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  1. right now, my 240z is a daily driver, bread winner. monday to friday office worker, and a finance analyst on the weekend, when i am lucky i got a chance to frequent the junk-yard near by to look at old z's (not too many anymore) if i can find any thing that i might need. right now i have a stock 280/ f54 block/p90 head/5spd t5/ 89LSD, painted mustang blue. my only problem is the smoke smell. i am thinking of installing a diesel motor(complete motor in the backyard). Gas is 3.08/gallon. i drive about 4 hours everyday round trip. and it probably make it different from the next z.
  2. is the yolk for an 82 5 spd borg warner transmission rebuildable? i notice a clanking sound on my 72 240z car. i find out it is coming from a bad universal joint on the transmission end of the drive shaft. i pressed the u-joint out. the yoke does not look rebuildable. the u-joint housing does not have grove for the lock for the u-joint to stay in place. am i not just seeing it? if it is not rebuildable, what other input shaft is compatible with the borg warner transmission? thanks!!
  3. i replace the r180 on my 72 240z with an lsd from 87. the problem is the driver side half shaft wont snap locked. i know there is a circlip in there because i check it before installing the differential. can anybody please give me an idea what problem i am looking at?
  4. i plan to install a headers on my 72 240z, i dont race, i only want it to look good when i open the hood and trouble free. which one is better and easier to install.
  5. hf240z

    r200 lsd

    Hi, you are right it did not come from a 280z it came from an 86 300zx, although nothing recorded in that year with an lsd, it looks like an R200. what i did is i swap the shaft, the shaft i labaled (from the junk yard) right i install it in the left, and i installed the shorter stub in the drivers side/ it snap in (circlip) but the one on the passenger side does not seem to snap on the circlip (it was there in the first place just hidden in the groove) it seems out by 1/4 of an inch. i am already using the car/runs very good.
  6. hi, what shifter boots did you use or better yet, did you use a mustang T5 shifter?, what shifter (rubber) boots did you use for it?
  7. i just did a t5 swap, orig 72 240z 4 spd to bw t5 from 82 turbo z. it is a direct bolt on exept that i flatten the front part of the original transmission mount(both ends) and drill a hole half inch infront of the original hole. the only hard part is i welded the flatten part to the rest of the bracket to make it more sturdy. also i have to cut the original drive shaft front yoke and replace it with the t5 yoke. i have it done on a local machine shop. e-mail me if you need picture. it is hard to describe what i did, but it is really simple. i also swap an lsd and it is a bolt swap. my e-mail is hf240z@yahoo.com.
  8. if i am the one buying a z, i will go for no smog year z. what ever year you buy, one way or another you have to fix it anyway. at least you dont have to worry about smog test, year after year.
  9. i have one, from a 72 240z, i will trade it with other parts. i just install an lsd, i need a back cover of an r200 and a piece of metal connecting the rear part of the rear a-arm together. this part goes behind the differential. by the way, i am too too far from you, i am in walnut, california next to west covina and diamond bar.
  10. hf240z

    r200 lsd

    i install a 5 spd borg warner tranny and a r200 lsd. my problem is there seem to be no locking ring on the passenger side of the differential and the shaft on the left seem to be longer 'coz the rear tire seem to be toeing in. does the passenger side should also have a ring so that when i insert the half shaft, it should snap in. how will i know i have the right drive shaft. i took it from a 280z and installing it to a 240z.
  11. I still have my 4 barrel intake. paid $75 for. it is one of those wasted money. any one who want to share my mistake?
  12. u r right just as soon as i switch the caliper and bleed it, the break feels really safe. i think it still need more bleeding but i think the stopping power is more than i needed. i will bleed it again when i have nothing to thinker with. thank your so much guys.
  13. where can we get this speedbleeders? and thanks to everybody for extending your experiences with the conversion.
  14. i upgraded the front brake caliper on my 72 240z with a 4 piston caliper from a 79 or 80 toyota 4 x4. i use the original brake line and a 15/16 brake master cylinder from a 280z. the rotors are newly turned and i put a new brake pads. i bleed the front and the rear brake. the brake are spongy and have to pump twice for the caliper to actually engage. please help my restless 240z? what did i do wrong? i decided to hire a mechanic to check it. he said that the 4 piston caliper is much to big for the brake master, help???help ???
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