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  1. 903 is the code for 70-and 71 240z
  2. i have a 71 tran and a72 trans so your saying the trans might be messed up where the drive shaft go in i am trying to understand what you are saying
  3. i just put in my original 71 trans back in me z had a 72 trans before went to put the driveshaft back in it is to long measure 27in i had two and sold one which i think was the right size so anyone want to give me the right size this one is 1.5 tolong
  4. having trouble putting fuel tank back under the car fuel neck is to stiff wont budge after we line it up is there a way to soften the neck please send ideas to chaybedian@gmail.com thanks from pa
  5. Welcome katcarl1!

    Are you a member of the Maryland' Z Club? www.mdzclub.org/

    East Coast Z Nationals (ECZN) is 18-20 May in Carlisle. When registering, choose the aforementioned as club affiliation. ECZN is down near the stage.

    Cheers, Kirk

    1. 70 Fairlady Z

      70 Fairlady Z

      Still have a Z katcarl1?

  6. 250.00 plus shipping it in the classified ad i think page 21 or 22
  7. I to was a victim received an email about a post i had over a year ago about a dash harness for a 73 z he then sent a check for 2000.00 with no note was not sure about this so i shredded the check .This person went nuts on line telling me he was contacting the local fbi, i in turn told him the deal was over. Since then know emails at all. hope nothing else happens with this. carl h
  8. i put black por 15 except for the wheel wells which were already undercoated i might even remove the undercoating and paint all the wells por 15 this spring.carl
  9. iam looking to buy 215/60/14 firestone firehawkgt naeone have these need some feedback.thanks carl h
  10. I found the right plug was so easyjust needed the color combo thanks to all .carl h
  11. you are right i have connected all dash wiring and there is nothing left to connect to the ignition can remember if there was aseperate wire that is why i am asking for someone to show me a pic of the ignition wiring .thanks carl h
  12. steering column area wires behind the ignition
  13. please i need a pic of the ignition and wires connected to it for 71 240z, i am putting everything back together but do not remember what wires go to the ignition. a picture would help .thanks carl h
  14. nice car i have the same blue on blue 71 #17465 some more pics of the interior please i am restoring my z just put the engine and trans back in now the dash and wiring will be connected naxt ,have fun . carl
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