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  1. With lowering springs, are your springs sagging that bad or do you have an adjustable suspension and just have it to low.
  2. Any picutures of the floors, inside and under the carpet and under the car?
  3. and purchase some fuel line hose. As long as your carbureted I dont see a problem. 170 for 3 lines, WOW thats expensive!
  4. If you have a V8 in your car. Stay away from the 4 barrel set up. You will be better off with your su's, and tuning them and you will also get more power. Headers really wont do anything for the performance of your car with a stock cam.
  5. I love it and I love all Z's:love: but if you cant or wont drive it then imo why own one? No offense to the Z or Burt, but why buy a car that you wont or are afraid to drive? Its a beautiful sports car that is meant to be driven! now if it was worth say 100+k then I would say park it in the garage. Ill never be afraid to drive my Z. Well except in the snow:cross-eye That I will never do.
  6. Have you ever priced and done a 3 ltr kit. Price it out plus doing all the maching and everything to do it "right " and it gets costly. Also look at the engine management system, not cheap either, not to include dyno time to tune the motor. Gets pricey preety quick. You could build yourself a 300 hp turbo motor for fairly cheap. Getting over that hump, though it starts costing, and to do it right costs more! If you notice also in the background all the other cars he has for sale I dont think that the Z is in bad shape. Just like the rest I think they should clean up the car some more.
  7. Looks silly if you ask me. Now I would like to see more pics of that 280Z though, looks great.
  8. With 4.5 inch backspacing They will fit the 240Z-280Z 280ZX and 300ZX 4 lug Dont worry to much, if the price is right Im sure you will sell them.
  9. As I just joined this site recently, but from all the views and replies I can only imagine that he was well respected. No one deserves to die that early in life. I hope your time with him was well spent and that you can eventually recover from your loss.
  10. What it "does" need is to be sitting in my driveway:love:
  11. Would be ZmeFly's car. If I remember correctly from Delta's thread she is going to sell his car to pay off the funeral expenses. You could get yourself a pretty fast car and help out a Z enthusiast at the same time. Its a win win situation!
  12. with hub caps? If so, the best route to take would be to get a drill with a wire brush and grind off all the paint and rust or corrision that is on the wheel itself. Then, try as best you can to match the original color and repaint. Now if it is an aluminum wheel I would sand, steel wool and then polish.
  13. If you do not have any body shop and or welding skill, just the floor pans and frame rails alone will cost you around 1500+ parts just to have them done. That is if you can find somone willing to do it! So now you have about 2k+, invested, you could have a decent Z for that price. Look at it like that! Id personally pass, unless you get it dirt cheap and keep it as a parts car.
  14. Were you holding the throttle plate open when doing the comperssion test? I suppose the car wasnt warmed up either since it cant start. The first thing that I would look at is the Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor. Its the biggest culprit in a turbo car not running. First and foremost make sure that everything is correct first, ie, check all connections, look for vacumn leaks, make sure firing order is correct. More then likely though if all else is well the CHTS is bad. Replace it.
  15. I think the cost is what 12-18 dollars. Much better in the long run.
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