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  1. I don't have first hand experience with Eiji's staged engines, but I bought and installed one of his stock L28's. It runs very strong and I could not be more pleased. The quality of Eiji's builds are excellent. I believe you would be happy with any of his stage builds. Good luck! P.S. Just remembered he told me he builds mostly stage 3 and 4 engines. My stock is something he only builds every so often. So a Stage 3 is one of his mainstays... for what it's worth.
  2. Should have logged in first before posting.... Thank you! I had 3 Z cars 40 years ago, now on my 4th and final Z. I've spent some time in Emerald Isle, nice place. Being retired, I have the time to do a rebuild but limited on tools and too old to acquire them. Once we get our engines upgraded, we should meet for cars & coffee sometime when you're in Raleigh. I'm in Triangle Z Club and S30 Life groups on Facebook. Cheers and good luck with your rebuild.
  3. On April 5th, are you there prior to the 5:00 pm gates opening time? I may be able to drive up from NC. Would be nice to meet you and Eiji in person and see your cars.
  4. I only wanted the basic L28 stock engine since my car is mostly stock. My price is $3,050 and the other 4-5 build options go up from there. Those options are detailed on their website. http://datsunspirit.com/lseriesperformance/
  5. Dinwiddie? What, when, where? I’m only 2 hours away and may be able to drive up.
  6. Nice photos! Just noticed you’re in Richmond a little south of Eiji. I grew up in southwest VA near Roanoke, now in Raleigh NC area. So, you got an engine or servicing from Eiji? Sent him pics of my car. He said he liked my Enkei92 wheels. From you pics I see his too.
  7. Diseazd, thanks for the vote of confidence. Eiji is well respected in every forum, far and wide. It’s up to 3 months out, but worth the wait, I’m sure. ✔️
  8. Friday I ordered a L28 from Eiji who owns Datsun Spirit, Inc. I had been shopping around for a couple of months and asked Facebook groups for thoughts. After lots of positive recommendations for DSI, I talked with Eiji by phone a couple of times. It was easy to gain confidence in their work. DSI ships all over the country and internationally. Good luck! Datsun Spirit, Inc. Engine Options
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