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T-tops on 240z?


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I don't remember seeing one done, but I guess it could be. But you would have to do some chassis reinforcement, same as the convertible kits do. You would be taking out a lot of the structural integrity of the car taking that big a chunk out of the roof. The 240's were made of rather thin sheetmetal to begin with, that's why so many have rusted into oblivion.

If you want to look at the convertible kit, go to www.reactionresearch.com then click on automotive and look for the Z Spyder. The have a chassis reinforcement kit in the price list.

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Yes it has been done. A long time a go, haven't seen any now days. Saw some advertisements on one of the sites a while back. It had a thing about a over head rack system with it. Don't know if that will help any. May have been a dealer option or special order by someone else.

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