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How to get door switch to control dome light...

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I have a dome light that has power going to it... the click switch works, but i cant get the door switch to turn the light on.

the passenger door switch is good, the drivers side is in need of replacing... and is now out... shouldnt the passenger side door when open make the dome light go on??

does the drivers side need to be grounded? i tried doing that and no difference.. what do i need to do to get the switch to make the light go on?? what am i missing here?


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I'm going to do my best to respond to your post and not get you pi$$ed off. You've probably noticed that you're not getting responses to this thread and are getting frustrated. There are at least two reasons for no responses: (1) it seems you are ignoring the help offered last week in your prior post, (2) you are trying to fight/hack the factory wiring instead of tracing and fixing the problem. There is NO need to ground any wire at a door switch - all of the grounds are in place at their proper location!

There is one wire to each of the the door switches that should have constant power. Last week our fellow member wal280z edited my comment to say this is a fused wire. On the driver's side switch the other wires go to (1) the ignition buzzer and (2) the dome light. The buzzer is already grounded and so is the dome light. The fact that your dome light works at the light switch says you have constant power there and the ground is good. This is a different power circuit than the one coming from the door switches. The passenger door switch has only two wires - one for constant power and the other going to the dome light. Since neither door switch works, the problem is likely no power, possibly traced to a blown or bad fuse.

You need to locate the fuse for the door switches power circuit. Check that power is coming TO that fuse (probably direct from the battery). Replace the fuse and see if you now have power coming to the door switches. Its not uncommon for these switches to fail but if you can confirm power, then replacing one or two door switches should be a simple matter. I hope you have the FSM for your car and are making an attempt at following the wiring diagram.

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Thanks jfa. I have the manual and have followed the wires.  I am sure I tested those wires at the drivers door switch with test light and had nothing.  I always check all fuses and have all good fuses.  I will clean drivers contacts and try again. Only thing I am trying to figure out is if both switches are dead or why both would not work if fuse was ok.  

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Connect them to ground.  One will make the door open/key-in-ignition buzzer buzz annoyingly, the other should make the dome light light.

The dome light should also light just by pressing one side of it.  Although that's a good way to destroy the plastic cover.  They tend to be brittle.

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You have issues with your dome light switch, as you have asked for guidance  here >>

I was not able to test this as when I went out to test it, my bezel shattered. And my ability to turn the dome light on and off at the dome light.

I *believe* that normal operation is that the dome light is ON or OFF

In the ON position (which I think you have), the dome light is ON, ALWAYS. Door switch does not change that.

In the OFF position, the dome light is OFF until you open the door and then the dome light lights.

Have you checked into replacing your broken dome light? Z Car Depot has them available, I just ordered one.

Here's the link >> https://zcardepot.com/collections/lighting/products/dome-light-lamp-lite-oem-240z-260z-280z-70-78#

The OEM Nissan Part number is 26410-E4101 if you wish to investigate other purchasing options.

I think you have multiple electrical issues that are compounding to your troubleshooting.


PS - The power supply in the fuse box is in the INNER side of the fuses. So make sure you have power there before checking the other side.

Just my 2 cents.....

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