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  1. Unless an individual wants to pay - in advance - for a set in Magnesium, it is highly unlikely. Working with Mg creates a whole new group of issues... As Mr T alluded to in an earlier post, the cost of is exercise is exorbitant, as we are doing it buy the book - FEA, Stress Calcs, destructive testing, engineering type approval... And no Mr Desert, they are not commercially viable - we may not even make them available to anyone other than Gav and myself. Time will tell. I digress... I have nothing to add to this merry-go-round other than: If you want a set of Mr Deserts wheels, then buy a set. Or don't. Simples.
  2. A friend in the US converted the price for me & it works out at around $9,500 US...
  3. For Sale: L28 3.3ltr short engine. 89mm bore x 89mm stoke = 3322cc Engineered by Les Collins Racing. Built by myself under his direct guidance. F54 block. Acid dipped, 1/2 grout fill, sonic tested & offset bored to 89mm, & finial Diamond honed to exact clearance. Deck milled parallel to crank tunnel centreline. Clearanced crankcase, de-burred & painted in Gyptal. New gallery plugs. Blanked oil pressure relief port. Standard sump & pickup. Modified 89mm stroke crankshaft, oil gallery plugs tapped & plugged. Custom CNC billet steel 8.8kg flywheel to suit crank (no clutch assy). 137mm I-beam connecting rods with ARP2000 rod bolts. Custom SPS 89mm forged pistons – designed to work with a P90 head. New timing chain guides & new Kameari HD timing chain. New OEM front timing cover (de-burred, polished & water-jet blasted) fitted with replated bolts. New Water pump. *This short engine requires a P90 head to be used.* Depending on the specification of the head, cam & induction, this short engine had the potential to make 330hp & 280ft’lbs of torque. Please note however, that this IS NOT a race engine! I built this as a fast road engine for my 240Z only. I have the full build sheet (in Excel) available to prospective buyers Lots of time & money has been spent on this, so my loss is your gain. To recreate this short engine now, would cost over $14,000 Australian, so I’m selling below cost!!! Price: $13,000 Australian. Contact me here via PM, or Email: ljfowler (at) dcsi.net.au EFT payment ONLY. I can package & ship internationally at buyers expense. Any further information / questions can also be forwarded to Les Collins Racing. Option 2: I can supply this with a rebuilt P90 & suitable camshaft, and make it a complete long motor for extra $. Please PM me if you’d like to discuss this option. Any question pertaining to this engine, please ask.
  4. 50PHH Solex's are indeed uncommon. Expect to pay over USD$4,000.00 for a set of 3, ex Japan - if you can find some. Les & Greg have deliberately chosen NOT to release HP & Torque figures, as it just becomes a 'pissing contest' & plays no real part in the driving experience of the 240Z. I was lucky enough to sample the engine & gearbox when it was fitted to the 240Z 'Test Mule', before the engine & gearbox package was sent over to the US & I can attest that the performance is 'enough' - after my drive, my eyes were watering & I needed a change of underwear... Cost? To replicate a similar engine, gearbox & exhaust system would cost north of USD$25,000, so it's not a package for the average Zed owner, however Les does sell engine/gearbox packages that are cheaper (depending on spec). With the current exchange rate, it makes for very good buying if you are after a SERIOUS L series engine... And if anyone has specific question's about the LCR L34, I'll do my best to answer them
  5. My my, aren't we jealous... If you want to drive you Zed like a granny, by all means. Zed's are meant to be 'driven' & that's what we did on the trip. I'd also like to know how much driving skill you have, to be able to make a comment like that?
  6. JESUS H CHRIST! What a bloody $^!# fight.... Ignoring the blatant bad mouthing about me: The fact is Jesse (aka, Mobsta) never expected a bloody Ferrari, It’s a ‘70’s 240K FFS! He was more then willing ‘AT THE TIME’ to accept it for what it was & do it up. BUT, like a lot of things, times change. He found that (as his 1st car) he didn’t like having to do maintenance on it nearly every WE, amongst other things... James, make no mistake, I have PLENTY of experience at mechanics, & I was fully prepared to help with the required work to bring it up to RWC. BUT Jesse ‘preferred’ to have the work done by a professional, & the amount of work required was startling to say the least... :surprised I will not repeat what was wrong with it; suffice to say that the 240K, by itself IMHO, was NOT worth the original asking price. And I duly explained this to him. BUT, I believed the parts that came with it more than made up for any shortcomings... I said at the time, IIRC, “it drove ok & the motor felt strong”. Fast is a relative term... I’m sure, like we all were at one time, very nervous about buying ones first car & that/this situation is not any different. How were you when you ‘bought’ your first car? Perhaps you feel some sort of resentment towards newer cars, James? His new Skyline is rather nice with all the fruit, but it is not exactly my cup of tea either. I’ll stick with my Datto for the moment, thank-you... The fact is I am now ‘somewhat’ unpopular with Jesse over this whole debacle – so it seems no one came out of this unscathed. I have now ‘washed my hands’ of the whole situation... And James, if you expect to make money out of doing up specialist older cars like 240K’s etc, then you need to take a reality check mate. You do it for the love of the cars – not to make a profit or break even. THAT’S the truth. The prices you have quoted are pretty reasonable – but that still doesn’t make the car worth the price of the parts as a WHOLE. Example: my 260Z. I have plowed around 5k into the thing, on top of the purchase price, to get it to a half decent standard. Right now, as it sits in the shed if probably only worth around 4k – IF IM LUCKY! So James there is not need to talk to me about that.... The selling price was not set by me, though I was rather devastated when I was told what it went for – should have gone for FAR more. Pity someone on here didn’t grab it when they had the chance... I also say good luck to the new owner – hopefully he does well with it. I know the car deserves it at least... It’s unfortunate, that people make comments about a situation that they know nothing about. Perhaps hearing the full story from both sides first, is an idea... If anyone would like to discuss all this, then please PM. I do not like being publicly flamed on a worldwide forum (Z Kid, this is directed at you. I’m betting you don’t have the balls to talk to me one on one...) And lastly, James. If you would like to discuss this further (over a Beer perhaps) please don’t hesitate to PM me – I don’t live far from you. Tis a sad situation indeed...
  7. I believe it went to some dude from the Melb. Eastern suburbs. He was a young bloke - a mechanic - & has plans to do it up. So fingers crossed it turns up. I’m not sure if he was told about the forums... It eventually went for a shatteringly low $1600 (incl spares)... It was not running well at the time.
  8. Alfa, I do not belive he is interested in selling the parts separate.
  9. Mobsta now has a shiny R32 GTS-t & as he only has a single car garage, he does not have the room for two cars. He would love to keep it & restore it but this is not an option. Yes, the car is cheap, but reflects what the car is worth. And it was certainly not worth the original purchase price Mobsta paid for it... Mobsta has also sunk quite a few thousand dollars into it to bring it up to a acceptable standard... Does that anwser question?
  10. I’m posting this on behalf of a 'Mobsta' (His PC is broken) . New car forces sale. Details as follows: Car is James's old coupe (JMT240KGTR) 1974 240K Coupe. Blue with black bonnet. Black interior (in reasonable nick for age). Sports steering wheel. 280ZX rims with near new Bridgestone tyres. Lowered. L24, 240Z SU’s, Extractors, electronic ignition – runs well. Auto – good condition – shifts well. Also comes with a shed load of spare parts – including L28 (setup for the K), 280ZX 5-speed & manual pedal box for conversion to manual. And fiberglass flares. Car is located in Vic. Price: SOLD (Please call the Mob. above as I won’t be answering any questions – Lurch)
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