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Have all R33 gtst's been thrashed

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I've been taking a few R33 GTST's for test drives recently and it seems that they are all thrashed to the point that I can feel the suspension falling apart beneath my feet. One 50+ owner even did a lurid powerslide up a hill in third while showing me how it went (it really made me want to buy it...NOT). It did go quite well but when it was my turn to drive it I put it in 4th on the motor way then floored it and the accelleration was not constant but kind of fluttering as the boost kicked in.

I'm after a new daily driver and seeing that the prices for quite a few GTST's are just above the 10k mark I thought I'd look into them. I have been very dissapointed in the quality of them though :disappoin

The only one that drove better than my old $^!# as cressida was a $20k one with only 36000kms on the clock and that is way out of my price range.

Should I keep looking for a unthrashed R33 GTST or just buy a soarer for 5k less??? I'm a nissan lad at heart but the soarer's are just like flying armchairs and I find myself leaning towards them.

Please somebody talk some sense into me quickly.

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Bought a 1993 R33 GTST back in 2005.

Had ~60,000K on the clock.

Stock as a rock, with 4spd auto.

Best car I've ever had or driven:)

Being auto, all the boy racers avoided it, to my advantage.

I'm sure you could get a decent one if you "ordered" the car from a reputable importer.

Mine was for sale in Adelaide but was complied in Brisbane.


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Forget the Soarer unless you don't mind using tech-screws and liquid nails. I had a mate with the twin turbo and a 5 spd. I remember the first time I drove it and gave it a bit of stick. The owner was in the passenger seat telling me or asking me how good it was. I was still waiting for something to happen - if you know what I mean.

Anyway, it was falling apart on the inside. I fixed his "starwars dash" after having to take just about everything including the steering column out to get the cluster out. Everthing was cracked or in pieces. The roof lining, the roof panels, wall panels, seat belts, door panels, everthing.

I fixed it all up with silicon, tech screws and liquid nails. Which lasted, but the doors were so heavy that the trims continually cam off.

I'm still a fan of the more nimble R32, but they are getting on the older side. If you can hold out for that good Nissan, it's worth the hunt ;-)

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I kinda agree with you camo, I've always thought the R33 was the ugly overweight skyline and I do like the R32 more but they're just too old now for the price that people are asking and I can't afford to do the 240K and buy a R34 this is why I went the R33 route (not that I mind the r33 it's just up against better looking skylines). I never really liked the look of the Z32 and it doesn't have the turbo RB engine which is what I really want under the bonnet.

I think I'll wait for a while until the right Nissan comes up as beyond has advised, the dealers are asking too much for my budget so I have been looking at private ones, with only 11k max I'm just short of being able to afford the nice ones.

How much did you pay for yours Nissanman? I'm going to start looking at autos as what you mentioned makes great sense in regards to advoiding the thrashed ones I been test driving.

Hey Alfa what did you end up driving after you sold the replica? do you miss having one of the nicest K's around?

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I can't say anything I drive a Cressida, In all fairness your suggestion was probably the best advice for me Alfa as I have a driving record 3 pages long and can't insure cars for another 2.5 years due to licence loss.

I'm just going to risk the 11k worth of whatever as I've never had an accident and if I don't get a nice new car my boss will fire me and there goes my car allowance. My boss found out I was driving an old cressida and it's in my contract to have a car not more than 7 years old. It was very hard to get him to agree to the R33 or Soarer but I know he doesn't want to fire me just want's me to play by the rules.

Hmmmm Camrys are really cheap but will it drive better than the Cressida? and will girls still pay me out when they get in one? this happens all the time any chics get in the cressida, with it's white paint and burgandy velour interior it is so so styling. Even the DVD system doesn't stop the laughs, in fact I think it increases them LOL

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Mine was advertised at $17K, I offered him $16K and deal was done.

This was back in May, 2005.

My wife has lost the ability [desire] to drive a manual and the auto was just great so I didn't mind it a bit.

Car was very well looked after, absolutely stock as a stone.

It had been sitting after compliencing for some 6 months until I saw it on their web site.

It is getting old now too but so what:rolleyes:

The 1986 Commodore I had was in an advance state of leprosy, it had to go:(

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if you have a bad driving history, is it really worth getting a skyline? especially if you can't insure it (i presume you would get third party at least!?)? wouldn't it be better to get something a little more understated and insurable?

i guess it depends what you are after, a soarer is not going to handle.. and after a while you will get sick of driving a boat :)

R33's are good, but you really want to get a Series 2 (1996+) model, parts are cheap and easily found these days which is good.. it is going to be hard to get a bargain and a good one at the same time though.. atleast there are plenty of them out there.. just stick to your guns and don't compromise :)

how about an impreza RX (2.5L), stick a turbo on it (or complete wrx head etc.), and a bit of suspension work and you have your own sti!.. cheap to insure, all wheel drive, comfortable and sporty?

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i agree with liking r32's over 33's, but the price makes buying an 32's stupid. stagea's are pretty cheap for what they are?

why do you have to have a car thats no more than 7 year old?

have you concidered a renault clio sport? fwd limits any real stupidity, 2002+ so very new, 12ish grand if you look long enough, very ugly so no cop attention. although i'm not sure if i'd like to know how much parts for them are...and there's always barina SRi's, my mum has one and when u get over how much they look like a chicks car and the weird driving position its a bit of fun, and they won wheel's bang for buck a few years in a row

i'd love to get a legacy gtb as a daily driver/functional car, although i dont have that sort of money to waste on a car, and if i did i'd want to waste it on the zed LOL

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I did use mine as a daily driver for a year but my neck became permenantly red from the sunburn and I couldn't drive with the roof up as the fuel filler was in the boot and leaked fumes into the cabin.

Do you use yours as a daily driver Nigel?

Yes, I do,

I don't do a lot of miles in it, since work is only 5 minutes from my home, but I do enjoy driving my car, the only down side, if I',m going to do work on it, normally I do it on weekends, so I must make sure that it wont take more than two days to do..

else I have to find other ways to get to work, and since i'm to lazy to walk.


I'ts running EFI now so the last picture is out of date.


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Due to my history it isn't worth getting a R33, Soarer or anything above Cressida value but I just can't be told that as I buy on emotion not responsibilty/sensibility. And how cool would it be to have an R33 next to the vert 240k in the garage. I will just be getting third party on any car I own for the next 30 odd months. I have 2 months to find a new car before Boss man gets angry so I will wait for the perfect R33.

I couldn't buy an RX as I have told myself that the car I buy cannot have any modification plans involved. I'm just about to get a boat from my Dad really cheap and build that so I cannot afford any time for other projects beside the 240K & boat. Check www.scruffie.com and look at the stornaway weekender if you like boats.

Zedvan, it's in my contract as a sales manager not to have an old car, my boss has agreed that the 7 year rule is ok to ignore as long as the car looks good & newish. I don't mind frontwd and would happily drive a late 90's civic around but I would end up pulling the engine out and putting in a vtec B18C6 before too long, thus breaking my no mods rule and I really like sliding around the road in rwd's so I have been looking at them.

In saying that I agree with you and would also love a legacy wagon B5 or even an audi RS6 advant........I'm daydreaming again sry.

Noodle I'm jealous that you can drive your K, I miss mine being on the road. P.s it looks cool.

Sakilo, just put some plates on her and take it for a strap:stupid:

After the rego ran out in mine I used to drive it every now and again to a mates garage nearby just for fun, If I got jacked (which I never did) my excuse for driving unreg'd was that I was just on my way to get it checked out for rego. As yours isn't legalised yet that excuse may not hold.

If anyone see's a nice R33 series 6 (cheers Kent) in Sydney let me know.




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haha, you ba$tard. :). i had a dream last night about buying a series 2 GTST from some bodge laundromat in St Leonards..

i am not sure how you are going to resist the temptation of not modding an R33 though.. why don't you just buy a late model falcon/fairlane/commdore? cheap and good value for money (and cruisey, cheap to fix/run etc.).. or do what i did when i had the GTR, buy a pimpin 80's long wheel base merc for an everyday car :)

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Haha I nearly went and looked at a Skyline in Artarmon once but went skydiving instead, Artarmon is pretty close to St Leonards.

After looking at some of the C110's in the other thread I want one of those now instead of an R33, wish I had the money. It would be soooo sweet crusing in a C110

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