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  1. Does anyone know, if the scuff plate for a 2+2 is the same as a coupe. I tried to refurbish mine with rubberized undercoating and seemed to work OK!!
  2. Hi All, I have a early 260Z 2+2 and all fender and rear side hatch emblems were plastic. The only exeption was the hood emblem, which was solid metal. The reason I know this is because the thing came off while driving and cracked the windshield. rbm260z
  3. Thanks Beandip, good advise!: :classic:
  4. I need help in reference to the tail light gaskets. I just received them and both are the same. Both have a recessed area for the bolt/nut to go through. Would it make a difference if one of the gaskets (right side OK) left side is reversed, all holes match up and appear to be OK on the left side. Should I use contact spray to hold in place while installing them? Any help will be appreciated!!! Randy rbm260z
  5. rbm260z

    Carpet woes

    Try this number for your carpet. It is a company in Georgia and the contact person is Danny. 888 769-9090 Hope it works!!!!
  6. Can anybody tell me, where I can find a good used washer bottle for my 260Z 2+2, (early74). I've looked at local junk yards and can't find a 74 Z. If you can find one they want a arm and leg for a new one!!!! Any help out there?? Thanks
  7. Wix is the best filter going based on clinical testing!!! Synthetic oil from Mobile 1 is very expensive as are other brand names. But, Wal-Mart has their own brand of synthetic oil and is $11.88 for a 5 quart container (10-30), back here on the east coast.
  8. With as many problems with the spindle pins as there are, has anybody looked into the web site that has a solid pin in it?? http://www.modern-motorsports.com I will be doing my suspension soon and wonder if anyone has seen or used this rear adjustable control arm?
  9. Ed, do you have the web site for MSA or a phone number to contact MSA??
  10. After looking for ways to let heat out from under the hood, I'm looking at the inspection lids to vent air out of them. Does anyone know of a shop where I can have these pressed to create louvers. I've seen many pictures of the Z car's with these on them and feel this would help cool down the engine. They also look good too!!
  11. Thanks for the info everyone!! I did contact Zedd and was given great info for my application and at a great price!!!!!!!!!! Again thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The rust is bad enough to replace, but will comfirm with body guy who is coming over to view the damage. Is Zedds or Zed a web site??
  14. The rust is bad enough to replace, but will comfirm with body guy who is coming over to view the damage. Is Zedds or Zed a web site??
  15. I'm rebuilding my 260z 2+2 and removed the carpet on the passenger side and discovered rust in a few spots. I suspect that the panel will have to be replaced based on what I saw! Being a 2+2, is there a panel for the 12 inches behind the seat rail and can I buy just one panel and not two sides. Thanking you in advance!!
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