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  2. It's my First time changing bearings. I bought new front bearings from rock auto. Timken brand, the races went in nicely, but then I packed the bearings put them in the hub and tried to slide them on the inner bearing wouldn't go past the last step in the spindle. I pulled it out and just tried to slide the bearing on and it gets jammed. I checked the boxes the bearings came in and they appear to be the right size, Timken set 6 for the inner and set 2 for the outer. I double checked the old inner and it does get caught up but will go on. Feeling the spindle there doesn't seem to be any scratches that would hold it up. The outer bearing similarity gets caught up but I can giggle it on. Can you give me some ideas? I cant see sanding or polishing the spindle, but maybe that's what I need to do? Thanks, Steve Sent from my iPad
  3. 2nd Place 280z Daily Driver | First Place Stock 240z |2nd Place 240z Daily Driver JFA Luck rubbing off on the table!
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  5. Where is the red S130 and a red Z31!
  6. Here's the ZCON 2018 video that was just shown at the convention: Be sure to subscribe to the ZCON 2018 Youtube channel so you don't miss out on our future videos.
  7. We are planning it for October, so it won't be quite so hot for those of us who do not have AC in our cars.
  8. Excellent idea! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. Well, we plan on track day being at Road Atlanta. I'm sure Randy Jaffee will have his BRE tribute car there. Maybe there is something we can do to make it even more special...
  10. If you can get the lip to lift with their skin removal pliers, I would say yes. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. Bring it out to Atlanta for ZCON next year.
  12. I replaced my aftermarket seats with originals that I found-recovered them in leather with red contrast stitching. Then completely refurbished the door panels in leather with the red stitching and diamond pattern! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  13. Guy, if you want a preview, come to ZNationals this fall.
  14. PERFECT!!!! Sign me up!
  15. $750.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Saturday Jul-1-2017 19:06:38 PDT Bid now | Add to watch list Check out this Zcar on eBay here
  16. Duluth. It's an easy ride up to the tracks or mountains against the flow of traffic.
  17. Hotels in Gainesville or Atlanta? October is an awesome time......sign me up!
  18. Jay, that looks like a pretty decent car from the pics, lots of owners have cut out replaced the floors themselves, it's not an easy job but it will save you lots of money. There are lots threads in the archives with great pics of how others did there Z's
  19. Thats awesome, may have to look into it. Would it work on the hood?
  20. The word is out. ZCON 2018 will be in Atlanta! Some of what we are planning: 1. It will be in October, so we don't have to worry about melting. 2. Track day at Road Atlanta 3. Autocross and possibly karting at Lanier Raceplex (right across the street from Road Atlanta) 4. Mountain cruises - Enjoy the wonderful curves in the North Georgia Mountains.
  21. Gonna try that ill report back with the results Sent from my SM-G920P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  22. Yes, but you will want to remove the hood latch so the hood sits flat and you can see the relationship between all of the panels, after you get the hood into a position you like tighten the bolts equally on each side a bit at a time so everything stays the same relative position then re install the hood latch and line it up.
  23. The floor doesn't look that bad. Doesn't look like it goes through, but if it does, you could just patch it, vs total replacement. I'm stretching my memory here, but I think I recall John Coffey saying it was $1500 a side to replace floors. That said, that picture only shows one spot of one floor, and may be misleading to overall condition. I may be wrong, but my gut is telling me that the driver's side frame rail reinforcement there has rust behind it. Could easily be wrong, but that spot rusts out pretty often, and seems to start from behind. Just kinda looks like it's been pushed out a bit in the middle there from the wheel well. Hatch sill rust looks pretty tame. Not sure you'd need a full replacement. FYI, Tabco parts are kind of a mixed bag for fitment. Some of their panels are just useless. If there's one thing I've learned though, it's that rust is usually worse than you expect.
  24. Hell of a good time, 100%!!! Ole Buddy loves car rides so for sure him and Millie? would hang out. He has no balls so nothing to worry about there. He sorta acts like my other dog Jelly, female, very loving and sweet. Thank you Guy, I hope this works out like you and I need it to.
  25. Zama....You and me together with a bunch of Z's could be a disaster.....or maybe just a hell of a good time. Bring your dog!
  26. Hell yeah! Y'all can stay with me, 2 hour drive. That would be like a Georgia meet they had a few years ago and everybody drove west on I-20 to Barber's Motorsports track and museum. That would be awesome, right down the street (figuratively). But they'd probably get Road Atlanta, makes more sense now that I catch my breath.
  27. That's not that bad. I've owned much worse '72 240 and sold it for $6,000. If that means anything. The best shot for me is under the battery. That can be a tricky spot with the acid eating up the fuel lines. I ran rubber from the slave cylinders location to the fuel filter. Tabco has replacement panels for what you've shown in your pics.
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