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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Me and my dad just recently installed a MSII V3.0 into a 280z and have been having trouble getting the car to run properly. It will idle rough, bog when revving, stall for no reason..etc.. We've done everything in TunerStudio to try and make the car run at least decent. But, rich or lean with extreme advance or retarded in spark makes no difference. So we've come to the conclusion that the original electrics on the car are the problem. The fuel pressure is at a solid 30psi and through numerous tests of the injectors, we know they all work no problem. Testing the connectors going to the injectors shows that they're all fine too. It all comes down to the ignition system. I've been going through the 280 EFI bible and looking through the trouble shooting part and so far I've come up empty handed. Doing some volt meter tests on the car show that the coil is now not getting any relative voltage at all... even though it is brand new... looking back through the electrics on the passenger side of the car where the sea of wires live, I know that connector C3 would hold the connection between the coil and wherever in the ignition it goes. The connector was fine and I tried to follow the connection back further but got lost so I need someone to tell me what I should look for to determine what's causing this issue. And if anyone knows what else might be causing the car to act so strange please leave a response. It was acting like this when the coil worked too. Thanks!
  2. I don't really know where to start, so please bare with me. About three months ago, I sent my carburetors off to Ztherapy to re manufacture them because the rear three cylinders quit firing, and my float bowl was overflowing. I finally got them back (2 months later), installed them, did all the necessary tuning that I could without the car running (including float level), and it will only fire up if I've got both carbs fully choked. It'll run at high rpms until I unchoke it, and then it just sputters out. Turns out, (from the front) the 4th, 5th, and 6th cylinders are for sure not firing, and I think the 1st isn't because its exhaust channel on the exhaust header is the same temp as 4, 5, and 6. When I pull 4, 5, and 6 spark plugs, the tips are drenched in oil, but they're still sparking. Could it be that my cylinders are full of oil, and it's not sparking? I adjusted the timing, distributor gap, and valve clearance properly about 800 miles before I had to send off the carbs, so I don't think it's any of those. I just don't get why those cylinders aren't firing. Please feel free to bombard me with questions and help me figure this out!
  3. Hello Does anyone know why only one set of points of my dual points 73 240Z automatic is sparking? Also, is it possible to try and get the engine running by using gas out of a bottle, since the fuel tank is being reconditioned? Thanks
  4. Whats up forum, New guy here, Forgive me if this is a little bit long, but I figure the more you know about the situation, the more you can help me if you want to. I need some help with my '82 Datsun/nissan 280zx. Today I was driving it through town. "leisure fun drive" I heard a back fire, and the engine quit. I couldnt get it to restart. The starter will crank the engine like its supposed to, I can hear the fuel pump going, No start. During the investigation process trying to rule out what went wrong, here are the steps I went through. Checked fuel pump-it works, checked fuses (the ones I could find - All check out ok). In car and under hood. Checked to see if I even had a spark running to the plugs. I even stuck my finger in a plug wire and didnt even get as much as a static shock from it. Ok, on to next, checked the wire from coil to distributor, No shock/spark at all. Disconnected Coil, bought new one (what are the ods of breaking down next to an autozone) Put new coil in, Connected properly, hooked it all up. annnnddd Nothin. Exchanged for another coil. Still no spark/shock Further investigating checking for maybe a broken wire. I can get a spark off of both wires that provide power to the Coil when I turn the key to the on position and brush the end of the wire against the frame, but nothing goes beyond the coil. as if all electrical power needed to start the engine, Stops at the coil. When giving up and decided to push my car the rest of the way home, I discovered I have No headlights at all. So, I have no headlights, and no power going beyond the coil. The Breaklights work, running lights, e-lights, turnsignals, radio, Internal lights, Light under the hood works. its kinda like an EMP failed at killing my car entirely. you guys can e-mail me, or call me 5053536846 Anything you can offer to help me getting my fun car to run again would be GREATLY appreciated. Its my only car, I've had it for 3 1/2 years. I saved its life from a salvage yard (they were gonna crush it if I didnt take it home) its been one helluva reliable car, Great fuel economy, Fun to drive, and I've never had a problem with this car. Its always taken me from point A to point B with no problems. this is a first.
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