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  2. 16 Years old, first Datsun/Car

    Never seen one of them fancy things in FL! So it just sits on the casting cover?
  3. Clean convertible 240Z

    Reaction research was the old company. Now it redirects to the new site above. There is a litsting for the reinforcement kit in the link below and I recall seeing it in the instructions I had. http://www.reactionresearch.com/pricelist.html#velorossa
  4. Clean convertible 240Z

    I thought it was part of the kit but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere. It HAS to be done or the car would fold in half.
  5. 1976 280Z Wont Start

    Thanks to new found knowledge given by you I have the efi wired to what I believe is correct. I also checked the grounding again. (Battery terminal to block then chassis etc) and its grounded. I swapped in an old ECU and cranked it- nothing. Swapped the newer ECU in and we have fuel pressure at the rail again AND spark at the plugs. Pretty sure I also heard the injector clack too. But still didn't fire up. Its dark out now so I can't really do much. I want to go over the AFM again. Any other ideas now that things are improving? EDIT: lights still dim and horn is still dull and low.
  6. Selling my genuine Fairlady Z & '71 240Z Package Deal

    I really don't know. He claims the original engine and the tranny are in his storage facility. I texted him again this morning. It's usually DAYS or even WEEKS before he replies. I haven't given up, but damn! I'm moving and can't take all my toys with me. I had 18 up until a few weeks ago, down to 12 now, and need to be down to 5 or 6 max by the time we move. It sucks because I really wanted to restore these, but between the space issue and the advantage of having more cash at closing, things just need a new home.
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  8. Looks like it has half of the propeller shaft used for the 5 speed, the FS5C71B. Interesting. Those parts the guy has, whatever they are, might be good for a more correct resto. Had to do some research, and my guess might be wrong.
  9. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    Do you think you could do a clutch for 10x's that? maybe 5x's???
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  11. Just beginning

    Zed thanks. Have you heard of anyone turning a 240z into an AWD? Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  12. 16 Years old, first Datsun/Car

    JSM FYI that is a block heater, not a frost plug.
  13. Clean convertible 240Z

    Any time I see a 240z cut up like that, it hurts my sinus.
  14. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    Maybe that's where Hagerty fits into this?
  15. Clean convertible 240Z

    It mentions you get a rear deck, trunk lid and windshield header but says nothing about the reinforcing the car would need to make up for the lack of a roof.
  16. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    What's a new clutch & flywheel replacement job cost on a 2006 Lamborghini? Think the $1,200 daily rental fee would cover it? A sports car club I belonged to many years ago used to put on slalom events and one of the regular competitors would always show up with a different rental car each time. Dennis
  17. Early Real Fairlady Z & '71 240Z Package Deal

    Lots of pics on my other post...
  18. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    I can just see renters flogging the snot out of your car and then be like "Oh well" $500 deposit wouldn't even touch the wear they could put on a car in a day of clutch dumping and power braking!
  19. Selling my genuine Fairlady Z & '71 240Z Package Deal

    Serious inquires appreciated
  20. Selling my genuine Fairlady Z & '71 240Z Package Deal

    Here's the other ad I was referring to.
  21. 16 Years old, first Datsun/Car

    You want just the engine? That is a horrible deal.
  22. 1971 cars in 240z for sale

    Nice bus collection on the property. Do you have any pictures of the 240Zs and additional details, like model years? Prices seem low for "show quality", so I'm sure you'll get many responses. Dennis
  23. 1976 280Z Wont Start

    On mine the thicker wire went to the positive terminal thru a fuse link wire connected in series with the positive lead of the battery. Since there is some confusion here I would HIGHLY recommend you disconnect the wires, unhook the battery and do some continuity testing from the wire ends. Example remove the 36 pin connector, disconnect the battery and test what you think is the neg lead to the various EFI connector pins designated as neg, there are several (not the ecu) to confirm continuity. NEVER test the ECU pins themselves, only the connector that is attached to the harness and only with the battery disconnected and the key off. the positive should trace to the ign relay, pull out the relay and confirm continuity at the socket back to what you think is the positive lead (larger wire) in the harness near the battery.
  24. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    There's a '67 VW Bug that rents for $300 on the list, also. Not sure that there's "fun to drive" equity figured into the pricing structure. Dennis
  25. Described like an Air BnB for car enthusiasts, Hagerty has a new rent-a-ride service that connects vehicle owners and customers called DriveShare. Included in the current lineup is an S30 based in Mountain View, CA -- for $240, natch 😉 https://driveshare.com/car/286/ https://petrolicious.com/articles/the-airbnb-of-classic-cars-is-finally-here
  26. 1971 cars in 240z for sale

    I have 3 Datsun 240Z for sale all three of them are restored show Quality Cars one is green one is orange one is white please call me at 561-573-7697 Prices range from $15,000 to $23,000
  27. 16 Years old, first Datsun/Car

    Is it a good deal, only a 3 hour drive from me, I have a trailer to tow Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  28. 16 Years old, first Datsun/Car

    Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
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