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  1. thank for the reply guys - and to Craig for the WAZ explanation too. $1200? you serious? that's a hell of a lot of money to pay for a crank. i was thinking stick it on eBay for $250 and see what happens - if it doesn't sell i was just going to put it in on ozdat and the local rag.
  2. how much do they normally sell for in good condition? i have one i need to offload to pay for a few mods, and someone told me they were worth a "fair bit". what's a "fair bit"? should i stick it on ebay?
  3. it always takes a bit of an "off" to realise just how far NOT to push it. was good you didn;t roll it - or worse - because you can learn from this and you know just how the car feels when it's at it's limit of traction. i'll bet it takes you another year to get back up to a similar entry speed in colb!!!
  4. if anyone EVER sees any classic BIG datto like these in WA - please let me know. please...
  5. if you were in WA, this would be in my carport by now. such a shame... :disappoin
  6. why is this stuff never in WA?
  7. seems most Z cars are sitting in garages and not being driven! what a debarcle....
  8. i'd say that's a very fair price. good luck.
  9. pretty sure - one my friends used to work at Nissan when i bought the 240C and had him chasing new old stock left, right and centre. he said the 240C and 260C 2 doors were all private imports - some imported by dealers, others by individuals. then again, the 260C has 2 body styles, the H230 (240C shape with L26 and different grille) and the P330 (new body / front panels / rear lights / L26) so he could have meant my body style only. in which case, if that were true, the above car could be an aust delivery. no way to tell really because of the fender mirror blanks on the guards there - which my car has also but is an aust del.
  10. all the Cs came in 2 door and 4 door versions. all 2 doors are imports.
  11. car is still for sale. please, no tyrekickers.
  12. those pics are shots of a storm front in kansas - not perth. the truck in the "blue sky shot" is on the RHS of the road - we drive on the LHS.
  13. if it were on some sort of wheels (ie a roller with diff, struts and steering) i would pay up to $2k for it. a good 240Z shell is hard to come by - let a lone one PROFESSIONALLY reparied.
  14. hey! word gets around fast! this is my car. there is a very genuine reason for sale - i need the cash to buy a block of land. as well as that, i literally have no time to work on it now with my 3month old bub to look after - it's almost being "neglected". i'll take $4000 now just to update - it really has to go. and yes, i'm very sad.
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