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  1. ...............how wet were the sheets? was he "pulling" on you?
  2. Mushrooms, lots of mushrooms. Washed down with tequila (worm and all). Looks like a certified death-trap.
  3. ......................unless you are in the market as a BUYER ! ! ! ! if it's true, it's only good for 1/2 of the people in the market (i.e. the SELLERS)
  4. I've seen complete,"official" Vintage Program cars go for $18K on eBay. Saw one go for around $11K a couple of years ago. No way I'd pay $18K for an "unoffical, half completed" Vintage Zcar.
  5. I'd suggest a search of the archives to learn more about what you should look for when/if you go look at it.
  6. Kyle's stuff is also on his personal website. (more than just the GM HEI info) http://www.sonic.net/~kyle/ztech.html
  7. they gave you the wrong alternator. or you have the wrong bracket on your car. it should fit perfectly.
  8. Step Four............. Note: These are pictures showing you where to look, they are not active. Use the WEBSITE!
  9. Step Three........... Note: These are pictures showing you where to look, they are not active. Use the WEBSITE!
  10. Step Two.......... Note: These are pictures showing you where to look, they are not active. Use the WEBSITE!
  11. Step One.............. Note: These are pictures showing you where to look, they are not active. Use the WEBSITE!
  12. you need to look at the website a bit closer. Scroll down the page, see where it mentions BLACK DRAGON AUTOMOTIVE? click there ( or HERE) and that will take you to their subsidiary that sells parts for Japanese cars. all they did was reorganize their business units. It never made sense to buy parts for a Japanese car from a place called "Victoria British".
  13. We work in the same industry, so I know where you are coming from. IMO, Some people will always be clueless. What you say about the right collum not being the total answer is true, but once a person gets to the actual thread, I believe that people can see (just below the club logo in the upper left of the page) exactly where they are. I'm just hoping that more people will see that if they just look around carefully, they can figure out much of how this site works. Hell, I'm no rocket scientist, and if (over a bit of time) I can figure most of it out........ well, lets just say that most peop
  14. Arne: If you look at the page that loads from your link to the "posts in the last 24 hours", you'll note that the far RIGHT collumn lists the forum that each post is in. This was mentioned previously in another thread and the respondant said "Well, I don't look there." and my response is "Perhaps they should". I don't mean this as picking on you, just pointing it out so other people will know. If people look at any thread on the site, at the upper LEFT, just below the club emblem it shows the path (via small links) such as "Classic Zcar Club > CHIT-CHAT FORUMS > Open General Discussi
  15. well there is a a "sticky" note in the Tech Articles forum that clearly states Do Not Post unless it's an Article. Each of the forums have NAMES that describe what should be posted there. It's really fairly simple. Don't HIJACK someone elses thread to ask your your question about something that is only superficially related. When in doubt, start your own thread IN THE APPROPRIATE FORUM. I'm not picking on anyone, but this really isn't rocket science, a little common sense goes a long way.
  16. I've never heard of a 1 piece OEM 240z fan shroud. Anyone have a pic or details? with a bit of modification, the 280z shroud can be made to work on a 240z radiator. I searched for a long time to get a 240 OEM shroud and couldn't find one in decent shape, and the MSA fibreglass shroud didn't fit my car properly, so I got a 280 shroud for $10 at the JY and spent an afternoon trimming it a bit, and spent $5 in materials making new mounting brackets. It works great.
  17. Is there a 60 amp ammeter for 240z's? I don't recall seeing one in the 73 that I used to own. Yeah, 60 doesn't seem like much, but every little bit helps I guess.
  18. Ares240z: If you are interested in following Carl's advice, tomorrow (March 25th) and Sunday there is a Good Guys Street Rod event at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. My Dad and Uncle will be there with some of their toys.
  19. late 240Z's got alts with more than 40amp output. I forget if it was 45 or 50 amp. Either way, it helped, but still was marginal then, and WAY marginal now.
  20. www.thezstore.com 70-76 Z p/n 12-4431 $3.55ea 77-78 Z p/n 12-4432 $3.93ea
  21. the first vapor tanks in 240z's (after the 'earliest z's which didin't have a vapor tank at all) were first made of plastic and were slightly different in size than the later metal vapor tanks. The interior panel that covered them was different than the later interior panels that covered the metal vapor tanks as well.
  22. "that" post? I'll bet that today I reported at least 20 posts that didn't belong there. (not trying to be picky about your comment, but just to illustrate that the problem is really out of hand IMO. Not the mods fault, they can't be everywhere, all the time)
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