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  1. I am in the middle of restoring my z but I'd still love to go to a show. I'm in NJ
  2. Just so you know.. my family owns a car audio buisness Let me know what you think www.awe1.com
  3. Hey guys.. I have two reproduction rocker panels that I bought for my 240z that I no longer need. What are they selling for now? I cant really find them for sale anywhere. Someone showed some interest in buying them but I don't know how much to sell them for and I don't really remember how much I paid. Thanks for any input.
  4. sounds good... im a beginner with this stuff though =( Whats the story behind your z?
  5. Labeling is one thing I made sure I did =) Right now the car is totally stripped and the body work is being done at a shop. The engine was taken out someplace and its coming to my house tomorrow and im going to clean it up so I can put it back inside the car when its ready for it. Hopefully I will do alright putting it back together. I cleaned out the garage today so I can work on the engine pretty easily. After not working on it for months im really excited to get going on it again With this project I am outsourcing a lot of the work because I dont really know what im doing. I learned a lot on this project and I am seeing how some of the other stuff is done. My next project should be done completely by me. Should be a lot cheaper that way =)
  6. Not too far from you... im in Piscataway.. you have an aol screen name I could talk to you on?
  7. the compressor I have is pretty small.. i dont know if it could power air tools.. I guess I could try though
  8. Dont own the welder yet... I was going to wait for my next project to buy that one. I am having the welding done on my Z by someone else. Next project will be all me though. I have the rest of the stuff though
  9. What tools are absolute must haves when restoring a car? I have a lot but I want to round out my collection for my birthday.. so far I was thinking of getting these Angle grinder Ball pein hammer and a punch What else can I add to the list?
  10. Does anyone put together a complete bolt replacement kit for the 240z... I am putting a lot of time and money into the car and I dont want to put the old rusted bolts back in. Pretty much every bolt, fender, hinges, hood, brackets, etc...
  11. msa is out of stock... a lot of people are backordered
  12. I ordered floors and rockers from MSA today... I should have them on monday. I believe I paid $522 with 2nd day air. I wouldnt have gone air but the shop needs to keep working. I wanted it from Z car source but they didnt have floors available
  13. My z just left for the body shop and I need quarters, rockers, floors, and rear body panel. I need to get these parts fast. Anyone ever buy used parts from here? www.zcarsource.com Where would you suggest that I buy these parts. Are full quarters available? I am not interested in zedd findings because shipping would kill me. Thanks
  14. looks clean.... I would like to see your car. Personally its not my style but still did a good job