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  1. I’ll try and get out of work early tomorrow so I can give that a shot! Yeah I was debating on buying a whole new wiring harness for it. I’ll source a light for the cel soon!! I did notice when I hooked up my emanage that it said there was an error on cylinder 2 and 4 sometimes 6. It’s differently wired on the car since the order that it fires is different but I did triple check the wiring for it and it was all correct to the ecu
  2. it shot up to 9kg/cm which is about 120 psi lmao. But there’s no way to change the output voltage unless something is using it so in form resistors haha. But I’ll just go by that so we can stop this. I’ll take your word on it reading the voltage. Yes I was thinking about going mega squirt and just saving the e manage for a different car or my Audi haha. I’ve gotten wiring pin outs and what not but just haven’t been able to check for continuity or what the sensors should be putting out in order for the car to run correctly. Everything seems to be good for the first 5 seconds, then it runs rich
  3. That’s just what I’ve heard and went by since I’ve seen the different types. I gotcha though. Okay I’ll try figuring out what the sensors should be outputting and track them down one by one. The wiring isn’t the best since a little was cut when I got it and I fixed the majority. Also fuel pressure regulator is in and did not help it’s sitting at about 38psi now after adjusting it. And yeah but say the ecu sends out 5v and so many amps, some 02 sensors just use resistors that change in ohms when the fuel amount changes. So yes the ecu does read the volts coming back. If it starts at 5k ohms and
  4. No they all have voltage go through them in a way, but the ecu can still read how many ohms it has in a way that could make it work... v=I/r lol I went to school to be an electrician and I’m a forklift mechanic by trade so I kinda know what I’m doing for the most part. I’m just 21 and self taught which isn’t too bad if you ask me lol. Also it’s a 91 I believe no obd2 for that. It’s just a jumper that you put in that flashes the codes but the light wouldn’t work.
  5. Thanks for the replies everybody! And okay to sum it up.. it’s a stock ecu for the motor because I took out the e manage until it’s running correctly. I know about the 02’s I just didn’t realize the one I had purchased used voltage to measure instead of ohms. My afr gauge is not hooked up to anything just for readings to help me, although it did feed information to the e manage. I’ve checks some of the pins but I can’t really check continuity because my leads aren’t long enough to reach. I was replacing sensors based on the problems they could cause when they go bad since my cel doesn’t work.
  6. I gotcha and your car is beautiful if it’s your profile pic! I’ll give that a shot thanks! Haha that’s funny! I might of went pretty stock if I had a better starting point haha. I like making the car how you choose!
  7. Ah okay I gotcha! When it first turns over it’s good for about 5 seconds then it drops to 10 haha. I’ve put a new belt on it since I had to do the water pump and it was my third time doing timing. I gotcha, hmm I welded up my own exhaust and there shouldn’t be any restriction it’s straight piped to a through muffler with 2.5 piping. I have the tuner off just to try and eliminate everything and get it to the basics. I’m about to go to the store and get some extra line to put my regulator in now. As far as I know the injectors are stock because I tried tuning it saying it has big injectors and I
  8. I’ll trace my wiring! I bought an aftermarket 02 since that was my first try but recently went with a new oem one since the signals could be different. I have checked the ground pins for the ecu but not the 02 sensor yet. And I’m running about 10 afr it’s just how much fuel is coming out of the exhaust, if it just sees a lot of oxygen and not as much consumed fuel it will go higher in the 15’s and up. I want mine at least around 13 and it’s just not happening. I’ll give that a shot and may even add extra grounds. Thank you!
  9. About 2 years ago I purchased my 280z for 300$. It was a rusted sad looking car that was stripped. I brought it home where I didn’t have a garage and just started stripping it. I got laid off that winter so I took it down to bare chassis. I took all of the suspension pieces and brought them to bare metal and painted them all. I put the car back come spring time then stripped the engine bay and interior following with a coat of paint. For a while I was gonna go with the 280zx turbo motor but then i changed. I ordered a 1JZ-GTE non VVTI and grabbed a trans from a Pontiac solstice. I taught mysel
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