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  1. Thanks for your help again sir, it was indeed the ignition module, car has spark. New problem however being that it only "tries" to start off starting fluid. It has fuel to the rail says the fpr, so some for of fuel injection relay issue.
  2. Also noticed something else, I removed spark plug wire 1 and put a Phillips in the wire setting near a ground. When I crank the engine over it does one bright blue spark and no more until I try to crank again, just 1 spark and done each time.
  3. ZedHead and siteunseen I want to thank you so much for assisting me in this matter. I checked the continuity of C & B with key ON and getting roughly 380 ohms which should be good, I ordered a new distributor yesterday anyway just in case. However I tried to check spark at coil, tapped a ground wire to negative post with center wire near a ground. Sparks at the negative post, and center coil. Does that the mean the ignition module could be the culprit?
  4. Hello and thank you taking a look at my issue. I've just finished turbocharging my NA 1978 and have been running into many issues. Firstly, the car will crank for days but never starts, I've narrowed it down now to spark. I have disconnected the transistor ignition unit as it has an e12-80 module and distributor from a 1980 zx, with a new cap, rotor, and aftermarket ignition coil. Verified rotor is spinning. On the ignition module I have C going to Negative post on coil and B going to Positive. I have the Blue/Black wire & Blue wire connected to Negative on the coil, and Black/White connected to Positive. (There's a skinny white/black wire that I have no clue what to do with, can't find anything on it). I also have a wire connected to a post the distributor going to chassis ground (that wire got a little warm while trying to start the car, strange, disconnected and still no start.) The coil is getting 12~VDC at both posts with key at ON, and 0.00 with key at OFF. Any leads would be greatly appreciated, just want to drive this thing again 😔
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