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  1. Thanks HS30-H, AK260 and Zed Head. It's great to have so much support within the Z community and from both sides of the pond.
  2. Hi everyone. I am the owner of the rolling shell for sale on Ebay and the instigator of this thread - big apologies for not making this clear in the first place. Also sorry for not participating more in the discussions but I've been busy the last few days preparing the rear of my 1970 240Z car for primer and a base coat before the cold weather takes a hold. I must also apologise to HS30-H (Albrecht) for copying his thread from the ZClub UK website without acknowledging him or asking his permission to do so. So in my view the real interest in the shell is that it is a low 260Z chassis number that was taken off the production line before being built up into a complete car. I know that I have no paperwork to prove this but I am very confident that anyone who has experience with working on S30 cars who see it in the flesh would agree. I suppose my question is, how much would a similar shell sell for if Nissan were to offer one today as a spare part? Now in terms of the BSR association. Let's face it, it's a nice story BUT even if it were true the shell was never actually built into a race car. It's an association - nothing more. Saying that, if it was eventually completed as a BSR tribute car then it would be a fitting conclusion to the story. The Skyline conversion was undertaken maybe 5 or more years ago by a small restoration shop who are local to me and who specialise in MGB's. They have done an OK job but in hind-sight it should have gone to a Z specialist. Four years ago out of the blue I had a serious illness and it took me some time to recover from that and shortly afterwards I took early retirement. I recently concluded that owning three Z's was not a good long-term strategy so I sold my 260Z UK track-day car about 6 weeks ago and now the 260Z US rolling shell is for sale. To be honest, I really don't want to let it go but in reality it's the right thing to do as it would mean that I can concentrate my resources on the 240Z which will keep me busy for the next year or two at the pace I'm currently achieving i.e. very slow. Regarding the asking price, yes I've set it on the high side and why not? I'm in no rush to sell and I have in fact had some interest from a couple of people. I'm under no time or financial pressure to let it go so I thought OK let see what happens. I'm aware that it is unlikely that it will go state-side especially considering the additional shipping and import costs involved but if you don't try then you'll never know. I just thought that it would be good to let you guys know that this shell was for sale. I also really don't mind any negative comments, I'm too old and ugly enough to get wound up about things like that any more. Hope you all have a good day, Dave
  3. See discussions on The Z Club in the UK https://zclub.net/community/index.php?threads/for-sale-on-ebay-datsun-260z-rolling-shell-–-chassis-no-rls30-000017.27579/#post-316788 It was first imported to the UK by Fourways Engineering - at least 30 years ago - to be used in the build-up of a race car. It was Fourways who carried out the reversible LHD to RHD conversion, but then the project was shelved and put into storage. I first saw it in person at least 20 years ago.The story linking it to Bob Sharp Racing in the USA is very likely true. I believe this bodyshell was picked off the production line to be sent to Bob Sharp - as a spare in case of crash damage to his race car(s) - in late 1973 during the transition from '240Z' to '260Z' and the low chassis number is very close to those in other Bob Sharp '260Z' cars. Geoff Jackson of Fourways told me that they bought the bodyshell on the east coast of the USA from a former member of Bob Sharp's team.There's no V5 with the bodyshell as it was never built up into a car and (being intended as a race car) never registered in the USA, so there was no 'title' and it was imported to the UK as spare parts with no intention to use it on the road.
  4. OK thanks for the response. Yes, tried ZClub UK and got the answer to the threaded bolt holes but still not sure about the steel plate ? Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this before seeing as the 1970-73 models are more common in the USA.
  5. OK thanks Zed Head - title changed as recommended.
  6. Hi all, I need reminding please of what the threaded holes are for marked 'A' on my 1970 240Z differential mount . Also, am I correct in saying that the small steel plate marked 'B' goes between the mount and the insulator - it's been some time since I dismantled it but I'm pretty sure it does. Thanks
  7. Does anyone have the Nissan part no.'s for the 4x metal brake/fuel pipe clips and rubbers located along the tunnel and also the one located on the rear cross member ? Are these still available to order ? Thanks.
  8. Tom, I have already done a search and I can't find any answers. The search results go back 12 months - how do I search in the 'archives' before then ?
  9. Are there any reasons why I can't use a 240Z tank in an early 260Z car ? I presume that they have the same shape, the same support straps and outlets etc ? Were there any mods made on the tank for the electric fuel pump set-up on the 260Z ? Thanks.
  10. I'm doing the RB25DET in a 260Z conversion and wondered whether the Skyline brake servo will fit OK. I have an old 260Z servo but not sure how well it operates, also have a good Skyline servo with master cylinder. They are both approx. 7.5" diameter and the linkage lengths are approx. the same. Will need to change the bolt holes positions and widen out the bulkhead aperture but apart from that are there any other issues / reasons why I can't ? Has anyone tried this ? Also, any problems using the 260Z clutch master cylinder with the RB25DET slave unit ? Do I need to use the Skyline cylinder to make the standard clutch operate correctly ? Note - I have also posted the same question on the HybridZ site. <!-- / message -->
  11. I inspected my brake shoes yesterday and the thickness was fine but the surfaces had several cracks. Drums were fine. Is this normal or is it a sign of over-heating ? I have done a couple of track days recently. Anything to worry about - should they be replaced ?
  12. I've been refurbishing my 240Z rear suspension recently and when ticking new parts off the microfiche I came across item no. 55418 N3000 on section no. 92-10. Described as a plate to the diff mounting member. Haven't noticed one of these on any cars before but there are two holes there to bolt it on. Were they always factory fitted ? Anyone got a picture and one to sell ? Thanks, Dave
  13. I'm replacing the fasteners on my rear suspension and notice that there are some slight differences in some of the part no.'s quoted on the microfiche e.g. there are 2 types of M10 washers - 08915-44010 & 08915-54010 and 2 types of M10 nut - 08911-14010 & 08911-24010. Is the difference with respect to the thicknesses ?
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