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  1. slickseventeen

    The Beginning

    Two cool things in this picture, me being a rebel so young and the car.
  2. Mallory is under the Mr. Gasket name. www.mrgasket.com If you want parts for your mallory you can try www.partsamerica.com thats who i used, but they are expensive parts. Good luck ~patrick
  3. Its alive..... rather than flip the distributor i just flipped all the plug wires. Thanks to everyone's efforts including many on this site i am happy to say that my 1973 Datsun 240z now runs and runs beautifully. There will be many pictures ahead and possibly a little video of the excitement. Thank you and have fun with your Z's
  4. I have a 1973 240z with a bob sharp holley carb. setup, also with a mallory duel point distributor. When i started the car up for the first time since i cleaned it up it wouldn't start. I am getting spark and since there was a loud pop out the tail pipe im guessing im getting compression. Also since some fuel spraid out the carb. We played with the timing a lot. But what gets me is that the distributor is turned opposite of the stock unit. It worked for my dad years ago with the same setup. Is their anything that i might be missing? I would like to get this puppy started Thanks, Patrick
  5. That is a nice car. What does the interior look like? any cracks or anyother damage? I am very interested in your interior because mine is the same year and color.
  6. I have a '73 240z and was wondering what type of oil is good for my manual trans. ?
  7. I have a '73 240z and was wondering if 240 and 280 locking gas caps are interchangeable? The locking gas cap i have now won't unlock anymore. Thanks
  8. Hey guys my name is Patrick and I am 18 years old. I have a blue 1973 240z that I got from my dad a year ago. I have been working hard on her and hope to have her running soon. I'm a high school senior right now and plan to go to an automotive school in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its called UTI and they have a Nascar program. www.uticorp.com I cant wait to go.
  9. Im going to have to fab a new heat sheild myself. The '73 heat sheild i have does not fit over my new headers. If you want i can send you a picture of what mine looks like or if you want it, its yours.
  10. I have a '73 240z with a holley carb on it. The only linkage I used was the accelerator linkage and since I have a electric choke, I dont use the choke wires. If you want more pics go to my web page, http://www.geocities.com/datsunguy2002/
  11. Well I have a '73 240z and right now im refinishing the L24 engine. It has a four barrel Holley Carb. set up and I was wondering if I still needed the Flow Guide Valve? The person who set it up a long time ago left it in place and it looks weird not being hooked up to anything but the Vapor vent line which goes to the Vapor Liquid separator, above the gas tank. Thanks for any help.
  12. Hey I found some bolts from Zcreations. Thanks for the help.
  13. I was wondering how much a L24 engine weighs? I want to take my engine out but i want to know what kind of engine stand to buy. Thanks guys.
  14. me agian, as i tryed to take off one of the thromostat bolts, one broke. It left me with none of the bolt sticking out. Oh man i couldnt beleive it, i need some help whether to use a screw extractor or use a tap and die. I love my 1973 240z but it dont love me... so sad, well i wont give up. Please any info. will help. Thank u
  15. i have a 1973 Datsun 240z, engine type L-24. I need help on getting bolts for this engine type. I would need bolts for the valve cover, intake and exhast manifold bolts, oil pan bolts, thermostat housing bolts, and water inlet bolts. Any help is apprciated
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