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  1. I have several of the used originals

  2. Still have not found a response box. Still having the same problem with the white Z with zero miles on it that ran for 3-4 minutes then died never to restart. Pulled all the plugs, (they were carboned up also) buffed them off because they are new also, shot gas into the cylinder & cranked it over, got nothing. I shot either into my white Z & still got nothing, has 12v @ injector plug. it is 101 degrees here now so I think i am done for the day.
  3. Under what ? I don't see a paperclip anywhere. I pulled all the plugs out of my white Z , cleaned them, primed the cylinder, replaced them & still won't start but it does kick a little like it is trying to start
  4. Well Ed I got the red one running by pulling the plugs & priming each cylinder, once it fired up I blew it out on the freeway. (carboned up from cranking it) I have never seen 6 plugs/cylinders) go bad all at once. I will try the same thing on my white Z. Thank you for staying with me on this. It filled me with anxiety & I bothered 3 of the best mechanics in central calif. over this. If You have a regular email I'll send you some pictures, my Z's ar really clean & I drive them up bumpy dirt roads in the sierras all the time. I am @kelley0352@att.net
  5. I know how to take a picture of it (it seems to be carboned up) but I don't know how to post the picture from my PC to the Classic forum...
  6. NO! Not even a sputter or a cough. I have never seen an engine that would not fire with spark & fuel, so what is it? I know it is not the ECU
  7. I primed it with Gasoline & it did not even sputter but there is Great Spark @ the coil & at the plugs!
  8. Another problem is the Red Z that I put the tester to & it killed the injectors. I swapped out the ecu because I thought it had damaged it somehow & reinstalled another ecu. shouldn't that fix the problem? or did that action short out something else somewhere else ? . OK OK OK!!! I primed it with Gasoline & it did not even sputter but there is Great Spark @ the coil & at the plugs!
  9. Zed Head are you still there? OK Anyone got some advice 4 me? I was working on my red 280 Z {1978 5} speed when I touched a test light to the neg side of my coil, it knocked out my injector power so I guessed that the problem was in the ECU so I swapped it out. Will that fix the problem or did something else short out ?
  10. Ohms, sorry. This car was running with a brand new engine, (both cars are new engines) 3-4 weeks ago. I put my red one on blocks & rebuilt the entire car in 18 months. Struts, brakes, motor, mounts, Cat, 3 row radiator, & installed Michelin Radials. Then I parked my running white Z and pulled the running motor out & had it rebuilt. Had it fired up & running 3 - 4 weeks ago. It started to bog down & died, never to restart to date.
  11. it is a tree trunk at 7000 ft elevation above Huntington Lake in the central sierra Nevada Mountains
  12. thanks for all the help Zed, this is all new to me. I am use to doing everything old school style. Twenty years ago I went to all the junk yards in central calif. & stripped all the good parts I could find. I don't have any use for all these parts so how do I list them for sale ?


  13. OK Gang; I have power (with key on to the #1 pin of my ECU. I have a new engine with zero miles on it. It ran for about 4 minutes & then died, never to restart. I have fuel, spark, and have swapped out the Transistor box,coil,ECU,thermo time switch,pickup eye (in distributor), and checked the continuity of the negative side of the coil to the ECU. This shows a 5.9 voltage & the rest of the active terminals show a 3.89 Voltage.There is juice at both sides of the injectors. I still have no NOID light blinking, so now what???
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