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AWD conversion


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Just asking in general.

I know that it would most likely take a hell of a lot of work, a lot of man hours, a lot of money and even a bit of cutting up a Z car to get everything to fit, but is AWD possible in a Z car?

Like take an SR or RB motor with an AWD system (for at least the 240-280), would it be possible to get it to work?

Are their any AWD Z cars floating around?

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There was/is one in Melbourne. (Sinista's, forgive the spelling if it's incorrect)

Basicly, it's a skyline with a zed body.

Shitload of work and money went into this car, unfortuately, there is no category for it to race in, so it only comes out to play for practice days.

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The one I'd heard of sounds like the one "zedevan" is talking about. It used a toyota hilux 4wd drivetrain and a Chev (I think) V8. It attended autocross events around here a few years ago.

If you were going to use an RB engine then keeping the front crossmember would be an easy way (providing it fits)

Sometimes you can get lucky. A good friend of mine recently put an entire front end (engine crossmember struts & gearbox) out of a nissan silva into a bluebird. The distance between the rials was very close to the same so all he had to do was slot some holes and modify the strut tops by swapping factory parts around.

I'd measue the distance between the bolts holding the crossmember to the rails in both cars. If they are close I'd say it there's a fair chance it could be done. You'd also have to consider the track of the car and compare to a zed. I'd say a gtr would be wider, by how much who knows???

One problem might be the castor bars on a zed point backwards where a skyline would most likely point forwards (can't say I've looked) you'd need to fix mounts for the castor bars probably to the underside of the radiator support panel.

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Ha that's funny, not long after I posted that last thread I was lucky enough to witness this car a month or so ago at a hill climb our club ran here in Shepparton. it is the one I had heard of. Man this thing is fast. I am 99% sure it's automatic and the acceleration especially off the line was by far the best on the day. Not really a zed anymore but impressive for what it is.

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