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  1. Ah, figured it out! Here's the 240z - she's a 1970 - and old girl like me! I'll put the 280z up later today. Thinking to sell the 280 probably - too much work to do the two cars at once??!!
  2. Holly Pitters

    240z Project Car

    240z November 2015
  3. Haha Sorry! Trying to post pics but it keeps saying I can't use that file extension here - tried jpeg, tiff and gif. How do I post them?
  4. Hi, Not sure if anyone is still posting to this thread - but I'm trying to figure out if my 1970 240z has the original E31 engine. I think not but I'd like to know how to tell for sure? Is there an engine model or ID number on there somewhere I can look for? Mine says Nissan OHC on the top and I think the E31 said something else. Thanks
  5. Hi Again Thanks for you help with the VIN - turns out the VIN on the ownership (which is what they gave me over the phone) is just wrong for some reason. The VIN on the car is HLS30 285475. That's the 1976 280z. Now that I have both cars on my driveway - I'm looking for the engine ID numbers - to see if the engines been changed at all - particularly in the 1970 240z. The VIN plates on the door and the dash match with HLS30 04044 and I want to know if the engine original. If any one knows where on the engine I can find this info please share - thinking I've bitten off a lot here with the
  6. It's an estate sale situation so the guy selling it for the estate doesn't really know much about the cars. That's why I'm relying on the VIN to tell what I need to know. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I was pretty sure about the 1970 - its the other one that has me puzzled too! Since I'm buying them to rebuild and sell I really need to know what that XS3 number is! I'm trying the NissanHelp forums too.
  8. I only saw a post from 2005 about this so forgive me if I should be posting elsewhere - I have two VIN numbers for cars I'm purchasing - But I thought the one car was a '72 though the current owner is telling me that it's a '76. Can anyone confirm the model and year by these VIN's? HLS30-04044 and XS3 0T6285475. Thank you!
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