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  1. Sorry for your loss, much to young. Remember the good times. Best of luck with the new home and with the Zcar. Just keep at it.
  2. Thank You! The help you can find on this forum is the best and much appreciated. Steve
  3. Thanks Steve. I purchased the same motor as SteveJ, it needs the "T" connector. Any idea of the wire gauge needed?
  4. SteveJ Do you have a source for the connector that plugs into the blower? I have the wire and pins to make the pigtail. Would like to source the connector. Thank You Steve E
  5. Sean

    Please contact me about purchasing a complete system for my car.

    Stock 1972 240Z

    Thank You

    Steve Englund

    1. Sean Dezart

      Sean Dezart

      Hi Steve, thanks for the headsup. I received your email and I'm worling through them all - BW got a bit crazy so I'm behind with my replies...will today !

      Best rgds,


    2. SteveE


      Thank you!  Just wanted to make sure you saw my email


  6. Sure....just have to leave the driver home 😄
  7. I would be in for one of those
  8. Kind of organized with my tools (still not that easy to find sometimes) but can not remember how to do somethings. But now that I am using this tool in the digital age I have my picture. Now to keep track of the picture😂
  9. "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" Thanks Guys Thought I tried that last night but must not of had a good connection on the spade terminal. Steve
  10. Thanks Steve Manual Transmission This is just a switch to turn over/start the car from the engine bay. Have attached a picture and the instructions. I last used this 40 years ago and can't remember how I hooked it up. What I have tried so far has not worked. The instructions are little sketchy.
  11. Where do I hook up my remote starter? Has two leads, thinking positive cable & ? 72 240Z Thanks! Steve
  12. Jeff Not questioning you at all, but please explain why zero offset will look better. Thanks Steve
  13. No Mike I think it gets started by posting "mostly a fun post to push a few buttons" Steve
  14. I have sand and dirt between the rubber gasket (shim?) and the glass that I would like to clean. Is this as straight forward as it seems? Anything to watch out for putting it back together? Thanks! Steve
  15. Where to you get those "rubber round thingy's" ?😄 I could use a couple for my front bumper. Thanks Steve
  16. A track full of "Jaws" characters!
  17. Is this for real? About half way through I started to laugh my arse off once I figured out the Jaws reference and really watched that guy. His bike looks like a Honda 50 from the 70's☺️ and his style is way different also. Pretty cool tho.
  18. Here is where the other end of the long hose from the tank attaches.
  19. 1/2" elbow and 1/2 street elbow with 2 short sections of 1/2 pipe for the hose to slide unto. 5/8" hose.
  20. Getting ready to put my refurbished fuel tank back in, wondering if I need any sealant on the filler tube to tank connection? 1972 240Z
  21. @RIP260Z Would it be possible to send along the detailed mounting instructions. Thanks Steve
  22. Ian Sorry I did not see this when first posted. "I sold restored footrest to a member here, maybe if he is looking, he can say what he think to my replacement foot grip." I believe I am that member. Ian's restored footrest is beautiful, although I have not installed it yet, it still looks great in the box :) The ribbed portion is perfect. Thanks again Steve
  23. In the drawing above, where does hose #18 go/attach to?
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