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  1. SteveT

    Time to stand up and post

    Thanks guys, the green and silver Z had a lot of mismatched panels so we stripped it and painted it with paint from Tractor Supply as a joke. The scheme is somewhat P-40 Warhawk and Redneck imagery. It's a rust bucket. Robin, my dad was a crew chief for the Top Hatters in the 50s. Gave me a love of flight.
  2. I've been enjoying this site and the assembled knowledge for too long without giving back. I don't have much , but I do have passion! I have 4 cars, 2 drive, 1 is in process, 1 is parts. My first ( in process) is a Aug/72 , 110 lime green. I'm putting in new floors, rear fender arches, vintage air, and of course new paint. My 2nd z is a Feb/77, 305, triple Webers, zx 5speed. The third was a parts car for the 77, but the engine wasn't locked up and it fired up with ether, so after strapping a 5 gallon gas can to the front and zip tying a fuel pump to it, we destroyed the rear tires doing donuts in our gravel lot! It is a Feb/78 color is still indeterminate. Here is an image of the 77 and 78.
  3. SteveT

    Electrical problems with my 77 280z

    Just solved a similar problem with my blue 77. The white/red tracer wire from the alternator to th forward fusible link had corroded in the harness. At that junction is two other wires, one of which powers the portion of the fuse block that supplies the functions that are in/op. I had to strip back the black wrapping to expose the wires. I searched for the splice and found a crumbly spot. Cleaned it up and put in a butt splice ( didn't feel like doing a solder joint today). Still trying to find why I am not charging properly. Good luck! Steve T
  4. I've had the vinyl kits and foam for a year. Your tutorial gave me the push to make it happen! Great write up and images, could'nt have done it with out you! Thanks, Steve . P.s. my Z is the same color and 8/72.

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