or cold has anything to do with miss, I was just saying how it acted yesterday, it seems to just be random and no rhyme or reason. When I tried it a few hours ago everything was great like there was nothing wrong with it.
  10. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    Found it. You need to tell us where the "click" noise is happening. And what other things are doing like the voltmeter needle. How long do you wait before trying a second time. Just need more details.
  11. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    I don't have a "great" on my tach? Is there a conversion to a number? You've kind of changed the problem description. Now you're saying that sometimes when cold it runs fine. You didn't say which way or how far you're turning the key. The BCDD clicks when you turn it to On, from Off. And vice versa.
  12. Intake manifold paint removal

    My problems don't stop there. He/they painted the block the same color. Ford blue maybe? I'm pretty colorblind. As I've dug into it over the past few days, I've seen evidence that the bottom end has been rebuilt already. I'm just going to take the block and the intake manifold to a machine shop I trust and have it drop tanked and bead blasted. They are old school guys who build derby cars. Mostly small block Chevy's, but you don't need Nissan experience to remove paint. I won't be offended in the least if this thread gets zero more responses or deleted hahaha. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  13. Intake manifold paint removal

    We will never speak of this again.
  14. Q: Second Ring Gap

    I have no experience with ring gaps, so I don't have any input into your original question, but I am curious... You keep mentioning the average center of the range for the specs of the gaps. Is that your target for when you put rings on? Why don't you aim for the narrow end of the spec? I mean, as the cylinder walls and ring wears, won't that gap just get wider over time? That's about a six thousandth wide spec... Seems like aiming towards the narrow end of the spec would be a better place to shoot for than the center. Like I said, I have no expertise here, but just wondering.
  15. Intake manifold paint removal

    Well that is better than the guy I know who painted absolutely everything in the engine bay white, everything, one trick pony. Yeah bead blast will have that nice and clean in no time.
  16. Intake manifold paint removal

    Some paint stripper and some carb cleaner and it might clean up. Carb cleaner will take off most un-catalysed paints. Bead blast after that, if you can, and pretend it never happened...
  17. Intake manifold paint removal

    LOL! I opened the thread at the newest post (yours above) and that way I don't have to punish myself with that pic again. The methylene chloride based paint removers will eat anything the PO put on there. Even if it's powder coat. Of course, bead blasting would probably be faster.
  18. Intake manifold paint removal

    Yeah its pretty wretched. It was sarcasm about it not being a bad idea. I might be better off sourcing a different manifold. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  19. Intake manifold paint removal

    Ewwwww. I'm really sorry, but I'm not going to open this post ever again. Not even the tastefully done artful presentation make that thing pretty!
  20. Green connector unplugged.

    As previously mentioned, it's for the BCDD. The BCDD is active when there is no signal supplied to it. so with that connector disconnected, the BCDD will be active at all times. Of course, depending on how you have the BCDD mechanically adjusted, there might not be any difference whether it's activated or not.
  21. Intake manifold paint removal

    The PO of the parts car whose engine I'm in the process of disassembling/rebuilding has painted the intake manifold blue. Its not a half bad idea, but over the years it has chipped and the intake ports have quite a bit of crud on the inside. I have no experience with parts baths and the like. I'm looking for recommendations for the proper materials I need to remove the paint. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  22. Yesterday
  23. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    click turning key may be the CSV firing. Try this, disconnect the starter solenoid, and when its cold turn to start, see if you hear the same sound.
  24. 1975 280 starts for 2 seconds and shuts off???

    RPM are great, same as they have always been. The car idles very smoothly, you can't really tell it's missing until you rev it. I started it twice the other day, cold start in morning had no miss. I started it in the afternoon after sitting all day and it had the miss. I let the car sit and idle while I came inside and posted the problem on the forum, as slow as I type it was an easy ten minutes. Can ran perfect after warmed up. Any ideas on the click when I turn the key??
  25. I have just purchased my first Z. - S30-100698. I think it is a 1973 model however but would welcome some guidance. JDM version, 5 speed, 2.0l. Believed to have come from Japan by an ex-serviceman.
  26. jwtaylor

  27. My jack is stamped S D X, which is April 24 1973 if I'm doing the decode correctly. My car build date is 12/10 and I know that the engine was swapped to a '73 sometime before I bought it. So it looks like the jack helps date the engine, if it came from the same car.
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