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    senior in high school

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    I've got a 1972 240z. I acquired it about 10-11 months ago. When I got it the original l24 was completely messed up. I even found a mouse living in the engine compartment. I switched the engine out for an l28 and put the SUs on. Car runs great though it could use a valve job. I expect to be working on this car for many years to eventually get it to where I want it. It's pretty much the best first car ever.

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  1. So basically a couple weeks back my car started to make a terrible screeching noise. So i bought a new water pump and installed that and it fixed the problem. A couple days later i had accidentally left the lights on and it had drianed the battery. I got a jump and it was running fine but then I went out and while i was crusing down hill my radio started tuning off and on and it eventually died. I jumped it in the morning and drove it home but i realized the amps were at negative when i drove with the lights on so i figured the altinator wasnt charging because i hadn't tightend the V belt enough when i installed the new water pump. So 2 days later i tightened the V belt and tried to start the car and it was dead which didnt really suprise me. I put the cables on and tried to start the car and lights would turn on but when i tried to crank it, it didnt really do much and wouldn't start. So i'm thinking the started might have gone bad or something. I'm really not to sure at the moment. Any help would be much great. Thx
  2. yeah so i think i figured it out. First off i totally forgot it was a hydraulic clutch since most cars during that era had mechanical ones but anyways so i noticed the clutch slave cylinder was leaking big time so im gonna replace that once i get the part Monday and hopefully after bleeding and everything it should work out.
  3. oh yeah and before i put the l28 into the car which was about 2 years ago or less i put a new clutch in as well.
  4. well i have noticed that when i press the clutch in there is pretty much no resistance, and when i start in gear even with the clutch in the thing lurches forward and stalls. then one i do that the car is sorta stuck in that gear. I rock the car and jiggle the clutch a little which seems to make it a little easier to take it back out of the gear but i still have to sorta force it into neutral. I am pretty new to cars so im pretty much clueless I looked at the clutch cable and when the clutch is being pushed in and out the cable doesnt move or anything. also when the car is off i am able to much the car into gears freely. thats about all i can think of but if u have anymore questions just ask cause i would really like this to be working when my senior year starts.
  5. hey so ive been using my 72' Z for around half a year or so. everything was working pretty well, but then one of the cylinders stopped working and then I was lucky enough to have the car stop from going into gear. Luckily my dad was able to somehow get my car home in 1st gear. so basically my car is sitting in my driveway and I really need it fixed cause i cant keep using my parents cars and the school year is about to begin in a week. so if anyone could help with the car not going into gear it would be cool.
  6. Ive had my 240z running now for around a year now and it has been doing pretty well. I have a L28 currently and within the past week i noticed a lack of power, more exhaust fumes coming into the car and it was running roughly. The first thing I did was pull each spark plug out to see a change in rpm and Ive concluded that when I remove the #1 spark plug closest to the front of the car there is no change at all. I checked and saw that there was a spark jump, and I looked at the spark plug and it didn't look too bad. my head gasket has been leaking a little since i put the engine in which was probably a year or less ago. could that have anything to do with it. Any help would be much appreciated so i don't have to take it into a shop and pay lots of cash.
  7. Tophu530

    '72 240Z

    112 yellow is the best color, but would black or 112 yellow bolt on fender flares look good on this color? There are no pics of this color with fender flares anywhere
  8. So within the next year when i have more cash im getting new wheels and tires. most likely konig rewinds, but during this process I was thinking of possibly putting on the bolt on fender flares. Ive seen many pics with the flares but I have a 112 lime 240z and I have never seen that color with flares so Im debating whether it would look good on my color. Im a pretty indecisive person so any comments would help. I also am wondering if the fiberglass one or the carbon fiber one would look better.
  9. Hey so I don't know that much about cars so don't kill me if this Q is dumb. I was wondering what the benefits of switching out my SUs with triple weber carbs. What are advantages and disadvantages. any help would be great thx.
  10. I have the trip permit on right now so i will probably take it to the dmv next week sometime to get the plates.
  11. I got a new fuel filter and before I got the car the original owner had cleaned the fuel tank and got it all redone. When i checked the fuel when we got it was clean. I also have like 2 manuals for the car. I'll eventually learn how to do everything for the car it will just take some time. I've actually been in the z car club here in Oregon for almost half a year or so and the l28 i have in my z i bought from the z club president.
  12. Yeah i waited for my license so i could get it with the car finished and put me as the main person on the insurance for the car. I think i wiil stick with the Z i do like the 510 but naw.yeah LO is known for pulling over minorities and kids for bad reasons. But i'm not someone who speeds. My dad was always a good driver and was an instructor for a couple years so i leaned pretty well. and I've never driven an auto in my life so i'm very good with the clutch. so no probs there. But yeah I will definately be careful in that car cause one slip and it could be my life.my best friends bro died who was like my bro in a car crash like 2 years ago. and that was in a newer suv. If i crash in this thing there are no air bags and the thing is not made very well for car crashes. I think i'll be ok though. Oh yeah and to answer your question WingZr0. On the z car club i'm in the event calender has a thing that says hot rod meet or something that is every month. I think there is a car meet thing at PIR fairly often as well.
  13. Yeah pretty much. and btw the area i live in is Lake Oswego. It is one of the safest places to live in the world. most of the people who live here except for a few exceptions have a couple $100,000+ cars. there is virtually no crime where i live. It's come to a point where seeing a ferrari 430 or any type of maserati barely grabs your attention. I don't think driving a car without a license is a good thing but seriously some of you are taking this way to far. I took it around the block.
  14. The Z is goin pretty well. I tuned the carbs and valves so now it is running much better. Still have to set up a time to get my license though.

  15. Heh bro how's that Z going? Any updates :)

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