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  1. No, the caps will not interchange. The 240Z to early 260Z (thin bumper) will interchange. The later 260Z (thick bumper) and 280Z will interchange. The hole opening on the 280Z model is smaller then on the 240Z model. Has to do with going to unlead gas and pollution controls of that time period. Sorry, Rich.
  2. Yes, you can put a l-28 into the 240Z. It is mostly a drop in for you. It will increase the horsepower/torque that you can use. Make sure the head you are using has got the bolt holes in it for the carb manifold. The 280Z E-79 head is set-up for fuel injection and has round exhaust ports. Change it to a square port exhaust head (E-31,E-88 or E-90). I have put this engine w/E-31 head into my 71 240Z. The L-28 block came out of a 280ZX with dished pistons. I have been able to run regular gas with it. I also use three 45mm DCOE Weber carbs on it with a mild cam. Head has been ported and polished with the big valves in it. For you the SU's should work fine. Good Luck, Rich.
  3. First, you need to know that the 280Z came with a 5-speed. Depending on what you are going to do with the car. You need to decide if it is going to be used for gas milage or speed. For gas milage use the 280Z 5-speed. For speed go to the early 280ZX 5-speed. Also switch out the rearend to a 280ZX R200. You can go to a 3:52 or 3:90 gearing. For milage keep the stock gearing in it. Keep the throwout bearing and sleeve that comes with the transmission. Also get the drive shaft from a 280Z or 280ZX coupe that has a 5-speed in it. The 4-speed drive shaft is to long. Most every thing after that is a bolt in. About the speedo gearing, check out the following site for info on which gear you will need: Zdriver.com Zcar.com Zhome.com HybridZ.org Depending on mods you have on the car. They will tell you which color gear you will need for it to read correct. I had 15" tires and had to use the white gear. Good Luck, Rich.
  4. To make use The crank you are going to need the following: L-28 block from 280ZXT E-31 or E-88 or E-90 head 9mm rods out of L-24 block special pistons (see note) Special head gasket The best machine shop you can find. Lots of money and luck. High pressure oil pump New cam Head porting and poishing Engine blueprinted and balanced Are you going to use carbs or turbos? If you go turbo get the complete engine out of a 280ZXT (wiring harness to). Check out the following sites: ZDriver.com Zcar.com Zhome.com HybridZ.org use the sites to get all of the info you can on this stroker motor. If you go carbs try to use 3 side drafts (like Weber DCOE) on it. note: Depending on what you find out at the web sites. You have to decide what size piston you will use (they will give you several choices to pick from) (depending on what piston you go with they will also tell you what size head gasket you will need). It is going to take you a lot of time and money to make it work. It will give you more horsepower and torque to play with if done properly. An overbored L-28 is cheaper and almost as much horsepower. Good Luck, Rich.
  5. We found the addresses in the back of the Grassroots Motorsports Mag.: Jeff Winters Ralley/Sports 7102 Raliegh ST. #3 Westminister, CO 80030 phone: 1-303=427-0510 also try: The Performance Warehouse phone: 1-800-654-2778 also try: Overseas distributing 210 E. 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC, Canada V5T 1G5 phone: 1-800-665-5031 1-604-879-6288:cool: hope it helps, Rich.
  6. I would recommend Jeff Winters from Ralley/Sports in Denver CO. Don't have his number on me at this time. But you should be able to get his number from telephone assistance. He sells parts and carbs from his shop for the Webers. He also makes a special manifold for the Datsun 510. So he should be able to help you find the manifold you are looking for.
  7. Yes it has been done. A long time a go, haven't seen any now days. Saw some advertisements on one of the sites a while back. It had a thing about a over head rack system with it. Don't know if that will help any. May have been a dealer option or special order by someone else.
  8. Yes you can put it in. Check out HybridZ.org for more inf on the swap.
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