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  1. Hi, any chance of some answers to my previous letter? Please... I'm being left out here in the cold!

  2. Hi Steve, just read your comment again... and I think your observation regarding the pronunciation is due to the fact that if you hear the alternative it automatically sounds like a word. When I say Z (Zed) it just sounds like the letter Z to a friend. However an American hears "Zed"! Likewise when you say Z ....I hear the "word "Zee". $^!#.... it looks like you didn't have to wait too long for that "sleep-inducing" post I promised!!!! (Sorry). I'm British, but have lived in South Africa for the last 40 years. It's my only excuse.... so I'm sticking with it.
  3. Ok guys.... lets cool it a little! I'm new here, and yet in true "Brit" style I've managed to start a war! : ) It's true, that countries that were once part of the British Commonwealth go with the pronunciation of "Zed"... however I think that 240 "Zee" sounds a lot sexier!! Anyway, thanks for the welcome! I look forward to posting more "sleep-inducing" topics soon!
  4. Hi all! Just thought I would let you know that even down in "darkest Africa" the Z is alive and well. Although not many are seen on the roads anymore, there are a handful of decent ones left. I'd like to think that mine is one of those. I've posted a couple of pix, but hopefully I'll get some decent ones done soon. If there are any other members from my neck of the woods (South Africa) please drop me a line.
  5. Hi, Came across your Z with the 17" Rota RB-Rs and have spent time trying to find out what off-set you are running. The wheels appear to have a different offset front and rear. I have a '70 240Z and wish to go the same route - but without fender flairs. Can you please tell me what you settled with in the end? Are they both 8.5" front and back? What tyres ...sorry tire sizes would you suggest work best with this set up? If you have already answered these questions on this forum... please point me to the correct place. Many thanks.

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