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Intake Manifold-Triple Webbers


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I am getting ready to install tripple webbers on my Z but I can seem to find a intake manifold. I know Canon makes one, but where can you buy them? website? Also, is there a difference in the manifold from one year to the next.....HELP!!


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i'm not positive, but i *think* Motorsport Auto used to sell 'em.

Otherwise i'd probably browse the classifieds at zcar.com-

hate to lug that site here (sorry Mike), but the volume of stuff for sale is impressive. You might try a "want to buy" post on the IZCC mail list too. Hope that helps, JSA

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You could also try Impact Parts. I bought some parts fro my Webers from them and I was told they could get me any pieces for the throttle linkage etc. that I might need. Of course that was a few years ago, like everything else.....

The old catalog I have gives an info line phone number: 1-914-434-3338

Good Luck!

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I would recommend Jeff Winters from Ralley/Sports in Denver CO. Don't have his number on me at this time. But you should be able to get his number from telephone assistance. He sells parts and carbs from his shop for the Webers. He also makes a special manifold for the Datsun 510. So he should be able to help you find the manifold you are looking for.:)

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We found the addresses in the back of the Grassroots Motorsports Mag.:

Jeff Winters


7102 Raliegh ST. #3

Westminister, CO 80030

phone: 1-303=427-0510

also try:

The Performance Warehouse

phone: 1-800-654-2778

also try:

Overseas distributing

210 E. 4th Ave.

Vancouver, BC, Canada V5T 1G5

phone: 1-800-665-5031


hope it helps, Rich.

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