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  1. I put black fabric FD rx7 seats in my car which had a cream interior, i think it looks really nice and breaks up the black/cream look more - since the dash and centre console is black, and carpet which must have been black at some point in time. sorry the pic is so zoomed in, it was taken with a fixed lense... my car also has arm rests, and after seeing some cars where they are cream i'd have to say i prefer the look of the black, but mayb thats just me?
  2. Anyone here familiar with the various products from looking into them for their parents and have any feedback or experience which may be of interest? Does anyone here own a segway? or had a go on one?
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently in my final year of product design engineering, for which I am to develop a product which has a social or environmental benefit. From looking at current mobility products, i have found that they do not promote continual exercise, instead encourage users to be "lazy", ie. owners can not walk at all if they know they will eventually need their scooter/golf cart/segway, resulting in them experiencing no exercise. The proposed product is an electronically powered mobility assistant, which can be used as both a walking frame and ride-on unit. The product will be small and lightweight, allowing it to be easily loaded and transported in a car, unlike current powered devices. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone with the time to do so could complete the survey linked below so I can use the information to validate a market need. Unfortunately that site only allows for 10 questions so it does not get very specific, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated (as it is a known fact that Z owners are among the smartest people in the world!), and I will add it to what I have already conducted in person. http://www.questionpro.com/akira/gateway/971455 Thanks -Evan
  4. look into 3m VHB (very high bond) tape. It's used to hold those exterior panels to buildings which you can't see any rivit/screws/weld marks on, they reakon something like if a square metre is held on with a 20x20 angle profile around the outside with 20mm wide tape, the profile will bend in 400km/h+ winds before the tape will let go. i had a sample for work and put mayb a 70mmX10mm on two peices of metal and there was no way i could pull them apart, although when used on paint i assume it would be the weak link and just pull off your paint...but yeah, very strong tape. another thing you could use would be sikaflex or something similar. Toecutter's rear spoiler is only held on with this and its impossible to budge
  5. who's back yard is #305 in? yours or "charlie's" and what got put back where 5-6 months ago?
  6. i'm sure you could keep the halo, another thing that looks pretty cool is just a small light behind the projector itself, gives it an eiry glow. what i think you might find is that ur never really really happy (but u just settle for something) as there's always a way to make them better, if you look around hidplanet you'll see just how awesome you can get hid's to be
  7. sorry, i didn't make myself very clear, look at the headlight bucket and the light on it, not the actual light itself as in both example the whole thing is being lit up (although this is no longer the case with mine thanks to the coke can ) you can see a nice crispish line where the light doesn't project above on the zed buckets using the bmw ones, where with your projectors the light goes everywhere, including oncoming traffics eyes. this could well b that there is no shield within your projectors to block off half this light, and there is nothing stopping the reflector from reflecting it everywhere. this shield is also what causes the light to look blue to uncoming traffic as it defracts around it. Projectors themselves aren't very complicated at all, the lense just spreads the light instead of it hitting a reflector and being spread around
  8. i was considering those lights off ebay when i was wanting to buy mine but assumed the focal length of the projectors wasn't correct as they are made for h4 lights not hid length globes, and the projectors aren't sealed so the light goes everywhere as you can see from the picture of the bucket and here is a picture using hid projectors for comparison you can see how much less glare is directed at oncoming traffic, and since this picture was taking i've sealed off the projector better by using a coke can as its the correct diameter, so light can only go through the projector, so mayb give that a try so ur not blinding everyone! www.hidplanet.com has brand new e46 projectors and all the electronics needed cheap and ofcourse its heaps better quality than kits off ebay...
  9. My l26 recently developed a bad tapping noise, i've adjusted the tappets to .25 for inlet and .30mm for exhaust when at operating temp, i'm sure they are as close to spot on as i can physically get them! At one stage the noise got worse as i hadn't tightened the locking nut up enough so it had moved quite a bit, and after fixing it back up and checking them all again, going for a drive and checking them again i have no idea why the noise is still happening. Currently when i start the car (it doesn't blow heaps of smoke when started which i read was one way to see if the valves weren't sealing.) the noise isn't there and it all sounds normal, then as soon as its revved above approx 2000rpm the noise happens and stays there when the rev's are lowered back to idel for a bit over half a minute and then its silent again until revved. This made me think it was possibly an oil problem so i've cleaned out the cam oil distributer and ran it with the cover off and they all put out oil! any ideas? is it bad to drive my car with this noise happening? well i realise it would be bad (i'm not overly attached to keeping this motor running), but is there much of a chance of it braking down on me by something major failing? as i really want to take it on a nice long drive tomorrow. Thanks, and sorry for the long post - Evan
  10. photo taken on viczcar's great ocean road cruise the ride height and rust spots have been photoshoped...
  11. i agree with liking r32's over 33's, but the price makes buying an 32's stupid. stagea's are pretty cheap for what they are? why do you have to have a car thats no more than 7 year old? have you concidered a renault clio sport? fwd limits any real stupidity, 2002+ so very new, 12ish grand if you look long enough, very ugly so no cop attention. although i'm not sure if i'd like to know how much parts for them are...and there's always barina SRi's, my mum has one and when u get over how much they look like a chicks car and the weird driving position its a bit of fun, and they won wheel's bang for buck a few years in a row i'd love to get a legacy gtb as a daily driver/functional car, although i dont have that sort of money to waste on a car, and if i did i'd want to waste it on the zed
  12. my cars a 76 260z and is colour #240, and looks nothing like the green #240 pics on that zhome page i think it is if i were to paint it green i'd either do this colour again, or a bmw one like whats on the new mini's. although this stock colour is a yellowy green, where as alot of the darker ones are bluey greens, so i think deciding which end of the scale you want to go for would is the hardest. good luck! since you're just wanting to do a cheap paint job go grab yourself a tin of brightside yacht paint in the dark green and see how you go, you never know, u might b happy enough with it and save yourself a few hundred so you can spend the money elsewhere for now then get her the paintjob she deserves in a few yrs when you can pay to get it done right!
  13. i came across a picture of it, but this is the only info to go with it "4WD Chev V8 powered 260Z" i like the bonnet, is that to go with the law regarding having to have all hot bits covered?
  14. i believe its up halfway on the back on the right? or you can just put it in the sides when you have them pulled out of it?
  15. there is a hillclimb 260z 2+2 in Australia that i've heard of that is running a v8 and is 4wd, i'd love to find out more information on it, but at this stage this is all i know!
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