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  1. Today I took my Z to a gathering here in the Bay Area and put together this short video of the event:
  2. Yes it is a full-size spare. Here it is: So no one knows if a tubeless tire will work on that rim without a tube?
  3. Sorry I meant to ask, can you run a tubeless tire without a tube in a stock rim meant for tube type tires. it's the original spare tire for my '75 280z. it's never been replaced.
  4. Will it work? I guess the only reason it wouldn't work would be if the bead on the rim was not standard and if the valve stem hole did not accommodate modern plug-in valve stems. Can anyone confirm that it works? This is for a spare btw...
  5. Thanks, you make a good point. My suspension is totally stock. Anyways I ended up going with the Nexen 215/60r14 tires.
  6. Could I get away with using a taller sidewall? I found a good deal for a set of Federal SS-657 215/65R14 tires, and I have even more options with a 215/70R14. How tall can I go with a 215 tire before it starts rubbing?
  7. the 215 is a Nexen CP641 All-Season Tire. the 205 is an Antares Ingens A1. I've used nexens on my civic and liked them, never heard of Antares Ingens. the extra $200 does sound outrageous, but I'm afraid I'll regret going cheap if I go with the 205. Is there a performance benefit with the wider tire?
  8. I'm way overdue for new tires for my '75. I currently have on a set of Cooper 215/60r14 tires. My rims are 7 inches wide if I remember correctly. A new set of tires in that size will cost me about $94 a pop. However I can get a set of 205/60r14 tires for $50 each. I love how the 215s look, but are they worth paying nearly double for?? What do you guys think??
  9. Is this what you guys are talking about? It gives good clues to fabricate one, but it's for a 240 and doesn't provide the exact blueprint or product link I was hoping for.
  10. I recently got a dirt bike and I'm considering installing a tow ball or some kind of hitch on my '75 to be able to take the bike out to the trails. All the threads on this topic are very old, and the U-haul website which apparently makes one for the Z is down. I'm looking for something non-permanent that bolts up without welding or cutting. My Z is too nice to be defiling.
  11. 280z


    my dads '77 280z from the early to mid 80s
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