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  2. Extinguisher location?

    Also, you should take the extinguisher out at least every year (they are easy to forget until you need it) and do three things: first check the gauge to make sure it has a charge (it's a total bummer to need it-pull the pin-squeeze the trigger and nothing happens), second look into the nozzle to make sure it isn't blocked, and third turn the extinguisher upside down several times and bang on the cylinder with your hand a few times as the powder can get compacted and solidified over time with the same disappointing results as #1. Put your ear up to the cylinder to see if you can hear the powder move. I can't as, like most firefighters, my hearing is diminished from being around sirens, air horns, and loud diesel engines. These tips apply to all your fire extinguishers. You DO have one in the garage/shop don't you? A couple more things and I'll sign off: try not to breathe the powder as it is not good for your lungs...don't open the hood, shoot through the radiator, shoot from a distance if you can, start at the base of the fire and move up, and don't be a hero. That's what the fire department is for. They have the safety equipment and resources to get in close. If you don't get the fire knocked down move away and call 911. Be safe out there. No car is worth your life. Cheers, Mike
  3. Jai's Status

    I think Liisa won! My headlight looks the same as your's.
  4. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of stuff out there that is junk, Chinese or not. These seem to be well made and designed. They are very similar to Megan racing parts but a lot cheaper in Canada. I have no reason to question their quality yet, but as I said, the car is still on the rotisserie. Pricing can be deceiving when it comes to discerning quality. Paying 50% more for the same part doesn’t increase its quality, only the gullibility of the buyer. Shop around, find the part that suits your needs and get honest reviews. In my case, the car will be street driven and taken to shows more than anything. No hard abuse.
  5. '72 console question

    Why are there humps on the passenger's side of my console? Is eveybodies like mine or do I have the wrong one? I can't figure out the purpose.
  6. Extinguisher location?

    I'll see if mine will fit in one of those bins Mike, thanks. AZ-240Z my extinguisher is too big to put in front of the passenger's seat. Tried this morning and the nozzle plus the gauge make it impossible to mount and be out of the way of the slide handle. Mine is a little larger than your's and has a metal nozzle that's pretty long. I would get a smaller one but the one I bought is rechargeable. I'll try and figure out something, screwing it through the vinyl is my last and most probable option.
  7. @Patcon Charles-- Looks like the price dropped to $350. Worth it for sure, but he says "Make "serious" cash offer". A chance to haggle. Hard to tell by the photos but I think it is a late, late 72 (transitioning to 73---- Front bumper filler, bumperette spacing and emissions/ choke cable location on the engine are immediate indicators) A real mess, but it hasn't been mucked with----lots of original parts in the original locations Let me know if you go over the edge and get it. Interested in the flat tops--- of course. It is complete enough that it seems a part out is guaranteed to make a profit. (radio, steering wheel, grill, wheels, blah, blah, blah) I think you could make the 350 back in nuts, bolts and screws alone. All the Best, Zup
  8. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    I was under the impression that CX Racing sells chinese junk. Ground control sells camber plates BTW. And GC would be my brand of choice for coilovers and camber plates. Like TTT, GC also has a service where they'll do your coilovers for you.
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  10. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    For some reason I thought those were the same as the Megan coilovers (similar colors & price point) but I guess not. Added!
  11. Extinguisher location?

    I put mine in the right hand tool compartment. I can reach it from the driver's seat without any contortions. As a retired fire fighter I wanted it handy, but having been to too many car wrecks where everything inside was tossed around I did not want to mount it out in the open. I cringe when I see a car with speakers on the tray behind the back seat. One wreck I went on was somewhat minor, but both people in the car were killed by the speakers flying forward and striking them in the head...very sad...young folks, too. FWIW, those plastic holders are notorious for breaking. They are actually designed to break away by a panicked person grabbing the extinguisher to use. Just my experience...$.02 worth. Cheers, Mike
  12. I dont know the year of my 240z

    Also, 73's have a delay wiper setting. The earlier cars don't...
  13. Plugging open port on underside of exhaust manifold

    I was going to say that a manifold swap might be the easiest solution. However, it appears that the 260Z head has port sizes that are bigger than those for the 240 and smaller than those for the 280. The 260's header has a PN that's different from both the 240 and the 280, which tends to support the theory that it is a unique design (but in what ways, I don't know). Other members will know for sure if a swap can be done successfully. Is it possible for you to buy, inexpensively, the part that threads into the manifold? That would make it easier to measure the thread dia. and pitch.
  14. Jai's Status

    A WIN AT BLACK BEAR FESTIVAL... Wow what fun we had! It was a long day, Lissa and I were exhausted. I just sorted the photos and chose which ones I wanted to share to show the days experiences. Thank everyone again for all your help. I need to ask about the headlight tho, kinda looks like something is missing. A chrome ring around it? Also, I have spotted some parts that could be put into the blank area where the rubber corner goes. Have to research the name. Thinking they could be painted red, as they are not chrome. Please chime in on these questions. I need to have something in that hole. The body shop says they will get the needed parts that did not come with the bumper. So that is good. Jai
  15. 72 240z Parts Car Complete - SC $400)

    You know you want to do it.
  16. Plugging open port on underside of exhaust manifold

    It's been discussed before but there doesn't seem to be a clear and easy solution. Looks like it's some sort of custom Nissan thread size. You might try an EGR tube fitting from another manifold and block the tube with a compression fitting or brazing it shut or similar. Here's a past discussion, no solution found -
  17. 72 240z Parts Car Complete - SC $400)

    You all are wicked!!! Considering it though...
  18. Heater Core Alternative - Escort Core into 260/280

    FWIW, the OE heater valves respond very nicely to an overnight soak in CLR calcium/lime remover.
  19. I dont know the year of my 240z

    Thanks ill get one tomorrow
  20. morellja

  21. Awe, grocery store runs. Need milk. Dang forgot eggs. French Toast for breakfast. Now lunch. It's hard to wrap my head around salted roads. We use sand. Making homemade ice cream you add salt to keep the ice from melting?
  22. I dont know the year of my 240z

    I really like a Fram G-2 on the 240s fuel tank outlet hose. They're cheap and clear so you can see if you have sediment in the tank without dropping it. They're like $3 @ walmart.
  23. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    Yes, I have a set, Check my build thread for the details, as the coil overs just got welded to the spindles a couple weeks ago. The car is still on the rotisserie so no street feedback yet....So far I really like the style and quality.
  24. HLS30 00029

    Mr.Purcell: Might one inquire as to what LSD unit you ran back in the racing day? Thanks.
  25. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    I had the four 'Steelies' powder-coated a matte black and sprayed the backside silver similar to the factory rims. Also got new Toyo's mounted and balanced. I loosely placed a hubcap on just to see how everything looks. Hubcap needs a bit of refreshing and a new coat of paint, but otherwise things look good. I installed the four tires on the car since this is how we will roll .
  26. Extinguisher location?

    Glad I could help.
  27. I dont know the year of my 240z

    I wanted to thank all of you for replying I came to the conclusion that it is in fact a 1972 because the heat shield pattern and the linkage set up matches a 72 plus the toggle switch for the hazards And also the front bumper Thank all you z lovers for helping me understand my new found love better P.s I will have her ready to be fired up tuesday for the first time in over 30 years fingers crossed Changed the fluids spark plugs lubed the cylinders hand turned a few times going to lube some more in the morning cleaning the fuel tank and lines tomorrow and i am waiting for the carb tune up kit should be here tuesday morning by the afternoon she should be ready YAY!!!!!
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